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Heartwarming / Duck Dodgers

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  • Dodgers, of all people, gets one in "Duck Codgers". He and the Cadet are hunting for a spring which will save them from the Rapid Aging caused by a strange flower. After not seeing the severely aged Cadet for a moment, he finds a pile of dust with his glasses on top. You would expect Dodgers to take all of one second before making some untoward crack, but he stands over the dust pile mourning until Cadet shows up a short time later. When he does show up, Dodgers gives him an enthusiastic hug.
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  • In "Hooray for Hollywood Planet" Dodgers and Cadet are trapped facing a vicious giant lizard monster. Cadet loses sight of Dodgers while hiding and thinks that the duck has pulled a Heroic Sacrifice, only for Dodgers to be hiding right behind him and predictably shoving him out in to open for the monster to find while muttering to himself that Cadet will be okay. The heartwarming comes in once the monster actually eats Cadet, which instantly causes Dodgers to come out of his hiding place and order the lizard to spit out Cadet. Often as Dodgers may abuse Cadet he does see the pig as a friend and the protective streak goes both ways between them.
  • In "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace", Dodgers redeems himself for letting the Cadet take the fall for him earlier in the episode. At this point, the Cadet's Undying Loyalty kicks in and we have this exchange (also listed under Crowning Moment Of Awesome):
    Dodgers: I'll raise this crate or die trying!
    Cadet: N-n-no, we will.
    Dodgers: I gave you an order, Mister!
    Cadet: C-cheerfully disobeyed, Captain.
    Dodgers: Thanks, buddy. Good to have you back.
    Cadet: Wouldn't be any place else, sir.
    • Also from that episode, the romance between Tyr'ahnee and X-2. X-2 finally gets the attention of the woman he adores, and Tyr'ahnee gets someone who won't run out on her on the wedding day. Too bad the Season 3 première ruined it.

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