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Fridge Brilliance

  • The sura tongue: The sura language exist because the sura are a species capable of interplanetary travel. Since sound doesn't travel in space, it needs to be based on something other than sound. Also, their sura forms don't have mouths that are suited for making the sound patterns for human speech.
  • Kali is a goddess of chaos, but there is no god of order, despite many other attributes having opposing attributes. However, looking from a "natural" standpoint this makes sense; chaos is randomness, and randomness is entropy. There is no god of order because "order" isn't an actual phenomenon!
  • Brilith and Teo are both are both kind, generous women who are dedicated to their people. But why can Teo use silent magic and not Brilith? Agni lists these qualities needed to use silent magic: a desire for strength, lack of compassion for the enemy, and a cold-hearted willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of one's objectives. Brilith doesn't exhibit any of these traits, but Teo does. Teo doesn't care about her enemies' motives, she doesn't hesitate to break the status quo of her relationship with Gandharva, and will do anything to protect her city.
    • Doubles as Fridge Horror in that it's implied you need to have killed someone to use silent magic. The reason it's so common nowadays is because most magicians have done so during the cataclysm; besides that, killing Halfs has been considered destruction of property since then, making it ridiculously easy for magicians to reach that requirement.
  • Lorraine's behavior during Asha's trial. The two most important people in her life are at odds, and one could even die. She's desperate to find a way to fix things.
  • Word of God in Season Three mentions that 100 million is considered a high planetary population. If all the planets are like Willarv (several protected cities and numerous villages), this makes sense. Humans aren't the top predators, sura are. Exploring is dangerous with all the Lesser Sura who would be more than happy to snack on any human they come across, and look how easily villages are destroyed once Maruna makes the effort. The barriers that protect cities can't even be made without Brahma.

Fridge Horror

  • All those spells Asha "jokingly" casts at Leez? They're lethal. And she wasn't joking.
  • Gandharva, Agni, Sagara, and Chandra are all weakened and their transcendentals are limited. They are throwing around incredible destructive power and are more than any human can hope to fight, and it's nothing to them.
  • Lorraine probably led Asha to Saha believing that if Asha just explained her reasoning in private, Saha would understand and drop the charges. It's foolhardy, unlikely, and backfired in the worst way possible, but it is exactly the kind of thing someone feeling desperate would do.
  • Lorraine has lost everything. Her student murdered her fiancé, and her friends consider her an accomplice for a time.
  • The reason none of the Chaos Sura have opened their eyes yet? Yuta has destroyed his to hinder them with Emotional Resonance. As long as he remains blind and bound, they will have trouble moving and will remain blind, making them possible to defeat. Despite this, the sura realm appears to be losing the battle, even though gods and suras have put their differences aside to deal with the crisis.
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  • In chapter #129, there's a description of Gandharva as a sura king. While that was given by Varuna, a known sura-hater, and should probably be taken with a grain of salt, one thing that stands out it's the description of Gandharva's family. It says he had only one daughter with his wife Menaka, but many others in the beginning of the universe when the clans were trying to enlarge their numbers. It's known that Shess, a rakshasa born around that time that's still around, is a rare occurrence. Maybe one of the reasons Gandharva's so hell-bent on getting Shakuntala back is because he doesn't want to experience the death of yet another child.
  • This is more on the sad end of the scale, but Shakuntala's actual death and the circunstances that lead to it are this, full stop. Let's see how it all begun. She was taken over by a Taraka sura, and was heavily implied to be conscious all the time. While this by itself is horrific enough, it gets more depressing. Gandharva was known among suras for being a doting dad, and we don't have any indication that Menaka was any different. The thing is... they were directly responsible for their daughter's horrible fate. While Yuta may be the true king of the Taraka clan, is Taraka herself who leads them most of the time. But who's Taraka? Menaka herself. How, you ask? Well, she had made a deal with Kali, which lead to her death, and, directly following it, to her being turned into an entity that would take care of Kali's son. But wait, there's more: The reason behind said deal? She only did this to save Gandharva from his own sins, and that was even before they got together. So, basically, she was the one behind the Taraka attack that victimized Shakuntala, and she didn't even know. But that's not the end of it. Who was the one who actually killed Shakuntala once and for all? Gandharva himself. That's right, he killed his own daughter, whose salvation was the single most important thing for him in the entire universe, and did not know it was actually her. But she did, and goaded him into into finally doing it. And finally the cherry of this despair cake: HE DID IT TO SAVE AGNI. The whole thing is simply depressing, but when one thinks about everything that lead to it... it somehow becomes worse.

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