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Inu and Friends Gaming is a Let's Play group on YouTube that plays a variety of games while making fun of wonky plot points, character motivations, and terrible grammar and sentences by translators. Multiple videos are uploaded a week for several on-going series with occasional Filler series thrown in as well. Expect nigh-daily updates.

The main members are Inuhanyuu441, who hosts the channel, and Basileus127 as the guest commentator and second player when they play multiplayer games.


They have a few different series for different types of games.

  • Inu And Friends Play: Wherein Inu and Basileus do a full playthrough of a game with a heavy story. They initially tried some Role Playing Games but mostly do visual novels now.
  • Steam Sale Plays: Featuring random games that Inu bought off steam because they were on sale. Typically played as a cooldown after finishing a major game.
  • Steam Sale Versus: Like the above but with competitive fighting games instead of co-op games. Also played in between more major, story-based titles.
  • Inu and Friends Co-Op: Wherein Inu and Basileus play a game that is more gameplay-heavy, usually something that they can both play together. Alternates between games they have both played and games at least one of them hasn't played before. This is where their RPG series are now.

You can find their channel here:

Games the crew has played in alphabetical order:


Their Let's Plays provide examples of:

  • Ax-Crazy: Inu, whenever they encounter anything he has an active "blood feud" with. He also tends to enjoy overkill even for minor things like inconveniencing him or using moves that annoy him.
  • Berserk Button: Berries and mail. Thanks to the magic of Pokemon Randomizer, many of the potentially useful and life-saving items they find are berries which have no combat use and can't even be used for Poke Blocks in their version as well as mail that it utterly worthless to begin with.
  • Buffy Speak: The PC in Pokémon FireRed has now been dubbed "The Pokebox" after a few misspeaks from Basileus.
  • Catchphrase: "Berries. Mail. Randomizer guys, get on that." Every time they find them in Pokémon FireRed in the hopes that the Randomizer team will eventually make an update that lets them remove those items entirely.
    • "Until next time; we'll catch you later." How they cap off each session.
    • "this seed hates us." Said in response to their randomized version of Pokémon FireRed which hands out Wonder Guard like candy, very often gives out useless items, and places useless moves in many of the T Ms and Move Tutors.
  • Cherry Tapping: When playing Randomized Pokémon FireRed, this is their default strategy for anything with Wonder Guard thanks to getting a starter that could learn Leech Seed and Poison Powder.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Both of them, but especially Basileus since he has to rely more on cheap tricks to win.
    • Their entire playthough of Pokémon FireRed is a great example of this behavior, as they quickly resort to using Standard Status Effects, Status Buff, and Status Ailment moves that normally don't get used after a run of bad luck left them mostly unable to exploit the usual type-matching and the absurd ubiquity of enemies with the dreaded Wonder Guard.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Most of the fighting games tend to end this way. Inu is typically the one doing the stomping. Not that he's good at fighting games mind you, he's just better than Basileus.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Their playthrough of Pokémon FireRed is made significantly cuter through the use of the Moemon patch.
  • Evil Laugh: Inu every time he acquires or discovers something that is a complete Game-Breaker or just incredibly powerful.
  • Exact Words: Mostly done by Basileus when he tries to prevent Inu's speculation from ruining key reveals and plot twists. Best seen in Fate/stay night where he managed to divert Inu's efforts into figuring out Saber's identity, King Arthur, which he had already been considering but dropped after speculating that Saber's gender might have been flipped by the summoning and being told specifically that "Saber was a girl in life too", but Inu never asked if King Arthur had been a girl in life too....
  • Genre Savvy: Both Inu and Basileus have a tendency to figure out secrets, reveals, and surprises far in advance and will even remark how obvious some of them are. Naturally, they make references to TV Tropes itself frequently so it's easy to imagine where they got that knowledge.
  • Joke Character: Favored by Basileus in all of the fighting games, partly on the off-chance they are a Lethal Joke Character, and partly because he does about as well with the good characters anyway.
