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  • Actor-Shared Background: Eva Gabor is from Hungary, which happens to be the country Bianca represents at the Rescue Aid Society.
  • Author Existence Failure: Joe Flynn (Snoops) died unexpectedly in 1974, three years before this film was released. The voicework for the film was done around 1973.
  • Creative Differences: Animators Frank Thomas and Milt Kahl disagreed about a sequence in which Brutus and Nero try to blow Miss Bianca and Bernard out of a pipe organ. Kahl felt that the alligators clowned too much, thus losing their menace. In response, and with playful spite, Thomas retaliated that he felt Kahl's own Madame Medusa loses her menace moments later when she falls off of a chair, after Mr. Snoops clumsily pushes it from beneath her feet.
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  • Creator Backlash: Animator Don Bluth was said to have finally had enough of Disney repeatedly falling short of their reputation with this film and, shortly thereafter, lead an infamous mass exodus of animators to his garage-based studio. He later said that he was especially livid about the main characters' eyes not being colored in.
  • Creator Couple: Jeanette Nolan voices Ellie Mae, while her husband John McIntire plays Rufus. Both have since died after the film was released.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Bizarrely, the Italian dub had Penny voiced by a young boy.
  • Image Source: For Rolling Pin of Doom.
  • Missing Trailer Scene: The original 1977 theatrical trailer showed an extended shot of Orville's landing, set against a sunrise backdrop, not seen in the actual film.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Just as she did for Gabor in The Aristocats, Robie Lester provided the uncredited singing voice of Miss Bianca during "Rescue Aid Society".
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  • One-Take Wonder: According to Milt Kahl, Geraldine Page nailed every single one of Medusa's lines in one take.
  • Posthumous Credit: This was Joe Flynn's last film. He recorded his lines as Mr. Snoops only a few weeks before his untimely death from drowning in July 19, 1974. The film was released three years later.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The "Tomorrow Is Another Day" song clearly sounds like a product of The '70s.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The movie was originally a very different movie than what was released. It was going to be a vehicle for Louis Prima (King Louis of The Jungle Book (1967)), playing Louie the Bear, and, according to the video in the link, to be about a Bear using a pair of mice to help him escape from the zoo and to save his friends at the North Pole. This version was scrapped shortly before Prima lapsed into a coma and it was Retooled into the movie we know today.note 
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    • Also, before it was completely retooled, the movie's antagonist and villain was originally going to be Cruella DeVille. In fact there is a bit of a Development Gag there - Madame Medusa not only drives very similarly to Cruella, but also her jet ski looks to be inspired by Cruella's car.
    • Less a development gag and more the result of one animator's insane jealousy. Milt Kahl, one of Disney's Nine Old Men, had been insanely jealous of his colleague Marc Davis's animation of Cruella and Medusa was his attempt to finally "outdo" him.
    • In the planning phase, Orville the albatross was originally a pigeon.
    • Early drafts of the movie involved saving a polar bear from a tyrant penguin. Not sure how the finished product would have been.
    • Yet another draft would have been rescuing a depressed poet from a prison in a frozen wasteland, which follows the book "The Rescuers", but in the end they followed the sequel "Miss Bianca" more closely.
    • Originally, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers was supposed to be a Rescuers TV series. Consider the expies:
      Chip + Dale = Bernard
      Gadget = Bianca
      Monterey Jack = Jake
      Zipper = Evinrude the dragonfly
    • Had Penny not been replaced with Jenny, Oliver & Company would have instead been Disney's first sequel/spin-off in the canon, preceding Down Under by two years.
    • The producers intended for the popular 1970s pop duo Carpenters to do the movie's music, but scheduling conflicts forced them to reluctantly decline. Having to turn it down was especially hard for Karen Carpenter to do, as she was a big fan of Disney.
    • Even after it was Re Tooled away from being a vehicle for him, Louis Prima was still going to be in the movie with his intended character reworked. In the original draft, Bernard and Bianca were going to talk to Louis the Bear about Penny where he revealed she came to the zoo often. He also sang a song called "Peoplitis". It may have been cut for time as Prima did record the song and, presumably, his lines.
    • Brutus and Nero were initially going to be alligators according to the concept art, before the film officially identifies them as crocodiles (Bianca refers to them as "crocs"). More accurate too, as Brutus and Nero have interlocking teeth and are greenish in color, rather than overlapping jaws and darker coloration like an alligator would.
    • An original scene that never made it into the final film involved one in which Madame Medusa was sewing the Devil's Eye diamond into Teddy.
    • Cuba was once considered as the setting.
    • Originally, the Rescue Aid Society was to be placed in a hole somewhere, until the idea of a luggage bag in the basement of the United Nations building came up.
  • Madame Medusa's jet ski, or "swampmobile", appears to be powered by a jet engine. This is evidenced by the jet engine-like rear exhaust and the distinctive jet noises the vehicle makes. However, in a later scene in the film, a normal four-stroke engine is shown to lurk under the hood at the front.


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