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  • Almost every single mundane task that Rai accomplishes. Special mention goes to learning how to open the electronic door lock, Frankenstein applauding his Master's accomplishment, and M-21's utter confusion at the significance of this scene.
    • A similar moment is when they're about to infiltrate a building supposedly owned by the Union. After entering, Rai immediately walks out. M-21 and Frankenstein think that something is seriously wrong, but Rai soon walks back in. Then out. Then in again. Frankie soon realizes that Rai is just having a blast using the automatic sliding doors.
    • In one of the Attention Please short comics, the kids observing Rai sync his smartphone with a local printer (which was possible but cutting edge/rare at the time) to upload an image for it to print, which he figured out how to do... clearly thinking this would result in the 3d-printing of ramen. Don't be sad, Rai. Human technology will get there soon.
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  • So how was Rai's first experience on playing Counter-Strike? "Frankenstein. I experienced death today."
  • Special mention for the banana that holds some secret.
  • The girls at Ye Ran High School are quite impressed by the new school security guard, M-21. One of them is so busy staring in adoration that she catches a volleyball upside the head and doesn't even seem to care.
  • Rai's first message to Frankenstein and M-21 after learning how to use the SMS on a phone.
    To Frankenstein: Franken. Good job~ Good job~ ^ ^ -Master-
    To M-21: 21. Good job~ Good job~ ^ ^
  • Chapter 140. Takeo, not knowing about Korean vocabulary, uses vulgar slangs when describing Yuna and Shinwoo, prompting Suyi to do a Spit Take, Regis to point out the vulgarity and Tao to explain about it. Suffice to say, Takeo is embarrassed.
    • In the same chapter, upon learning that Tao and Takeo will stay in Frank's house, Yuna and Suyi comment how lucky Seira is for being surrounded by hot guys. Seira's response is basically "Yeah, right."
      • Made even better by her glancing around at all the "Hot Guys" and thinking that three of them are more than 100 years younger than her, one acts like a housekeeper, one she considers way out of her league, and the last is basically like a brother.
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  • In chapter 154, to their shock and horror, Takeo and Tao find out that Frankenstein may be experimenting on M-21! Knowing that there's no way M-21 would say no to Frankenstein after he and Rai had done so much for him, they offer themselves up as fellow test subjects... Only to find that M-21 was simply trying out Frankie's new ramen recipes to see if they were any good before giving them to Rai.
  • When Regis's grandfather pays a visit to the house and observes that Frankenstein has made M-21 and Takeo into dishwashers, Tao into a playmate, Seira into a maid and his own grandson into a cleaner!!
    • And when he is served ramen for dinner, he comments that it has no class. When Frankenstein says that it's his Master's favorite food...
  • When Rai finally gets to the previous Lord's grave he gets a message from beyond the grave. Everyone's expecting an explanation as to why the Lord left Rai half of Ragnarok. The previous Lord's message jokes about how surprising it must have been. Frankie's response?
    previous Lord: I expect finding Ragnarok in your house came as a surprise.
    Frankenstein: (thinking to himself) "A surprise"? Nearly gave me a damn heart attack!
    • Not to mention that the previous Lord has anticipated Frankie's reaction with this gem:
    previous Lord: If that pet peacock of yours is there beside you now, he'll be busy insulting me.
    • And some time after that, when the previous Lord addresses his daughter, his parental nagging is silly.
  • Regis is unconscious the entire time that Rai is confronting the Lord and the situation is being settled. When he finally wakes up, he immediately flings himself at the Lord's feet and begs for his grandfather's life. Gejutel, no longer under suspicion of treason, tells Seira to take Regis back to Rai's mansion. Regis's expression of complete bafflement is hilarious.
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  • Chapter 198. Tao packs ramen into Takeo's "overnight" bag, and it spills out onto the floor. Cue gasps and reactions all around as everyone's eyes dart to Rai whose own eyes are glued to the ramen with a very serious look on his face.
    Frankenstein: *evil look* Tao.
    Tao: *gulps in fear*
    Frankenstein: *pats him on the shoulder* I'll say it again, you're the type that will do well in society.
  • Chapter 199. Survivors from the Union's 8th Fleet make it onto Lukedonia, but the Central Order could not pursue them any further and eliminate them as they ran straight into the Forbidden Area - Rai's mansion. Currently populated by Rai, Frankenstein, M-21, Tao, Takeo, Regis and Seira.
    • The looks on the Nobles' faces when they realize how utterly doomed the intruders are is enough to make you fall off your chair laughing.
    • And the occupants themselves, except for Rai who pays more attention to his tea.
  • Remember how early on Rai saw chopsticks and mistook them for a wooden stake? The Lord does the exact same thing when she first encounters them.
    • The dinner being served: It was Ramen. The looks on the Lord's face says it all.
    • Even better, she reacts to the garlic in the exact same way that Rai did. Her embarrassment when Seira has to whisper her mistake in her ear is easily the funniest part.
  • Takeo, Tao, and M-21 are having a pleasant conversation at a shaded table. And it turns out that the table was set up in Frankie's lab.
    • And in the same chapter, Tao gathers all the members of RK-4. Regis was asleep, so he goes to wake him up. Not only is his reaction priceless, but Regis is wearing kiddie pajamas covered in stars!!!
