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"Why don't you watch where you're goin'?!"
  • The entire Butt-Monkey sequence with Orville: first he's Groin Attacked by a firework, then gets his tailfeathers set on fire, causing a crash landing. When he tries to take off again, then he's sucked into Medusa's Swampmobile turbine intake, first with an all-bird sounding "squack!", followed by a Goofy Holler (water distorted, no less) and an Ash Face once he's finally spit out the other end.
  • The entire calliope scene, especially Bernard's reaction to being shot up in the air and trying to run.
    • Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that when Medusa hears the noise, her first thought is not 'Who is playing the organ?' or even 'Snoops, stop playing with the organ!' but to shout at her alligators to stop. Brutus and Nero must make it a habit.
      Medusa: (storming out of her room) BRUTUS! NERO! STOP THAT INFERNAL RACKET! I MEAN NOW!
    • Even the music that plays as Nero and Brutus are walking is hilarious.
  • When Bernard talks to Orville over the radio, who first mistakes him for the ATC tower, then nearly gets blown away by a passenger helicopter taking off. After a bout of Angrish (completely with radio Sound-Effect Bleep)...
    Bianca: What did he say?
    Bernard: I wouldn't dare repeat it.
  • The "preflight checklist" was hilarious. What does an albatross preflight? Goggles, wings, rudder ("tailfeathers"), and..."If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
    Bernard: Sure wish we'd have taken the train!
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  • The Eek, a Mouse!! sequence that follows the calliope scene. It gets even better when Medusa starts firing a semiautomatic shotgun ... and everyone dives for cover from her erratic shots.
  • The climax itself is both a Moment of Awesome AND a CMOF.
    • The entire charge of the swamp-dwelling Ragtag Bunch of Misfits is something straight out of a Three Stooges routine, especially when one of them sets off the fireworks on the boat... in which Snoops and Medusa get their rears singed.
    • The initial attempts to get the Swampmobile working.
    Bernard: Advance the spark! (HONK!) Not the horn! The spark lever!
    • Medusa ends up getting a Humiliation Conga of the most glorious kind during the climax. She gets a mini-pitchfork in the rear, multiple rolling pins to the head, a gun blown up in her face, the aforementioned ass scorching, dragged along and bumped about on the water by the Swampmobile in an attempt to reach Penny, using Brutus and Nero as water skiis, concluding in her slamming out of control into the sunken riverboat's smokestack while Brutus and Nero barely miss.
  • Anytime Luke (or somebody else) takes a drink of his Swamp Juice.
    • They end up using it as jet fuel for the Swampmobile in the climax...and it works.
  • At one point, Penny does an imitation of Medusa's behavior, concluding with imitating Medusa's butt swinging as she walks. Bianca and Bernard found this funny in-universe.
  • As Medusa is reveling over finally getting her hands on the Devil's Eye, Snoops asks to look at it. She turns it toward him for just a split second.
  • The reporter interviewing Penny is totally thrown by her talking about the two talking mice who helped her like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

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