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Georgia64, aka the Hypocritical Gamer, is a Let's Player. The premise of his channel, as he claims, is that he does blind playthroughs of games that he refused to play as a child when his friends insisted that he play them, even though he begged them to play his own favorite games. Instead of this claim however, he just does playthroughs of any game he wants (most of them still blind), further making him a hypocrite.note  His brother and editor, Mako the Editor, occasionally joins him.


With his video of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue, he announced his decision to switch to a Netflix-esque schedule where he waits to record the entire playthrough of a game before uploading the whole thing at once, so the viewers can binge-watch it while waiting for the next "season".

Games the Hypocritical Gamer has played (in order of start date):

He and Mako the Editor have also done reaction videos for various anime/manga series:

His videos provide examples of:

  • Big "NO!": Does one when he runs into a Random Encounter in Final Fantasy IX when he was hoping he could avoid them.
  • Catchphrase
    • "Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Georgia64 here, aka the Hypocritical Gamer, bringing you another episode of..."
    • "This has been Georgia64, aka the Hypocritical Gamer. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time."
    • "Onward... to victory!" note 
    • "Ohhhhhh, yeeeeeeeees." note 
    • "C'mere, you." note 
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    • "Get out of here, you." note 
    • "Thought you could hide from me, eh?" note 
    • "Off we goooo."
    • "Interesting."
    • "Well, hello there." note 
    • "It's Viviiiiiiii! Hi, Vivi!" note 
    • "No you don't!" note 
  • Cuteness Overload: He tends to like Moe little girl characters. This is pretty much his reaction towards Namine and Eiko, constantly commenting on how cute they are and claiming that the latter is his favorite party member because of it.
  • Flat "What": During Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, he does this when Ventus and Terra's Keyblades save Aqua from the Darksides.
  • Hypocrisy Nod: The point of his username.
  • Large Ham: Before the hiatus, he would speak in a dramatically bold voice a lot.
  • Laughing Mad: Occurs when he beats Soulcage on Disc 2 by the skin of his teeth because Vivi is the only party member alive with critically low HP. Then he decides to go back into the dungeon to pick up some treasure chests he missed, forgets about the status of his party, and dies to the first Random Encounter he comes across, and the trope happens again.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: When Goofy seemingly dies in Kingdom Hearts II, all the Hypocritical Gamer can say is "Yeah, right!"
  • Musical Episode: Occasionally during his earlier videos. He played the Ghostbusters theme song while exploring Monstro, and he used to sing "This is Halloween" along with the background music while exploring Halloweentown.
  • Shout-Out: If a character in the game says the phrase "one piece", the Hypocritical Gamer might sing the Title Drop from One Piece's "We Are!" (the anime's title, not the song's).
    • After a shot of Aqua's face glancing around while it's surrounded by darkness, he makes note of "Iron Man vision".
    • When a NPC in Final Fantasy IX talks about how he nearly lost an arm building an air cab, the Hypocritical Gamer says, "At least you didn't take... an arrow to the knee!"
    • He named his Kuma Panda "Hodor".
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In his first Kingdom Hearts II video after a seven-month hiatus, he jokingly denies several things: that there ever was a hiatus, that there will be an "Ask Me Anything" video explaining everythingnote , that he completed the Cavern of Remembrance while the recording failed, and that he defeated all of the Mushroom XIII except for the ones in Twilight Town.
  • Theme Naming: All of Aqua's Finish Commands were renamed to names of various alcoholic drinks.

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