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  • The "Kaiju Remedies" trailer starring Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chau.
    • Even funnier? The website given links you right back to the video.
  • Raleigh, talking to Mako about Leatherback:
    Raleigh: I think this guy's dead, but let's check for a pulse.
    Raleigh: No pulse.
  • The Chinese Medicine Shop, where the cashier tells Newt he takes powdered Kaiju bone to keep up his virility.
    • And when Newt barely escapes being eaten by a Kaiju, he reappears at the shop.
      Newt: Hey! Guess who's back, you one-eyed bitch! You owe me a Kaiju brain!
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    • Newt having that huge fanboy moment at seeing all the assorted Kaiju bits.
  • While fighting Leatherback, Gipsy Danger digs in its heels as the Kaiju shoves it all the way to the end of a pier. Close on Gipsy's foot bumping into a mooring post upon which is perched a single seagull... that only flies off when the post tips slightly backwards.
  • When Gipsy Danger is fighting Otachi in Hong Kong, it tries to punch the Kaiju's head only for it to duck, with the punch landing into the inside an office building...and enough of a push to start a Newton's Cradle office toy.
  • Hannibal getting eaten by Otachi Jr. It is abrupt and karmarific.
  • Gottlieb proclaims windily that "Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of God!"; in the background, Newton can only laugh incredulously, "What??"
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  • Doubles as Funny Background Event but after the failed synchronization of Gipsy Danger that almost kills a lot of people you hear GLaDOS in the background, ever so politely: "Would you like to try again?"
  • "Newton created a Neural Bridge out of garbage and Drifted with a Kaiju." One hell of a Moment Killer. Upon hearing this, Pentecost turns around with an expression equivalent to "a father watching his kid’s first football game and getting interrupted because his dumb nephew blew up the concession stand."
    • Another funny moment sets in when you realize that Newt and Gottlieb are Drift-compatible, with each other and with a Kaiju.
    • Hermann's whole uptight kid tattling on his troublemaking brother vibe in the scene is pretty funny too. Translation: "DAD, DAAAD, YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT NEWT DID!"
  • When Gottlieb suffers an attack of nausea after going into the Drift with Newt and Otachi Jr's brain, there's a convenient toilet in the rubble for him to be sick into.
    • Making it doubly hilarious, the toilet was obviously ripped out of whatever plumbing it was once attached to. Meaning that there was no reason to vomit in there as opposed to anywhere else in the surrounding rubble.
    • In the events that lead to this, his Adorkable effort to uncharacteristically replicate and agree with Geiszler to "own this bad boy." He manages to at least get the "own" part down.
      Gottlieb: By Jove, we are going to own this thing for sure!
      • Not to mention Gottlieb and Newt's complete failure to fist-bump or shake hands because of Gottlieb's stuffy British sensibilities and awkwardness with Secret Handshake type gestures.
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  • Mako is briskly striding back towards her room, with Raleigh right on her heels. He's persistently asking her why she can't be his co-pilot, and she is clearly trying to evade the issue. She gets to the door, but it won't open, so she starts fumbling with the lock, until...
    Raleigh: That's my room.
  • "One. Don't you ever touch me again. Two. Don't you ever touch me again."
    • Made even funnier by the way he seemed to catch himself from delivering an epic beatdown, and the look on his face said it all.
    • Add the fact he turns and taps his ear to indicate he wants to hear Raleigh's "Yes, Sir."
  • When Gipsy Danger starts to free-fall, the Jaeger A.I.'s first reaction is to mention the lack of balance.
  • The surprised expression on Leatherback's face when Gipsy is deployed right next to him. It's a mixture of confusion and a little bit of Oh, Crap!.
  • Gottlieb finally receiving a Big "SHUT UP!" from Pentecost when he keeps interrupting Newt's exposition of the neural bridge with the partial Kaiju brain. ("YOU! SHUT UP! You, keep talking.")
    Newt: Is it? Is that impossible? YOU KNOW WHAT, WHYDON'TYOUDRIFTWITHAKAIJU-?!
  • Mako's embarrassed reaction to catching herself Eating the Eye Candy of Raleigh Becket's Shirtless Scene.
    • The fact that Mako keeps on going after she shuts the door.
