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Funny / The Fox and the Hound

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From the Disney film

  • Chief's introduction to puppy Copper; no dialogue is had from the dogs, but Chief's expression says it all. Copper's wrinkles falling over his eyes is rather amusing too.
  • Any scene with Dinky, Boomer, and Squeaks the caterpillar.
    • Boomer isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer while hunting Squeaks. He ends up pecking a tree branch he stands on, causing himself to crash on the ground, and an electric pole's top's glass (Squeaks took refuge under it), which causes both himself and Dinky to be electrocuted — Boomer ends up with an electricity-caused afro haircut while Dinky gets an Ash Face.
    Boomer: Holy...!
    Dinky: ..smoke!
    (Squeaks saunters away along the telephone line, giving off a glowing flash of light as he crawls along)
    Boomer: Hey! Hey! How's he do that, Dinky? How's he do that?
  • Chief has a funny moment too, milking his broken leg for all it's worth. Though it fails in the end when Amos threatens to break the other leg.
  • Chief and Amos Slade chasing Tod around the farmhouse, which leads to Chief scooping up chickens, finding himself marooned in the water, etc. It all ends with Widow Tweed blasting out Amos Slade's radiator with his own shotgun when he takes the chase too far.
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  • Tod's failed attempt to catch a fish to impress Vixie, it's no wonder everyone ends up laughing over it.
  • During Tod and Vixey's Falling-in-Love Montage, Big Mama, Dinky, Boomer, and other forest creatures are aww-ing over the new couple...except the badger, who is pouting with his arms folded, looking just as grumpy as ever.
  • While Vixey is showing Tod around the forest, they come across a family of quail, causing Vixey to start musing over numbers (Parental Bonus is that she's mulling over how many kits she would want) before settling on six. Tod, being the Naïve Newcomer, just says "Six? ...Six what?"

From the novel

  • Copper is exasperated by the fact that the Master can't follow a perfectly clear scent trail and instead obsesses over pointless marks on the ground.