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Nightmare Fuel / Doctor Who Expanded Universe

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  • The Adventure Games don't shy away from this either. In Blood of the Cybermen, the Cybermats return, now spreading a virus that converts flesh into metal.
    • The fourth game in the series is titled Shadows of the Vashta Nerada, which features the creatures of the title, now underwater!
  • Ramón Salamander. Last seen on-screen, being thrown out of the TARDIS mid-flight into the Time Vortex. Funny thing is, he never, ever, died...
  • In the DWM comic 'The Flood', a group of Cybermen from the future use what can best be called 'emotional rain'. This rain causes humans to experience extreme emotional attacks. This leaves the victims so traumatised by the intensity of their experiences, that when the rain cuts off, and the Cyber Leader offers the humans freedom from their emotions, they all go willingly for conversion!
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  • Astrolabus' final fate in "Once Upon A Time Lord", as Voyager reclaims his star-charts. We only get to see Astrolabus' arm afterwards, but that's enough.
  • Faction Paradox are a group of time-travelling psychos who are fucking about with time because they can, led by someone who is the accumulation of everyone's evil future version. Their starships are built from skeletons and they wear skull masks taken from beings that don't actually exist.
  • As a Viral Marketing campaign, there was a BBC site called "Ghostwatch" (not to be confused with the horror Mockumentary), which was meant to tie into "Army Of Ghosts", where your goal is to get the "ghosts" on camera. After that's said and done, you're put in a different type of game where you direct the cameralady to a "Ghost" before time runs out. There are many ways this can go, such as finding a cat first, but it will end the same way every time, whether you wait for the time to run out, find the "ghost", or look at a conspicuous truck, the cameralady will shriek in fear as A Cybus Cyberman deems her incompatible and murders her.
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  • Even the official Doctor Who documentary Thirty Years in the TARDIS ends scarily! The little boy who's guided us through the documentary is at the mercy of a Sontaran-controlled Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney is trapped in a Lexus with an Auton chauffeur...
  • Neil Gaiman's installment in Doctor Who 11 Doctors 11 Stories. He gives us The Kin, an Eldritch Abomination that devours a small girl at one point in the story, donning a Big Bad Wolf disguise to do so.
  • Doctor Who (Titan) gives us the Volatix Cabal, a group of Daleks allowed to be twisted and mutated so that the normal Daleks could exploit their creativity. Mad Scientist? Check. Body Horror? Check. Madness Mantra? Fucking CHECK. And their catch phrase is "EXTERMINHATE". God (or the Doctor) help you if you end up Strapped to an Operating Table with these freaks...
    Fascinating. It has a pretty scream.
    An idea, an idea! Mightn't we weaponize its voice?
    I desire one of its teeth I cannot be denied
    • And by the way? Their plans involve creating divine Daleks, and corrupting Paradise into their ideal of hate and slaughter.


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