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  • Leez's repeated attempts to name people Alexander.
    Leez: Why does no one like Alexander?
  • Every time someone sees Ran in a place with lots of Halfs with them wondering if maybe his phobia of them got any better followed by a close-up of him crying.
  • In season 3, Maruna and Ran's dynamic pretty much fits the Straight Man and Wise Guy trope, which not only gives us great humor, but shows us how through annoyíng the crap out of him, Ran pulls the most emotional range we have seen from Maruna than the two previous seasons combined.

Season 1

  • The first meeting of Leez and Gandharva.
    Gandharva: Miss Ketergent, you're so funny. So, I'll let you live, now go that way.
    Leez: I don't wanna go that way...
    Gandharva: Or die here.
    Leez: [runs really fast] Hahaha... Suddenly I wanted to see what is in that direction... I'm feeling all adventurous!
  • Asha attempts to name Yuta: "Blackie", "Whittie", "Spotty". It's even funnier when according to the afterword, Asha spent two hours coming up with those names, Currygom has mentioned since then that from all the thing Asha is good at, she's neither very artistic or creative.
  • After Yuta asks for Kasak's earrings, Kasak proceeds to tease and ridicule him- to the annoyance of Yuta, as Yuta's hundreds of years older than him- leading to this scene-
    Yuta: I'm gonna make you pay once I develop. You're gonna regret treating me this way! You'd better be prepared!
    Kasak: Yeah, sure...
    Yuta: (already on the other side of the hallway) I'm not running because I'm scared, I'm just getting ready to leave!
    Kasak: ...You don't need to explain all that...
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  • When Leez is changing in the Water Channel, God Kubera appears in his adult form, floating in a child's inner tube. The appropriate reaction would be "Eeeekkk!", but not Leez.
    Leez: Yakk, gross! A man in a children's tube!
  • Ran thinking Asha is male, and constantly misinterpreting everything based on that.
    • He leaves Rana a letter, telling her that he's finally realized the truth...she's in love with Asha. That's why she would never shut up about the guy!
      Rana: I'm in love with who, now?
    • He thinks Asha and Leez are dating, but since Leez is a Butter Face, thinks Asha is just obsessed with big boobs. And constantly gets mad for how Asha treats his "girlfriend."
    • When teleporting, he sees nothing wrong with hugging Asha across the chest from behind.
    • This all culminates in the test scores, when he sees that the records quite clearly state her gender as "female." First, he assumes it's a mistake. Then, he accuses her of hacking the system just to pretend to be a girl.

Season 2

  • The entirety of Agni publicly declaring himself in the human world.
    • When Brilith is going over the events of "The Night It Rained Fire" in a meeting, she introduces him, in his human guise, as "Babo Kim, an expert on the staff of Agni" to the shock and confusion of everyone there.
      Lorraine: Aaaaah, Priestess, that's blasphemy!
    • Then, when asked why he was in the central temple at the time of the attack, "Babo Kim" declares himself as Brilith's lover. She quickly says that they're just friends, and that as the priestess of Atera it is her duty to think of only Agni day and night... so Agni changes into his god form, and says "See? I was right. She thinks about only me, day and night."
      Airi: Wow, he was hiding a face like that behind googly glasses? Ruche would have died if she'd seen him.
      Narration: [cuts to a panel of shocked Ruche watching through the door] She saw. From the part where he said 'lover'.
    • Then, when realizing he now has no idea what to do, Agni attempts to backtrack, until Brilith's glare causes him to apologize and formally introduce himself.
  • Teo dressed up to give a speech for her Test of the Sword. She's doing great, and you'd never be able to tell that she doesn't usually wear a dress...until she accidentally steps on it and rips a small piece out of it in front of everyone.
    • Later, when she's alone with Gandharva, she does the exact same thing, except this time it's a huge rip up her thigh and exposing her underwear. She turns bright red and makes a hilariously horrified expression.
  • During the Test of the Sword, Leez once again tries to (unknowingly) feed Yuta with unedible stuff for him: cotton candy, except this time Ran intercepts it in time taking it away, when Leez tries to give him hers, it's Asha this time who grabs it saying that it's too unhealthy and she bought it with her money anyway. The kicker being that Asha doesn't even like sweets.
  • In chapter 85, Kasak confronts Leez, claiming that Yuta shouldn't be allowed back into the city. When Leez tries to defend him, Kasak elaborates that it's not because Yuta is a sura, it's because he has "dangerous ideas in that head of his." That's when Yuta realizes that when he was thinking about he wanted to keep Leez close and do anything to be by her side and so on, he was speaking in the sura tongue, which Kasak can understand. And then Kasak assigns Leez to read a specific book on sura reproduction before he'll let Yuta into the city. We see it next chapter; it promises "illustrative pictures," "no dry descriptions," and "exhaustive detail." It may or may not qualify as porn, but either way Leez's innocence is going to be tested.
    • Gets even funnier when you realize that, according to Word of God, Kasak himself was interviewed for that book.
  • When Kasak calls Yuta "Hyung", Yuta is immediately creeped out.
  • Claude.
    • He was supposed to be forcefully sent back to Rindhallow in a magic-canceling cage, but convinces Kasak to let him go back to Kalibloom to monitor Yuta... but when Kasak arrives and declares this to Laila as to why the Priest of Death isn't with him, she tells him Yuta's already gone from Kalibloom.
    • His Pass the Popcorn attitude in general.
  • Yuta teleports to Leez, using his scarf, which she should be wearing, as the destination. He arrives with a hug... Only Ran's the one holding the scarf.
    • Happens again in Chapter 135. But this time, the one with the scarf is some shmuck unloading luggage. Yuta promptly beats the crap out of him.
  • Lutz gives Yuta a tablet that vocalizes what is written on it... but it's a prototype, so the only available voice option is female.
  • Mirha gives Leez a makeover. She cleans up so nicely that Yuta doesn't notice that the tree branch he is standing on to spy on them is breaking until it snaps and dumps him on the ground.
    Yuta: (thinking) What's happened? She spread something on Leez's face and her only flaw diappeared!
    Narration: (He thought that the current Leez was objectively not pretty)
    • After they leave, Yuta slips in. He licks some of what appears to be lip gloss, only to gag.
      * The new product Tatood Tint <Peppermint> from Sabitri. Contains 20 types of herbal extracts.
  • Maruna in the epilogue.He and Gandharva are laying low and pretending to be Half siblings, and they are now doing manual labor on a farm... Amidst Maruna's gripes, the thing that seems to upset him the most is food, which he considers crap. Gandharva decides to inform him that he had been the cook responsible for such crappy food. Maruna promptly kneels and apologizes.

Season Three

  • Ran pulls a Big Damn Heroes, proves he's taken a level in badass and still manages to freeze his legs.
  • Teo asks Parr at dinner if she likes "Runa." Parr, not really paying attention, starts to say yes before launching into over the top denial, prompting a flat look from Maruna and Gandharva cracking up.
  • Just how Laila is constantly done with Chandra in general, particularly when she insults him in her mind while he's using insight on her, Agni is very amused.