  • Killed Off for Real: Given that their run of Pokémon FireRed is a Nuzlock run, this is pretty much inevitable.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Philia of all people in Tales of Destiny wound up becoming this due to the way Swordians worked in the original PS1 version and accidentally giving her certain accessories that combo'd well together. While her spells were still an amazing way to clear enemies, she somehow ended up with the most HP in the whole party and became something of a tank due to her seeming inability to lose HP or TP in most fights. Sometimes it was even faster to just let her melee things to death with her Swordian than to actually cast a spell.
  • The Nicknamer: Required as part of a Nuzlocke run in Pokémon FireRed. Since they were using the Moemon patch they have mostly gone with various girls from games and anime that the moemon somewhat resemble.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: They were pretty shocked to discover that Leon in Tales of Destiny leans Piko Hammer, aka Pow Hammer, a move exclusively for female characters.
  • Redemption Demotion: Mentioned with Leon in Tales of Destiny. He went from an unbeatable boss that wrecked the entire party effortlessly, to a somewhat useless part member that spammed magic needlessly and often had no TP to cast spells when actually needed.
  • Shout-Out: So very many. Usually to games, anime, and manga, but also to movies, books, classical mythology (Western and Eastern), and pretty much whatever else the plot, setting, and/or characters remind them of.
  • Sound of No Damage: Overlaps with Most Wonderful Sound when the "0 damage" and "dodge/miss" sounds play in Fire Emblem.
  • Spam Attack: Basileus in pretty much every fighting game. Since he has less experience with the controls and doesn't really know what all the characters do, he mostly just finds a fast, simple combo and spams it.
  • Take Your Time: Given that Tales of Destiny is a JRPG, they naturally did this often. Somewhat subverted in that they pretty consistently found nothing of value and after a while figured that it wasn't actually worth it to stall the plot and explore.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Inu starts to have this opinion of Shirou and Rin in the Unlimited Blade Works scenario of Fate/stay night when they mention repeatedly that Caster's Master should be someone who goes to their school but neglect to consider, or even mention, the one student that they already know who lives where Caster is hiding out. It wasn't Issei anyway, but Inu was pretty enraged that they didn't at least suspect him.
    • Early in Heaven's Feel, Basileus joins in regarding Saber revealing that she knew the entire time that Kotomine is the priest inside and the current supervisor, tells Shirou that Kotomine was Kiritsugu's mortal enemy and extremely dangerous, then proceeds to send Shirou in alone and to call her if there's danger. At that point he and Inu are wondering if she's just deliberately trying to get Shirou killed for some reason. It doesn't help that the very first thing they see when they go inside is Gilgamesh...
    • Bas' opinion of the entire Investigation Team in Persona 4. He comes to see them as a bunch of lemmings that he needs to herd to get anything done. Pretty much any time the group gathers together and tries to put their current clues together, you can count on Bas to go on a small rant about their poor deductive reasoning.
  • Troll: To each other, constantly. In Versus, Inu typically knows more than he lets on and likes to surprise Basileus with uber-deadly wombo-combos that he practically walks into. During Tales of Destiny, Basileus also played the healer so that he could decide when and when not to heal Inu, although he later decided that Garr was more fun due to the kill-stealing potential of Mirage.
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: A recurring element is them wondering what editor actually read through some of these scripts and approved them, mostly pointing out bad grammar but also missing words, sentences that don't actually seem to mean anything, etc. This is turned Up to Eleven in Fate/stay night since the game uses lots and lots of very small word fragments that don't actually form complete sentences yet use punctuation that makes them seem like they were intended to be complete thoughts anyway.
  • Yet Another Stupid Death: Par for the course when playing Fate/stay night and trying to get all the Tiger Dojos. Given the infamous nature of the series, they will also justify picking the "smart" choice that makes sense logically but inevitably leads to death. Averted and Lampshaded in Heaven's Feel.

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