  • Chapter 204. Shin Woo and co wants to play a game where the winner will finger-flick the loser's forehead. Since this is the first time Regis and Seira know about finger-flicking, Seira tests it on a frying pan. Good thing she tests first.
  • Chapter 215 gives us a hybrid heartwarming funny with Rai's reaction when he finds out about the RK team.
  • Rai consoling Frankie after he sees the damage done to the school in a modified human fight. Plus how M-21, Tao and Takeo quickly slide away when Frankie collapses on the couch they're sitting on.
  • Tao. Cool Mask. Averted Trope. It's just... Just see it.
  • Chapter 232. Na Yonsu and her husband's reaction to Frankenstein's Dark Spear.
    Na Yonsu: Could the chairman be ... the devil?!
    Frankenstein: *evil smile*
  • Chapter 233. The 12th Elder takes Rai "hostage", of all people. And all the while he's taunting Frankie, threatening everyone and cackling about how he took the right hostage. While Yonsu and Sangeen are apalled at his cowardice, what sells the scene are the looks on Seira, Regis and M-21's faces. And later on, Tao and Takeo think the scene before them is so ridiculous that Takeo even theorizes that they have concussions.
  • Chapter 238. Frankenstein does an unreveal
    An Sangeen: Who are you?
    Frankenstein: Are you asking about my identity?
    Na Yonsu: *gulp*
    Frankenstein: Well... perhaps it is time to reveal who I am. I am the chairman of Yeran high school. I'm sure I told you that before.
    sweat drops from everyone.
  • Chapter 249. We all know that everything is Serious Business to Rai. Including reading a book that's actually titled "Gaming for Idiots".
  • Chapter 257: Frankenstein is sassing the 10th and 11th Elders like he's getting paid to do it, which is hilarious enough. M-21 wonders if he's lost his marbles, Seira and Rai are being stoically resigned to Frankenstein's antics as usual, and Regis starts silently fanboying over how cool Rai's servant is, complete with super-sparkly eyes.
  • Chapter 262. During a clan leader meeting, Karias, feeling ignored, tries to get the other leaders' attention, eventually resorting to calling the lord Nunim. Result: The other clan leaders go ballistic, Karias freaks out and Ludis can only respond with a Face Palm.
    • And over 20 chapters later, he's still at it. Rozaria and Kaye are not amused.
  • Chapter 283:
    • Rai still can't peel a banana.
    • Author's Note: M-21 can't file his nails with a normal nail file.
      • What's better is that M-21 and Takeo are just doing their job while Tao is all fired up to finish it fast due to extra pay. The moment Tao tells M-21 and Takeo that he's going to use that extra pay to make special nail file for M-21 and toy gun for Takeo, the two suddenly get motivated as well.
  • Chapter 287. Frankenstein finally met the previous Lord, and found to his chagrin what a casual person the previous Lord was.
  • Chapter 289. The previous Lord had previously asked Rai to escort Frankenstein to meet him, but after 10 years Rai still hadn't done so. When Frankenstein asked Rai for the reason, cue Dramatic Wind followed by the most profound of answers: "I forgot."
  • Rael Kertia really cannot wrap his brain around the concept of Regis and Seira casually doing human housework like cleaning, cooking, and serving meals. He practically blows a fuse when he sees his incredibly serious brother Rajak join in, wearing a pink apron. And when Seira wipes a bit of sauce from Shinwoo's cheek, Rael outright suffers Color Failure.
  • Chapter 303. So Seira has been held captive, Rael and Regis are having a hard time rescuing her, Rai, Frank and Rajak are on their way to help. Yuri sees this as an excellent opportunity to get back at RK-4 from the last time he got smashed up by Rael. Unfortunately for Yuri, Karias interferes. By standing on Yuri's head no less.
  • Chapter 306. Frankenstein loses himself in a bout of Evil Laugh while still being telepathically connected with Rai. Rai needs to shut him up.
  • After Raskreia uses Ragnarok to refill Rai's life force (by stabbing him with it), another message from the previous lord appears. Among other things, the previous lord chastises Raskreia for using Ragnarok that way, and failing to convince everyone present that this is just another postmortem message, capped by Karias who jokingly says he is the lord's son, causing the previous lord to flip out and blow his cover.
  • Chapter 333. The whole chapter is just for pure comedy.
  • Chapter 338: Muzaka visits Rai and during the conversation Frankenstein brings a can of coca for Muzaka and instructs Muzaka to shake it before squeezing. Muzaka does. Frankenstein does his evil laugh. Made all the more funny by Muzaka's excited face during the process.
  • Chapter 430: Karias approaches Rael and clasps his shoulder in a sincere, heartfelt show of approval, telling him that his brother Rajak would be pleased to see how Rael's improved. Then he casually asks Rael to buy him some time while he dashes away, because "I was So Proud of You that I rushed over while fighting." Cue Rael turning to look back the way Karias came and seeing a massively enraged, super-strong Werewolf charging straight at him, intent on mowing Karias down. Thanks, Karias.
  • Chapter 458: Tao takes Refuge in Audacity to a whole new level when he starts handing out recruitment flyers for the Raizel Knights... to the Lord... while they're standing on the sidelines of a fight between Frankenstein and a furious werewolf.