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  • The whole I'm Standing Right Here moment in chapter 7:
    Shirou: [explains his new living arrangements at Hinata-sou]
    Sakura: [pouts] Senpai always ends up surrounded by young, good looking girls. Is he doing it on purpose?
    Rider: I thought so too. Shirou is such a womanizer.
    Shirou: [sweatdrops] O-oi, you two. I'm sitting right here. Don't talk about me as if I wasn't present.
    Rider: There is this one girl that definitely has a crush on him. I'm sure he hasn't even realized it.
    Shirou: Rider, what are you talking about?
    Sakura: I suppose that would be the case. Senpai doesn't notice that kind of things until they hit him square in the face.
    Rider: Yeah, she's a bit young for his tastes, anyway. Unless Illya actually managed to convert him to the wonders of loli, as she promised she would.
    Shirou: Wait, Illya said what?
    Sakura: Oh, no. Senpai would never fall that low. He's already dating three women at the same time. If he goes any farther than that, he would really become the scum of the world.
    Shirou: Oi, oi, oi. Sakura. That's a bit too much.
    Rider: I wouldn't worry about that. The real enemy is this vixen who has set her eyes on him. I'm telling you, Sakura, she definitely wants a piece of him.
    Shirou: Would you please stop ignoring me?
  • Chapter 8's intro:
    Emiya Shirou had long since put behind him the idea of 'having seen everything'. Being a Magus and the Magus Killer on top of that, had beaten that silly notion out of him pretty damn quick.
    Still, while he was ready to accept without flinching whatever oddity life threw at him, he had never imagined, even in his wildest dreams, the words that came out of his mouth in very moment.
    "Then as agreed," he said picking up a dumbstruck Motoko from the floor of her family dojo and flopping her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, "this woman is mine."
    Yes awkward didn't even begin to cover it, and Shirou would have self-combusted over those words if the situation had been any different. As he left the dojo, leaving behind a number of shell-shocked elders in his wake, Shirou idly mused about how such a ridiculous chain of events had come to pass and the grumbled under his breath as he recalled that it was indeed entirely his fault.
    • The whole ownership over Motoko? It is about being her trainer for the next three years. No wonder it can get easily misunderstood.
  • Motoko asks Shirou to make her a woman. Cue his and Shinobu's Spit Take.
  • Tsuruko once baited Taiga into wagering ownership of Shirou as 'little brother' in their duel at the high school kendo tournament. It was also the same tournament that Taiga got disqualified for forgetting to remove her tiger-shaped good-luck charm from her shinai. End result: Shirou being forced to call Tsuruko "Tsuruko-nee", a reaction which he STILL can't forget to this day.
  • After throwing a high level Aoyama swordsman through the walls and interrupting the meeting, what does Shirou do? Apologize.
    Lowering the still sheathed Shisui to the side he a deep breath, straightening his back even further. In response to his movement, the gathered fighters narrowed their eyes and tightened their grips around their weapons even more.
    Shirou fixed each and every one of them in the eyes as he exhaled slowly and then…
    "I APOLOGIZE FOR THE INTRUSION," he declared loudly enough to almost be a shout, bowing as much as he could and trying to sound as honest and apologetic as possible.
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  • The prank of the Aoyama clan and Motoko's new name of Emiya Motoko. Makes you wonder if Motoko would have her own EMIYA theme.
  • The idea of having both Not Blood Siblings fight over who has greater Big Brother Attraction may be closer than you could imagine. Kanako Urashima appeared at Hinata Inn and claimed a Childhood Marriage Promise advantage on Shirou. However, Illyasviel von Einzbern has just arrived in Japan to meet her brother. Pass the Popcorn, this is going to explode.
  • Kanako Urashima, in her particular Shirou-centric worldview, has an… unique way to think of Motoko and her Training from Hell under him.
    However, it didn't seem that Aoyama understood her own heart, as she made no move to express her affection.
    The only thing she seemed to care for was for him to beat her mercilessly with his stick every day.
    ... Clever girl.

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