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Funny / The Monstrous Duke's Adopted Daughter

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  • When Leslie learns about the kidnapping attempt by her biological father, Sairane, telling the story, claims the Duchess "f*cking massacred" them. Bethrion scolds him for using vulgar language in front of little Leslie, who promptly asks what "f*cking massacred" means. Later the Duchess, aware of this incident, is reminded of a Noodle Incident where as a child, Bethrion said the same thing in front of royalty.

Chapter 19

  • Leslie is bundled up in preparation for a trip into town during winter. The only heavy coat that comes close to fitting is an old fur coat of Ruenti's when he was little. Of course, little for a Salvator is still huge, and the result is Leslie walking up to Bethrion happy as can be while looking like what Bethrion thinks of as a big furball.

Chapter 30

  • Leslie looks in the box of candy Suella gives her, and gets confused. She turns to the etiquette teacher and goes, "teacher, is this your hair?" What's in the box? Cotton candy! Even Suella had a good, hearty laugh about it, even laughing so hard she cried.

Chapter 43

  • You have to admit, as painful as the last part of this chapter is, it's kinda hilarious to see the once arrogant, boastful, pigheaded Marquis Speràdo lying on a couch in despair, drunk off his rocker, hair askew and face red as a beet. Oh, how the mighty have fallen indeed.

Chapter 46

  • Sairaine, as usual, is going gaga over Leslie and thinking of the various things he can do for her. In his ruminations, he considers getting her things for small children (note that Leslie is 12, having outgrown most of the toys Sairaine is thinking about), renovating the entire fourth floor of the manor as Leslie's room, and adding a playground as well. The last thing he thinks to give Leslie? Swords and various other weapons, because he thinks that, if his wife loves weapons, that must mean that Leslie will, too!

Chapter 51

  • Leslie walks in to dinner and finds it a dour and upset atmosphere, even Jenna is looking perturbed in the background. Then Aleca reveals why: a 24-year old son of a noble merchant is asking to be arranged to marry Leslie. The reactions of the family are thus:
    • Ruenti screams the man should be "fucking castrated!" with the maids in the background agreeing with him.
    • Beth is stoic, but muttering the noble's name makes Beth crush the spoon he is holding.
    • Sairaine storms in with an axe and demands his sons follow him so they can hunt down the noble and his son, and kill them. His sons are right behind this course of action.
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    • Leslie has now retreated to her mother's embrace scared by her male family members' extreme reactions, while Aleca is calmly holding Leslie.
    • When Leslie asks what sort of man she should marry her father said the guy should be stronger than him, Beth says the man should be taller than him, and Reunti says the man needs to be smarter than him. Aleca just chuckles and says the man needs to be cute.
  • Leslie learns that the date of an important test for a religious ceremony is coming up and has been studying for it. Leslie internally wonders how her former sister Ellie was able to secure a high spot in the last time the ceremony was performed as Leslie did all the studying for Ellie. Her mother reads her face and explains the Speràdo family likely bribed their way to victory for the first test.