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Literature / The Last Trump

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First published in Fantastic Universe (June 1955 issue) by Isaac Asimov, this Short Story is about Resurrection Day. It follows two characters; Etheriel and R. E. Man.

Etheriel, a very low-ranking angel, is trying to find a flaw in Archangel Gabriel's presence, but cannot. Smiling, Gabriel blows his trumpet, and with that sound, everything in the universe aside from Earth is swept away, becoming the nothing it was before the Word was spoken. Earth itself is now suffused in a soft warm light.

R. E. Man wakes up to see that the world has ended at exactly the appointed time. Therefore, he gets up and starts wandering around town to see how everyone is dealing with their afterlife. Several Slice of Life-style stories are told about the fate of humanity, interspersed with Etheriel's progress in navigating the Celestial Bureaucracy to convince the Chief (God) to undo the end of the world.

This story has been reprinted several times; Earth is Room Enough (1957), The Far Ends Of Time And Earth (1979), Angels And Awakenings (1980), Catastrophes! (1981), Faszination Der Science Fiction (1985), The Complete Stories, Volume 1 (1990), and An Anthology Of Angels (1996).

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