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Fridge Brilliance

  • Among the swamp critters from the first film is Old Grandpa, a turtle in a Confederate army cap. Given the very long lifespans that turtles can attain, it's possible he actually witnessed the U.S. Civil War.
  • Orville's troubles with taking off and landing are actually true to life - albatrosses are so big that they can only take off by sky-diving from great height, and they basically land by crashing. It's almost impossible for them to take off from the ground.

Fridge Horror

  • We can hope that Penny was the first orphan Medusa abducted and sent into mortal peril, but we don't know it. Likewise, although it's not spelled out, it would have been unwise to let Penny tell anybody what was going on in the Bayou, and fairly simple (what with the easy access to shotguns and crocodiles) for Medusa to see to it that she told no tales.
    • In her conversation with Penny in the scene before the latter meets the Rescuers for the first time, Medusa hints that she plans to abandon the child in the steamboat the moment she fulfills her mission and comes up with the Devil's Eye.
      • There's another level of Fridge Horror and, maybe, some Brilliance, as there's a reason why she and Snoops sought out an orphan. No meddling parents.
  • How did the Devil's Eye, a relatively large diamond, end up in a man's skull in the pirate cave? As Bernard and Bianca find out, it's too big to fit into the eye sockets and it barely comes out through the jaw after Penny tries it open with a sword. If the man had swallowed it, it would have been in the remains of his stomach. The implications are horrifying.
  • If the Rescue Aid Society were real, we could assume every kidnapped child that has ever either never turned up again or was discovered to have been murdered was because the secret underground mouse society either never found out about it, or worse, tried and failed to rescue the child.
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  • In Rescuers Down Under, we never see the imprisoned animals again after Mc Leach drags Cody off to the gator river. Unless Cody was somehow able to find the hideout again alone or bring rangers with him, they probably died of dehydration or starvation.

Fridge Logic

  • No-one in the Rescue Aid Society thinks of sending Penny's message-in-a-bottle to the police. Lampshaded by Penny:
    Penny: Didn't you bring someone big with you, like the police?
    • Given the reporter's reaction to what Penny said at the end of the movie, it's likely that unlike in the books, the mice don't interact with adults.
      • Which doesn't mean that they couldn't send it in as an anonymous tip. An unsigned letter (or if it is, just R.A.S., which could mean anything to someone not in the know) explaining, "Hey, we found this message in a bottle telling us that there's a kidnapped little girl in Devil's Bayou. You should tell the local authorities so that they can help her." with the original letter would likely be enough for the police to take action or at least inform their Louisiana counterparts.
  • Considering it's one of Disney's most financially successful and critically acclaimed features, you'd think it would be a good business move to release a soundtrack for the first movie, especially since it had an Oscar-nominated song. Thankfully, the 3 Shelby Flint tracks are included with the newer edition of the Down Under soundtrack.
    • They've released at least a partial soundtrack before. I grew up with a cassette tape of songs from the Rescuers.
    • I don't know about a cassette, but I've seen LP copies of what amounts to a book on tape (both on Amazon and once even in the flesh (unfortunately, it was already in somebody's hand... oh well.)


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