  • The many car alarms that seem to be activated whenever a Kaiju or Jaeger is walking through the streets. One of the last (if not the last) time we hear one, it is mercifully silenced by Gipsy Danger crushing it with a fist.
  • Newt shaking and spasming on the stool, after having recovered from drifting with the first Kaiju brain.
    • And then, after Pentecost tells him he needs to do it again...
    Newt: Well I can't do it again, unless you've got a fresh Kaiju brain lying around. [beat] Do you?
  • Newt being pushed into the center of the shelter after telling the panicking people that the Kaiju is after him.
    "The Kaiju wants the little dude!"
    • Even funnier in the novelization of the film: "The Kaiju wants the white guy!"
  • The Kaiju brain in the tank with its appendage sucking the glass towards Newt.
    • And in the sequel, it seems that this brain has become to Newt some sort of freaky girlfriend-substitute which he named "Alice". Ew?
  • When Raleigh invites Mako to spar with him, she gives Pentacost a look that just screams "Please, Dad!" without ever saying a word.
    • The funny Fridge Brilliance continues immediately after when Raleigh is forced to goad Pentacost into letting her take a shot, he was perfectly fine keeping her out until he specifically asks if she's not up to snuff. The brilliance lies in that this is one of the best subtle hints to the relationship between the two...after all, what sort of father would simply let that kind of slight by? Especially a foster dad.
      • Right before he lets Mako get into the ring with Raleigh, Pentecost has this look on his face that makes it absolutely clear that he knows Raleigh is playing him, but he can't let it go.
  • According to Hannibal, everything of the Kaiju sells. And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING: one cubic meter of Kaiju feces has enough phosporous to fertilize an entire field.
    • They even went to a lot of trouble harvesting the ectoparasites and figuring out how to keep them alive. Nobody hints as to how these cat-sized bugs could possibly be worth money. Actually, the mere fact that Kaiju have the equivalent of fleas is pretty funny on its own.
  • The Hansens weighing their options while sitting inside a disabled Striker Eureka.
    Herc: We're not going anywhere! Now you and I are the only thing between that ugly bastard and a city of ten million people. Now we have a choice here! We can sit here and wait, or we can take these flare guns and do something really stupid.
    • Better yet is the fact that it's the level-headed father that says this. Not the young, impulsive son.
  • When Mako starts Chasing the RABIT and accidentally fires up the Plasma Caster, which is the size of a house, and everyone starts running, there's a reaction shot of the Russian couple (who are standing directly in front of the cannon) looking mildly perturbed, then walking away casually.
  • Newton's message for Gottlieb as he prepares to Drift with the Kaiju for the first time.
    Newt: Unscientific aside; Hermann, if you're listening to this, well, I'm either alive and I've proven what I've just done works — in which case, ha I won — or I'm dead, and I'd like you to know this is all your fault. It really is. You drove me to this. In which case ha, I also won. ...Sort of.
  • Afterwards, Newton can't resist the opportunity to brag about his accomplishment in unwise venues.
    Hannibal: Why do you want a Kaiju brain?
    Newt: Well, that's classified. So I couldn't tell you, even if I wanted to. (beat) But it is pretty cool, so I might tell you anyway. (beat) I'll tell you anyway.
    • A little better in the novelization since Chau doesn't react with further intimitation but instead underreacts just to push Newt's buttons.
  • And when Hannibal gets a closer look at Newt's injured left eye:
    Hannibal: Holy geeze, you've gone and done it, haven't ya?
    Newt: I did it a little bit, yeah.
    • Even better is that he realises something Newt did not, that due to Drifting, The Makers know what Newt has discovered about the Kaiju and will be coming for him and expresses it thusly;
    Hannibal: You goddamn moron...
  • After getting tossed away by Otachi, Crimson Typhoon comically shakes its head, as if to clear itself from the throw. A surprisingly human reaction from a Jaeger. Not to mention that the pilots are housed in the head module while it is shaking. That might just make them dizzier.
    • It's rather justified by the fact that the pilots mentally control their Jaegers, so the mech itself reflects their individual motions. That said, it would be hilarious if every single movement tic of the pilots was reflected by their Jaeger: just imagine a giant robot stretching or fidgeting its hands anxiously.
