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Nightmare Fuel / Bride of Chucky

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Even as one of the more comedic entries in the Child's Play universe, it still had plenty of horrific scenes and moments.

  • Several people die in rather gory and/or odd ways, including Human Tiffany's death by electrocution while bathing (and while viewing Bride of Frankenstein, no less) and Damien getting his piercings torn out complete with a copious amount of Blood from the Mouth and being suffocated by a pillow.
  • The skeletal remains of Charles Lee Ray (Chucky's human self), which, obviously due to the passage of time, is crawling with rats. Understandably, even Chucky himself is horrified by his appearance (at least after he's knocked inside with it and has no way of escaping after Jade pulled up the ladder with his desperately screaming to be let out). Also, when ordering her to grab the amulet from around his corpse's neck, she breaks his neck.
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  • The killing of the honeymooning couple. Scummy as they were, it was still a horrible way to go. Plus you had the poor housekeeper as well as Jesse and Jade finding them like that, on top of the horror of the latter being on the run, unjustly blamed for other murders that the dolls committed. You still want to put mirrors on the ceiling of your bedroom?
  • Warren's death, just ugh. Worse, he wasn't really dead at first; he woke up a short time later, much to the horror of the murderous couple. Plus, even being critically injured, the man tried to crawl away to safety as Tiffany screamed at Chucky to kill him, which he did by stabbing him repeatedly In the Back as he's squealing with delight all while Jesse and Jade get married in a chapel a short distance away and completely unaware to what's occurring.
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  • Officer Norton's death, particularly how it was machinated: angry that he was going to ruin their plans to get to Hackensack, Chucky takes a rag, sticks it in the gas cap of his cruiser and uses his lighter to ignite it while crawling back. The whole situation goes From Bad to Worse due to the context behind it; yes, he was a dick who harassed the young couple because of how much Chief Kincaid paid him, but the moment he's on his dispatcher only to notice the smell of gas, view the burning rag and realize he's done for as the dolls tauntingly waved goodbye to him is ghastly. Perhaps most haunting is the other reason why Chucky killed him: just to impress Tiffany, who mocked him for going soft with his killings and as they watch as all the chaos unfolds around them in the aftermath of the explosion, she only quips out in response "At least you still know how to show a girl a good time".
  • Poor David. He wasn't the most loyal friend (or at least when he immediately turned on the couple when he thought his friends committed the multiple murders upon finding Warren's body in their van), but his stepping out in the middle of highway and basically exploding after being hit by a truck was too much. As the van is then driving away with a now-abducted Jesse and Jade, the latter looks on in horror and heartbreak at the smashed-in grill of the truck is drenched in his blood.
  • Chucky's face in the film, which has been sliced into several pieces in between the events of this film and Child's Play 3 and then sewn back together by Tiffany, is the stuff of nightmares, particularly if this is the film that introduced you to the franchise. Plus, there's also his one eyeball (as seen on the film's poster) that due to not having a proper eyelid is basically floating inside of his eye socket and that strips of his hair has been stapled to his head. Yikes.
  • The killing of the elderly couple whose RV Chucky and Tiffany stole to avoid suspicion from the cops. We only discover their bodies in the closet, but seeing their horrified expressions and that they're Dies Wide Open, you can surmise that their last moments were unpleasant. Plus, there's Tiffany nonchalant attitude upon seeing them again, casually saying "Excuse me" while retrieving an apron.

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