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Literature / Armadilha Para Lobisomem

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"Against feral love, there has never been a shield."
Luís de Camões, poet quoted within the work

Armadilha para lobisomem (lit. "Werewolf trap") is a juvenile novella by Luiz Roberto Guedes, first published in 2005.

Bio-genetics enterprise BioPlatek pursues the rare DNA of Tiago Lobo, a werewolf. In order to lure their prey, they send the beautiful doctor Liana Monteverde, a Beauty to the Beast, along a bumbling quartet called the Wolf Hunters.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Beast and Beauty: The core of the plot, Hot Scientist Liana is employed to seduce werewolf Tiago Lobo to the lab. Although his bestial state rarely comes into play.
  • Blind Without Them: Toni Mercante convinces Liana to take off her heavy glasses, to highlight her beautiful green eyes. She replies she has 7 degrees of myopia ("can't see one palm without them"), so he requests her to switch to contacts.
  • Downer Ending: Tiago receives an apology letter from Liana, who moved to Toronto. When he's done reading, he burns it. Meanwhile, Liana, pregnant with Tiago's son, wonders if he will send a reply, hoping he doesn't take "20 years", as he previously said.
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  • Embarrassing Middle Name: Liana Monteverde's middle name is Elvira, after her grandmother, but she doesn't like it. After Tiago finds out about her plans, he uses it repeatedly to spite her.
  • Enemy to All Living Things: The Wolf Hunters have no problem with killing animals. Or intending to kill Tiago, for that matter...
  • Evilutionary Biologist: While Toni Mercante is interested on how much money they'll make, Dr. Abnormal intends to use the werewolf DNA to give new capacities to the human being: better senses, super strength, etc.
  • Full-Name Basis: Juca Brito stands out, especially among the children. See Punny Name below.
  • Hot Scientist: Liana is discreet and reserved, but is requested to play this trope by Toni Mercante. He "finds it astonishing that such a beautiful woman is so little vain".
  • In-Series Nickname: Tiago Lobo is known among his students as Lobão (big wolf).
    • The villainous quartet is composed of Cachorro Louconote  (Mad Dog), Cobra-Coralnote  (coral snake), Xandão Rochanote  and Pepitonote .
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    • Minor characters include Dr. Abnor "Abnormal" Zopato, and the director of Plathor, Klaus Rolf Adler, "Águia" (eagle).
  • Ironic Name: Liana's middle name Elvira, which Tiago uses to spite her, can be interpreted as "all true" or "trustworthy". Ironically, Tiago was snappy because she lied to him and tried to trick him.
    • During a Xiririca Junior futsal match:
    "Go, Snail! Speed!"
  • Karma Houdini: The Urubu Boys physically harm the Xiririca Junior players various times during the final futsal match, going as far as sending Guto injured to the bench. They lose the championship, but that's all. Considering the referee was a member of the Chaves family, it's already amazing that he was calling their fouls...
  • Love Triangle: Liana invokes this trope by seducing both Tiago and the camp monitor Miguel Guarani, under the logic that confronting a rival could make Tiago "cheer up" sooner.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Abnormal fits this to a T, with his fascination for creating new species.
  • Meaningful Name: Liana, as Lampshaded by an angered Tiago:
    "Do you know what is a "liana"? A doctor like you must know. Liana is a bindweed, a thick vine, that wraps the trunks and branches of the trees. You came here to wrap yourself around my neck and drag me to São Luís do Maranhão under a false pretext."
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Dr. Abnormal's creations include the fluorescent orchid with a jellyfish gene, a super-rabbit with zebra stripes, a fusion of a pig and a manatee, a golden-egg chicken and a fluorescent mini octopus.
  • Nepotism: Mayor Ludovico Chaves is guilty of all charges. From the testimony of a Bezerro de Ouro steak house waiter, "His great work is to get jobs for his whole kin. And put the name of his people on every street, square and dead-end of Xiririca!"
    Rubão Chaves: "Yes? You want to speak to the mayor? Daddy's very busy. May I help with anything? I'm chief of staff."
  • Obviously Evil: Lampshaded about as soon as the Wolf Hunters get to the camp:
    Antônio Guarani: "Anything wrong, dad?"
    Jerônimo Guarani: "I don't know... Do cinema people have to look like bandits?"
  • Preppy Name: Dr. Auro Platino, called The richest man in Brazil. He also has an habit of slapping his name on things affiliated to the Platino Empire, like the Platino Plaza Hotel, bio-genetics enterprise BioPlatek, security enterprise Plathor, aerial company Platan, Platibanco and so on.
    Toni Mercante: [on the telephone] "Doctor Zopato has just created a new species: the mini-tapir! [...] What's its name? Huh... what about 'Mintapir'? Oh, you like Platintapir better? Perfect!"
  • Punny Name: Likely, the reason Juca Brito is consistently addressed on Full-Name Basis is because it ends sounding like "cabrito" (kid, as in a young goat).
  • Running Gag: Loco Silvera's whistle.
  • Shipper on Deck: Diana Lobo plays an inversed role, as she observes the development of her cousin Tiago's infatuation for Liana, as well as the Love Triangle that forms, occasionally commenting about it to herself.
    "'Ai, ai, ai... Too many Romeos for a single Juliet'", Diana thought. "I hope this film ends soon. Before it becomes a drama."
  • Shirtless Scene: When Tiago comes to camp to meet the Wolf Hunters, he comes out of his jeep shirtless, and his cousin even quips on it. It soon turns into Mood Whiplash, as he replies, serious, that he needed to use his shirt, showing it was wrapping a dead, young margay. It was ran over shortly before by the Wolf Hunters.
  • Shout-Out: Loco Silvera is described as having a Dick Dastard moustache
    • To brazilian folklore: "Lobão is like the Curupira: enemy of poachers."
    • "Too many Romeos for a single Juliet."
  • Stealth Insult:
    Rubão Chaves: Is there a role for me in the film, captain?
    Ubiratan Botafogo: Only for animals, Rubão. Four-paw animals.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Lobo means "wolf" in portuguese. As Maneco Maluco puts it:
    "His grandfather, Damião Lobo, was a werewolf. His father, Diogo Lobo, too. The son and grandson of werewolves is what? A three-banded armadillo?"
  • Weasel Mascot: Jerônimo Guarani usually walks around with his pet marmoset on his shoulder, Pretim.note .


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