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  • Madame Medusa lives in (or at least is hiding out in) a derelict steamboat in a desolate swamp. She has two pet crocodiles that are obedient to her. So why does she totally freak out at the sight of a tiny mouse? It's not like they'd be carrying some horrible disease that she could probably already get from the swamps mosquitoes or her crocodiles.
    • Fear is often an irrational, illogical emotion. For instance, someone who likes to do extreme dangerous sports could still freak out at the mere sight of any harmless spider. Also, Rule of Funny. Her Eek, a Mouse!! scene is one of the funniest part of the movie.
  • Anybody noticed how similar this movie is to The Goonies?
    • How so? The only similarity I can think of is that it's about a kid looking for treasure in a flooded cave, and even that's not much of one—in The Goonies, it's the entire plot, while it only occupies the climax of The Rescuers.
      • You seriously don't see the similarities between Madame Medusa and Mama Fratelli?
      • I always thought she paralleled Cruella De Vil more. Besides, Medusa is a re-imagining of one of the Rescuers book's villains, the Diamond Duchess.
      • Funny thing that...Cruella De Vil was actually intended to be the villain at first, but really, could you see her using those gators for anything but shoes? Or that she'd move from genuine fur coats to Diamonds?
      • What'd force her to choose between one or the other?
      • Rescuers: 1977. Goonies: 1985.
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    • Great - now all I can think of is Bernard doing the truffle shuffle.
      • Oh you BASTARD. I can neither get that out my MY head now, nor can I stop laughing about it. Oh, and by extension I keep thinking of the Chairmouse piloting that plane in The Mummy. SCREW.YOU.
  • A good question for either movie, and any other movie that involves children talking to animals. What is going to happen to these kids when they get older? Will they eventually stop believing that animals can talk and assume they were speaking to imaginary friends the whole time? Or will they be placed in therapy and treated like they're crazy by the rest of the world for insisting they really did speak to animals?
    • Or they might just shrug it off and go on with their lives. If they run into talking animals again they'll just be less shocked than everyone else. As for the kid in The Rescuers and 'Down Under, I think they'll be okay. Penny's talking to animals might be chalked up to loneliness issues if anyone worries about it at all. Cody, on the other hand, might be considered a bit traumatized from his multiple near-death experiences if he tells anyone the exact details of what he went through.
    • Well in the Peter in Kensington gardens (book set before Peter and Wendy, ie Peter Pan) and in the real Mary Poppins book. It seems like we can talk to birds/animals at birth but that ability disappears when one is older. It's been lampshaded in Arthur between Kate and Pal.
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    • Note however that Kate (I think) only loses her ability to communicate with Pal as she gains the ability to communicate with older people. Cody and Penny both are older than Kate and they can clearly speak to both animals and other humans. I would think that if as adults they remember having talking animals as friends (and don’t dismiss those memories as childhood fantasies) they should not be surprised if they happen to meet talking animals again as adults; but since we never see them as adults it’s hard to be certain.
    • Also, it is never stated that all human children know animals can talk. It’s possible that only certain children are aware of it (specifically the ones who have befriended talking animals). This seems to at least be the case in Charlotte’s Web. Fern is apparently the only human character (adult or child) who understands the animals’ speech (besides Charlotte’s written messages in her web).
  • A room full of qualified agents and Bianca chooses the janitor to be her co-agent? Why?
    • Perhaps she thought that all the agents are so eager to go with her only because of her looks and would not consider her a real partner. The chairman is rather pompous and it can be assumed that other agents are similar. In contrast Bernard is a humble fellow who still truly believes in the Rescue Aid Society ideals (which is established when he sings the jingle standing outside) even though he's just a janitor. Also it was Bernard who said (again having no right to speak) that it's too dangerous for her to go alone. Most importantly the "qualified agents" doesn't look very adventurous themselves so it was enough for Miss Bianca to feel his Hidden Depths to make a choice.
  • Remember all those jewels that Penny finds during her earlier trips down into the cave and the many more mentioned down there later on? All those gems are implied to be worth a lot of money; they could have kept both Snoops AND Medusa living in luxury for the rest of their lives. How come they just didn't have Penny grab as many of those gems as she could and then live off the piles of money the gems could have been fenced for?
    • Medusa wasn't interested in money. She wanted the diamond. Presumably she planned to sell the other gems later, but she really wanted the Devil's Eye for herself.
    • Alternatively, Bianca is right: Medusa is insane.
  • Why was the diamond given to a museum? If anything it seems like Penny should be able to keep it after all she went through because of it.
    • She's a little kid, she obviously doesn't give a crap about that kind of stuff the way adults do.
      • In what world would they have allowed Penny to keep the diamond? It is an extremely valuable object of historical importance (remember it even has a name- the Devil's Eye; there must be lots of legend and history behind it). The one logical place where one thing would end would be the museum- and even if Penny had considered keeping it (which she wouldn´t because for starters, she never had a personal interest in the diamond), surely Bernard and Bianca would've advised against it, knowing it could get her in trouble. You could even argue that she would be at risk of being adopted by materialistic opportunists rather than truly loving parents if she had been known or suspected to still possess the diamond.
    • Seems like she should still get some kind of compensation (maybe a trust fund or the like) in exchange for finding it. Though perhaps she did and they just didn't mention it.
    • If I were Penny, I wouldn't want to keep something that would just be a reminder of a time I was kidnapped and held against my will.
      • If you think about it, Penny probably gave the Devil's Eye to people who would later on become her adoptive parents, who in turn, turned it into the museum and used the money from it to adopt Penny and maybe give back to the orphanage or her adoptive parents were the proprietors of said museum. That's one theory but that's what I'll go with.

  • It's implied the swamp critters knew about Penny's attempts to escape. Why didn't they devise a plan to help her sooner?
    • Simple: the alligators and Medusa's shotgun. When Bernard and Bianca try to sneak through the front to get to Penny, Brutus and Nero easily find them and Medusa goes straight for the kill. They barely escape with their lives before going up to Penny's bedroom window once they can see her. Penny was unable to find the critters while running away every time because the alligators would catch up, meaning there was no opportunity for communication. While the swamp critters are brave, they don't have the layout of the boat the way that Penny does so they don't know what resources to use to trap the gators or get rid of the shotgun. Once they learn about the plan from the mice after convening, it becomes a Curb-Stomp Battle in their favor.

  • What was Medusa going to do with Penny after she fulfilled her mission of retrieving the diamond? If she took her back to the orphanage, she new Penny would most likely inform on her.

  • What actually happened to Medusa after the end? Did she get eaten by the alligators, as seems to be the implication? I always thought so, as we don't see her get arrested or thrown in jail, but they obviously can't show someone get eaten in a G rated movie so they just heavily imply it.

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