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Heartwarming / Promises of a Wandering Hero

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  • Shirou just barged into the Aoyama clan meeting room via throwing an instructor in, facing a room full of deadly swordsmaster and the first thing he's worried about is Motoko's well being.
    Shirou Emiya stood in a room filled to the brim with the most skilled fighters of the entire clan and yet his gaze didn't linger on their hostile forms, quickly scanning the crowd and settling firmly on her

    His golden eyes found hers and his steely expression softened in relief at seeing her well.

    Motoko's heart suddenly lurched in a way she had never experienced before while an foreign warmth rose to her chest and cheeks.

    "What did I tell you, Motoko-chan?" Tsuruko whispered conspiratorially. "Sometimes a hero shows up at the last possible moment."

    Motoko could only nod dumbly in response, far too occupied in calming down her own racing heart.

  • Kitsune basically took Naru in when she ran away from home, and when they got kicked out of her parents place, she stayed with her at Granny Hina's place. She's essentially Naru's oldest friend, and while she's content with drinking and sleeping away with her own time, she won't let Naru screw herself up.