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  • In the episode Quarterback Quack why did X2 keep pushing Dodgers into becoming the football hero that he was recorded to be? Did he just forget his mission?
    • He did forget his misson. He was so caught up in being right about Dodgers winning the game that he forgot he was supposed to stop him.
  • Why is it this (and for that matter, Baby Looney Tunes) airs on Boomerang, but the less recent Looney Tunes spin-offs Taz-Mania and The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries don't?
    • Boomerang caters more to popularity and less to overt nostalgia than it used to. Duck Dodgers is an established popular show, never mind that it only went off the air a little while ago; therefore, it is Duck Dodgers they broadcast.
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  • That DC hasn't figured out that if they put Paul Dini onto an All-Ages series with Dodgers, they'd be knee-deep in money.
  • Is Porky Pig the Cadet's name?
    • No, his name is Eager Young Space-Cadet. First name Eager, middle name Young, mother's maiden name Space, father's last name Cadet.
      • I thought his name was Eager Young, and his rank or title was Space Cadet. Hence: Eager Young, Space Cadet.
      • To take it (needlessly) further, his proper name is "Edgar"; the a is a typo on his enlistment papers. Edgar Young. If you work "Hammond" in there somehow, you have a delicious breakfast pun.
    • A semi-recent comic story based on the show (in Looney Tunes #159) has the Cadet actually refer to himself with the name Porky, though.
    • His real name could be Porky Pig, but he just gets called Eager Young Space Cadet because that's what he is. In the military, soldiers are frequently referred to by their rank (soldier, private, sergeant, etc.), so his rank could be Space Cadet and so he gets called that, and the Eager Young is just added on.
      • Perhaps the adjective is a sub-ranking within the broader rank of Space Cadet... because it's in SPACE! You'd start out as a Hopeful Trainee at Space Academy, then advance to Wide-Eyed Young Space Cadet, Eager Young Space Cadet, Plucky Space Cadet, and so on up the ranks to Daring Captain, Intrepid Captain, and Dauntless Captain.) Aw, I Made Myself Sad now that Real Life military titles are so bland.
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  • In the episode where Cadet touches Moognesiam and becomes a huge buff steroid fueled mass of muscle. I notice in one scene he rips his shirt off revealing two large nipple piercings. Does that mean that cadet actually wears giant nipple rings on a regular basis? This could go into nightmare fuel...
  • How this show ever got cancelled. Were the people in charge of Cartoon Network at the time afraid of money and/or success?
    • That would explain quite a bit...
    • To be fair the third season was considered worse in comparison to the other ones.
  • Why did Hal Jordan take his Green Lantern uniform to the cleaners? It's pure energy generated from his ring. He could just will it clean.
    • It was dirty with yellow stuff?
    • You can bet he'll just will it clean from now on!
  • Speaking of the Green Lanterns...wouldn't most—if not all—of the members featured (looking at you, Hal Jordan!) have expired/retired long before the events of the episode, seeing as the show takes place in the distant future and not the 20th/21st centuries? Wouldn't it have made more sense to either use new Green Lantern characters, have Dodgers travel back in time to meet them, or have him meet the Legion of Superheroes (who are not only active in the distant future, but also travel through time) instead?
    • I'd say it's a mix of Rule of Cool, Rule of Funny and Rule of Recognition:
      • The Legion of Superheroes aren't one-tenth as well-known as the Green Lantern Corps, and using them would have sort of spoiled the joke — far as your average viewer were concerned, they could just as easily have been original characters invented for the show.
      • Using the Lantern Corps makes the jokey crossover a lot clearer, not to mention the space-based and alien-heavy Corps fits fairly well in the world of Duck Dodgers. And, well, for better or worse, Hal Jordan is the most iconic and recognized Green Lantern, so if they're going to do a crossover anyway, might as well get the main Green Lantern.
      • While they could have done a time-travel episode, that would have raised a few too many niggles, since Dodgers is already supposed to be from the past, and it would have added unnecessary complications. Besides — "Dodgers travels back in time and meets Green Lantern" is nowhere near as funny as "Dodgers happens to get his uniform clean at the same place as Hal Jordan."
      • Then couldn't they have had the crossover episode happen in 20th/21st century during the timeframe before Dodgers was frozen, so that they could say it was a prequel to the series proper? Sure, they'd need to find another excuse for the uniforms to get switched (since Dodgers doesn't get his space uniform until after he was thawed out), but at least it would make more sense than the Green Lanterns all staying the same age for three hundred or so years.
      • Still Rule of Funny. If it really bothers you that much, just say that in this particular Alternate Universe Hal Jordan and the rest of the recognizable Green Lantern characters were born a century later than in the main DCU.
  • We all know Dodgers likes the ladies, but why does it seem that sometimes he doesn't show any romantic feelings for them, such as Katma Tui, the vampires, Soren the new cadet, Tyr'ahnee, or Lady Chanticleer? They are all women and they are pretty.
    • Also, why was Dodgers attracted to Cassiopeia? Was it her looks, her voice or both? Or is he not attracted to women at all and is just trying to be suave and glorify himself?
    • Dodgers seems to have a thing for human girls, but not for alien girls. All the women he's been in love with are human (Agent Yoshimi, Aurora Soleil, Cassiopeia, and Melissa Joan Hart); whereas Katma Tui, the vampires, Tyr'ahnee and Lady Chanticleer are all aliens. As for the new Cadet, he does briefly admit that he was getting strange feelings for her that he never felt for the old Cadet.


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