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"We all know Kusaka had Future Sight."

Pokémon Adventures has been going on since around the creation of the franchise and so many ideas that originated of it happened in the games or other media till point it's almost more prophetic than hilarious. One wonders if the developers looked at the manga and decided to take inspiration from there.

RGB arc

  • In the first part of the generation I arc, Green steals her Squirtle from Professor Oak. Come generation II, game Silver does the exact same thing. Naturally, this was tied into the story in generation II, possibly being what started the idea of them having a Like Brother and Sister relationship and Dark and Troubled Past together.
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  • Leaf/Green's reappearance in Let's GO Pikachu and Eevee had become this when said game had her characterized to be a Troll just like Adventures' Green/Blue did. It's as if Kusaka already knew that Leaf/Green would actually be a Troll in the game.
  • So, you dress up as a Rocket member to infiltrate their base, only to have your cover blown because your disguise was ripped off... Adventures did it long before the HeartGold and SoulSilver games were released.
  • It took five generations for Game Freak to have the Gym Leaders more involved with the plot, have secondary jobs, and have them directly oppose the evil villainous team. It took only one for Adventures.
  • Zapmolcuno is finished off by a Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur simultaneously using their strongest attacks. It's the Triple Finish!
  • Red rescues Yellow in Viridian Forest, before meeting her later in Yellow arc. In episode 7 of XY anime, it is revealed that Serena was also rescued by Ash in a forest during their childhood. Bonus points that Serena wears a straw hat, and a Poliwag pops out before Ash does.
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  • Very early in the finale of the Red Green and Blue arc, we have Professor Oak disguising himself as a boxer for his participation in the Pokemon league. Fast forward to Sun and Moon, a certain Professor has a wrestler like persona for the battle royale.
  • As Yamamoto himself has noted the way Leon wears his hat is similar to Red, another champion. Red also has trouble discerning left and right, similar to how Leon has a poor sense of direction.

Yellow arc

  • In the Yellow arc, there's a flashback of Oak's Kangaskhan beating one of Agatha's ghosts with a Dizzy Punch, which should be a total cop out seeing how Normal moves don't affect Ghosts. Now about a decade later in the newer games, Kangaskhan is given the ability Scrappy...which allows Normal (and Fighting) attacks to hit Ghost-types. But of course, Oak knew that and Agatha thought he was making fun of her, but he just didn't want to hurt her Pokemon.
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  • A trainer with the ability to read the minds of Pokemon tries to separate humans and Pokemon through the power of a legendary Pokemon. Now, is that game universe N, or Adventures universe Lance? (The sole difference is that N isn't murderous about it.)
  • Though it does run off of in-universe logic, Adventures also correctly predicted Hitmonlee's eventual ability as well, Limber.
  • Similarly from Yellow, the entire story arc was about humans being bad for Pokemon and for all humans in the world to be eliminated for their sake. Cue Black and White, the main conflict of the story being about Pokemon liberation. In addition to that, the Elite Four planned to Kill All Humans on the continent except for the elite trainers chosen by them to live and guard over the world of Pokemon. Cue X and Y, where Team Flare's plan has a similar sentiment to it.

GSC arc

  • In the Gold, Silver, and Crystal, some Rocket grunts supercharge Spinarak's Spider Web with electricity. Gen 5 introduces the move Electroweb.
  • The new "critical captures" feature in the Black and White games sound a lot like capture spots. (Spots, which Silver describes it as, where the life energy of a Pokemon is concentrated, and thus the best spot to throw a Pokeball.)
    • Also in Pokémon GO, you have a better chance of catching the Pokémon when you land the ball inside the target ring, while the ring is at its smallest.
  • Kris/Crystal's reappearance in Pokemon Masters has her characterized as a spirited fledgling researcher exactly as she is in the manga.
  • Crystal uses a portable transporter so that she can transfer Pokemon from wherever she is. The Let's Go games introduce the Box Link system.
  • Eusine's Electrode can fly around with the power of electric currents. Gen 4 introduces Magnet Rise note .
  • In the GSC arc, Misty ends up fighting Suicune in a cave behind Tohjo Falls. Turns out there really is a cave there in the game canon...
  • Falkner and Janine are shown to be civilized with one another due to both having father complexes. Heartgold and Soulsilver gives them interactions, but in a different light; they occasionally argue about whose father is better than the other.
  • The confirmation of the world tournament showcasing the Gym Leaders and Champions in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2... yup, Adventures already had it in the Gold, Silver, and Crystal arc.
  • In Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the Masked Man, Pryce pointed out that each of the major villains wanted something for their goal. For Giovanni, it was possessions (matter), for Lance, it was a Pokemon utopia (space), and for him, it was to go back in time. Come Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with Dialga (master of time), Palkia (master of space), and Giratina (master of antimatter). This comes full circle in HeartGold and SoulSilver , where each former villain fights their respective dragon).
  • So the Masked man is Pryce. Well, when Pokémon Black and White came out, it introduced a gym leader named Brycen. Where just like Pryce, he is the second to last Gym Leader and specializes in Ice Type. But more importantly, his gym shows him with the title "Masked Man."