  • A prominent and presumably critical piece of Newton's improvised drifting apparatus is...a fireplace bellows?
  • After Newt gushes about how much he loves Kaiju to Raleigh, to the embarrassment of Pentecost and Gottlieb, you can see Gottlieb shaking his head, out of focus, at the end of the scene.
  • Newt is a Kaiju grrrrrrrrrrrrroupie!
  • Practically any dialog involving both Newt and Gottlieb, e.g.
    Newt: Well, uh, that's a problem, then, because see, he actually can't give you anything more than a prediction. *tosses Kaiju entrails onto nearby stand, but they fall off and hit the floor*
    Hermann: *angrily kicks entrails over a faded yellow line* No Kaiju entrails over my side of the room! You know the rules! Every bloody day, it's incessant!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the blooper reel:
    Ron Perlman: [looking at a green screen, points] That Kaiju made land about two years ago. [Del Toro corrects him, he points the other way] That Kaiju.
    • Perlman's a goldmine for these things — other notable bloopers with him are his inability to open the switchblade, and his out of nowhere "Flying fists of judo!" comment to Charlie Day.
    • Max Martini (Herc Hansen) getting his Ho Yay on with Clifton Collins, Jr. (Tendo Choi) by mock nibbling on his ear while Collins purrs "Haven't seen a beautiful lady in days."
    • Max gets another one during the flares scene, where he points his gun up and realizes it's flipped open.
    • Yet another Max one — just as the director calls action, he frantically yells "Wait, wait! I forgot my arm is broken!" while struggling to jam it back into the sling.
    • Charlie Day being unable to get out his big speech about the Kaiju and the Breach at the end — in one instance, he snaps "Fascist!" and then practically keels over while giggling.
      • Charlie Day criticizing Burn Gorman’s breath.
    • Diego Klattenhoff (Yancy Beckett) apparently trying to get Gypsy Danger to channel Kenshiro. May cross with Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
  • A meta one that is also awesome: the Jaeger harness sets were essentially torture chambers, and of all the tough action stars in the movie, the only actor who never broke was Rinko Kikuchi.
    • Charlie Hunnam once recalled in an interview that during a particularly grueling shoot, all he could do was fantasize about coming back to the set over the weekend and burning the whole place down. He noticed that Kikuchi was still outwardly more or less calm and happy, so he asked her what she was thinking about to get through. Her answer? "Chocolate and teddy bears!"
  • Raleigh and Mako ignoring Tendo at the end of the movie.
    Tendo: Mako, Raleigh, we have your position, the choppers are on their way! Just, just...just hang on!...Are you okay? Do you copy? [beat] Uh...guys?
  • After being disabled by Leatherback's EMP, Herc unhooks from Striker Eureka's brace mount to try to fix it. It is precisely then that (either inquisitive or expecting Striker to be playing dead) Leatherback decides to poke Eureka's head, knocking Herc clear across the room.
  • When Pentecost is revealed in the pilot armor, his only comment?
    Pentecost: I don't remember it being so tight.
  • Just before Raleigh is due to get back in Gipsy Danger and find out who his new co-pilot is, we see Mako watching him from her peep-hole, and being visibly disappointed when he stops just short of knocking on her door, only for her to enthusiastically brighten and smile when she hears someone knocking a few seconds later. The funny moment comes when she excitedly opens her door ... and comes face to face with Pentecost.
  • After Chuck calls Mako a bitch, and Raleigh wipes the floor with him, Herc comes out asking, "What's going on?!" Raleigh shoots him a look from where he's got Chuck pinned down like a bug like, "What the hell does it LOOK like's going on?!"
    • From the same scene, one of Raleigh's moves during the fight that is mostly punches and martial arts moves is an open-handed slap across the face.
  • When Stacker asks how Pentecost can Drift with him, Pentecosts's reply is amusingly blunt.
    Pentecost: You're an egotistical jerk with daddy issues. A simple puzzle I solved on day one.
  • As terrifying as Slattern may be, it becomes a bit of Nightmare Retardant when you realize that 'slattern' is an older term used to refer to a dirty, sexually-promiscous woman. Basically, this is a giant monster named Whore or Floozy.



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