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  • Shirou laying down the law with the tenants, making it clear that he is not going to be their punching bag.
  • Shirou's Curb-Stomp Battle with Motoko. He didn't use an ounce of magic, just skill.
  • Shirou versus the Aoyama family guards. Even better? He did it without killing anyone and even deliberately took some blows that would have hit someone else if he had dodged.
    The outer wall exploded in a shower of splinters and the body of the instructor who had left just moment earlier flew in from outside, slamming against the elder and sending both crashing on the wall behind in an almost comical fashion.

    With the exception of Motoko and Tsuruko, who was hiding her broad smile behind her sleeve, everyone stood and reached for their weapons. Countless hisses accompanied an equal number of weapons unsheathing.

    Then, from the hole in the wall, the last man she expected to see in that place walked in almost casually.

    In his hand was the familiar form of Shisui, clad in a white satchel ripped in various places. His black shirt was cut on the chest, a faint line of blood dribbling down his skin, hinting to a barely avoided blow. His forehead was marred with sweat and his breath was ragged, a clear sign of the battles he had to go through to reach that place.

    Shirou Emiya stood in a room filled to the brim with the most skilled fighters of the entire clan and yet his gaze didn't linger on their hostile forms, quickly scanning the crowd and settling firmly on her

  • Crimson Red Vermillion Tsuruko vs Shirou using Archer's arm.

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