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Nightmare Fuel / Curse of Chucky

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Think this is creepy? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Curse of Chucky effectively brought the Child's Play series back to horror after two divisive horror comedies. And it did that a little too well.

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The film is much darker than the others, both figuratively and literally, adding to the creepiness.
  • Brad Dourif's voice has gotten raspier and deeper since the last Chucky movie. As such, he provides Chucky with a much more threatening voice than the previous installments. And it is awesome in its creepiness.
  • You can tell whenever Chucky is about to move because that's when he falls heavily into the uncanny valley.
  • The attic scene. Good God, the attic scene. For starters, it's where Chucky's infamous scars are revealed once again. But the real nightmare fuel comes with Barb's death.
  • The flashback where Charles Lee Ray (i.e., Chucky in his original body) stabs Sarah, who's still pregnant with Nica, in the stomach. It has the added horror of paralyzing Nica from the waist down before she was even born AND cements Chucky as the Big Bad of the franchise.


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