RS arc

  • Team Magma's hideout is nothing more than a cave, Maxie is sometimes shown drinking, and the him and Three Fires often snarked but clearly looked out for each other. Team Aqua had a snazzier hideout, Archie was the trusted head of the TV station, and he and the SSS ultimately ditched each other. In the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, this is all but reversed; Team Magma are modeled after scientists and are personally indifferent to each other, while Team Aqua look like pirates and clearly treat each other like family.
  • Viz called the climatic battle of Hoenn "The Beginning and the End with Groudon and Kyogre". The Ruby and Sapphire remakes are called Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (The last and first letters of the Greek alphabet, respectively).
  • In the Ruby and Sapphire chapter's backstory, a Salamence trashed a lab, resulting in Rayquaza's escape. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there is a new character called Zinnia that owns a Salamence and is related to Rayquaza. This was even tied together in when Adventures got to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • Most readers found Ruby scaring away a wild Salamence, an intimidating pseudo-legendary, with just a Poochyena, Ralts, and a Skitty to be a bit far-fetched. Then Gen VI came out and introduced a new Fairy type amongst a select group of Pokemon, with the Ralts line being one of them. Fairy types are super effective against Dragon types. Salamence is a Dragon type. This scene holds much more water now. Likewise, Gold's Togepi takes down a Tyranitar and a Dragonite, both weak against its retconned Fairy-type.
  • In the Ruby and Sapphire chapter, a shard of the Meteorite plays a vital role in the final battle of Hoenn. Come the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, a Meteorite Shard is a Key Item is needed for a different but equally important part.
    • Even better, Ruby theorized that the energy contained in the meteor shards could be used to pacify Groudon and Kyogre. As it so happens, Rayquaza eats meteors to power its Mega Evolution, with which it can completely shut down the abilities of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. In the Delta Episode, the legend told by the Draconids even states that the wind created by Delta Stream stripped them of the natural energy necessary to power their Primal Reversions and sent them to slumber.
  • So, Ruby uses (almost) all-female team, despite being a guy, with vice-versa for Sapphire. Comes Pokemon Sword and Shield, introducing Marnie and Bede. Guess their Pokemon's gender. To make it better, Bede is also somewhat feminine, similar to Ruby, and Marnie dialect is seemingly the same as Sapphire.

FRLG arc

  • In the FRLG chapter, Mewtwo splits the physical manifestation of its psychic powers, its spoon, into pieces to fire onto its opponent. Gen 5 gives Mewtwo a new signature move, Psystrike, which uses its special attack to deal physical damage. The XY chapter shows the move again, this time explicitly calling it by name.

Emerald arc

  • A green jewel meant to control Rayquaza...Emerald had one on his forehead before the HeartGold and SoulSilver games came up with the concept.
  • It is noted that Emerald's Pokemon are extremely affectionate towards him and go out of their way to please him. In two different battles, Sudowoodo barely survives an attack that should've taken it out and Sceptile breaks free of the "frozen" status on its own. Both of these instances are now possible in-game via Pokemon-Amie, which works through affection.
  • In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Primal Kyogre is several times larger than regular Kyogre and its body composition now matches that of seawater. In the Emerald chapter, Guile Hideout uses Jirachi to wish up a monstrously-large fake Kyogre made out of seawater.

DP arc

  • In Pokémon Platinum, you get the chance to purchase an insanely expensive villa and furnish it with insanely expensive furniture. Good thing that the lead character of the corresponding arc was conveniently already established to be insanely rich.

Platinum arc

  • In the Platinum arc, Caitlin's personal Pokemon is a Gallade. As it turns out in the Black and White games, she is a master of psychic Pokemon.

BW arc

  • Black's Munna clearing his head is a reference to the C-Gear. There is now a Munna C-Gear skin available.
  • It looks like the Galar region took some ideas from White, as she was the first to sponsor a trainer. The Poke Job system also runs similarly to the BW Agency's, where you submit a Pokemon so that it can be hired by a third party.
  • Being able to rent Pokemon actors in showbiz in Black 2 and White 2? Looks like the BW Agency will have a new source of revenue...
  • N gives his Servine to White. In Black 2 and White 2, it's possible to catch N's Pokemon.

B2W2 arc

  • The Sun and Moon arc of the Pokemon anime has a school setting. The manga did this first. Also, all the girls in the school seems to have interest in Ash, just like with Blake.

XY arc

  • Kusaka and Yamamoto went to France. A month later, Generation VI was announced and the Kalos region is based on France.
  • Gurkinn states that the Tower of Mastery holds secrets to the Mythical Pokemon Diancie. A week later, Coro Coro reveals that Diancie has a Mega Evolution.

ORAS arc

  • Giovanni got a Key Stone in ORAS. While the Pokemon capable of Mega evolving is different, his game counterpart also gets one in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


  • Yamamoto tweeted that he modeled Moon after Bae Doona's character from the movie The Host. She's well known in the west for her role in the Netflix show Sense8, where she plays a character named Sun.
    • Bae Doona later went on to play Seo-bi on Netflix's Kingdom, who is a physician who makes medicine and treats people.
  • In the Sun and Moon arc, Sun faces against Guzma in the semifinals, and then Gladion for the finals. Just like Ash as of recently. And as of now, they both won the tournament.

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