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Fridge Brilliance

  • The opening theme for the Duck Dodgers series, specifically the first four lines. "Frozen in a time and space divide,/but how would the universe survive?/Duck Dodgers in the 24th and one-half century,/Protecting the powerless and the weak." One would normally parse that with the punctuation just used, making it a Bragging Theme Tune. OK, makes sense. But what if you move the question mark to the end of the fourth line? The third and fourth lines then become the object of "survive". In other words, now those same lines are asking, "How would the universe survive with Duck Dodgers doing all that?" Considering who we're talking about here, it ends up being surprisingly appropriate.
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  • The theme song declares that he's fighting "tyranny." Except that the Martian Queen's name is Ty-Rah-Nee. Which is probably more accurate.
  • Of course Dodgers would fare better in the Martian Desert than The Commander. Granted, as Dodgers says, he's lived in Palm Springs. However, given Mars' considerably further distance from the Sun, the "heat" of the Martian desert has to be called into question. In fact, drifting into Fridge Logic territory, what would the Martians even want with a planet as close to the Sun as our own? It would be sweltering to them in even our mildest of climates.
  • How is it that despite Dodgers being a complete idiot, he somehow manages to defeat the Martians and save the day in the end in some weird way? It is because he is an idiot. Most of the Martian fleet appears to consist of robots; which are most likely programmed with full knowledge of Earth-based weapons and tactics and have counter measures programmed into them. However, these robots are programmed to fight the best of the best, so they really have no counter measures for Dodgers because he doesn't even know what he is doing half the time...or maybe Dodgers is just really lucky and the Martians are idiots.
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  • In 'Talent Show a-Go-Go', the Martian Queen could have picked any bit of music on Earth or Mars. Knowing Dodgers will be in the audience, she picks a blues song about lying, two-timing men (and then, predictably enough given her love/hate attitude toward him, performs it in the sultriest possible manner.)
    A man is just two-faced, / A worrisome thing / Who'll leave you to sing / The blues... in the night...

Fridge Logic

  • In "Of Course You Know This Means War And Peace" pt. 2, the Martian Queen, being rescued from Duck Dodgers' bathroom (It Makes Sense in Context) declares that she needs mouth to mouth resuscitation, which is all good and well, until you remember that the Martians have no mouths.
  • In the same episode, we see the Martian Queen kiss Commander X-2. Except that neither of them have mouths, let alone lips, to kiss with.

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