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Tear Jerker / Kubera

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  • Mayfly-December Romances don't turn out well here. Even the less extreme cases end badly. The shorter-lived partner almost inevitably feels a growing distance between them as their partner stays young while they grow old. The longer-lived partner generally has trouble understanding these feelings and still loves the other immensely, after all those who live long, love long, and the relationship slowly fractures.
    • It gets worse when a sura or god loves a human, since they'll inevitably outlive their lover and slowly forget them over time. Their grief will outlive their love many times over.
  • Brilith's self-esteem issues. She appears to have low confidence and berates herself for not being good enough.
    • And Agni, unintentionally undermining her by keeping her Locked Out of the Loop. He doesn't want her to worry, but doesn't realize it's causing her to consider herself a burden.
  • The Cataclysm, in which all Halfs were driven insane by their sura blood and attacked their human loved ones. Ran's phobia of Halfs also came from it.
    • The brief glimpse of Ran during the Cataclysm shows him backed up against a wall, with his Half mother's silhouette in the doorway.
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    • Kasak, lost his earrings during the events of the Cataclysm, so he couldn't feel anything for murdering his wife, his daughter's friend, and his daughter's lover. When Agwen confronted him about it, demanding to know if he cared, he admitted he didn't—without his earrings suppressing his dragon side, he couldn't remember his love for his wife, and the only reason he calls his daughter "princess" is to remind him that she is his daughter, because otherwise he'd just abandon her.
      Kasak: So help me find those earrings, princess. Help me find them so I can cry about what I've done.
  • The last sighting of Rao Leez. He was on a refugee ship from Carte to Willarv, crying about how much he wanted to see and hold his daughter just once.


The Finite

  • Nard Lehn's sad fate. After Hanuman left him, he wandered the world, deeply depressed, for the rest of his life.
  • Taksaka's reaction to Ian's death. He remains by her body for a long time, clearly grieving even though he's not wearing Visnu's earrings. And she would have lived longer had they not had a child.

Season 1

  • In the Water Channel, "Mister" offers to take Leez anywhere in the world she wants to go. She has him to take her back to the group, saying the place she really wants to go no longer exists.
  • The truth about Taraka, Yuta's mother. She's not his mother. She's a simulacrum created by his real mother, the goddess of chaos Kali, intended as a mother-figure for him growing up. Yuta knew, but Taraka had a massive mental block about it. And what's worse, this isn't the first time he's told her. And every time, she begs him to kill her, to put her out of her misery. And Yuta always does it, because the second she asks that, she is no longer his mother, because no mother would ask such a thing of her child. And moments later, she comes back to life, having completely forgotten what just happened.
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  • Yuta rejoining the group after the water channel, in a normally heartwarming fashion becomes tragic with what seems to be a flashforward to Future!Leez's thoughts.
    "I regret not being able to share your pain.
    I regret not being able to realize it.
    And during those shining days of our youth,
    I regret not seeing the shadow beneath your smile."

Season 2

  • Teo's death. Gandharva has finally decided he doesn't want her to die, orders Riagara to stand down, and she does... and Sagara uses the opportunity to casually kill Teo with her own sword, kicking off the Frozen Tears Arc.
    • Teo's thoughts during the fight, interspersed with scenes of the fight itself and flashbacks to her previous interactions with Gandharva:
      Perhaps I make a dangerous bet... A Nastika choosing to side with a human... What a fairy tale. I got to excited over his kindness for a while... What a worthless fairy-tale. I dreamed. Ah... I'm glad... Maybe my dreams weren't so hopeless after all.
  • Sagara rubbing Teo's death in, comparing it to Menaka's death, then hammering Shakuntala's death in in a way that he couldn't ignore.
  • The flashback to the sura realm, the Takara clan attacks the weakened Gandharva clan. When Shakuntala tries to get Gandharva to run with her to safety, he sends her off without him, since he's going to create an ocean, the strain of which could kill him. He tells her to keep safe, since if she died, her dad would die with her.
    If you try to hold everything, you will end up losing it all.
    • Also, by creating an ocean, Gandharva's forced to acknowledge that Visnu, his trusted friend, lied to him.
  • Gandharva's grief drives him into a berserk state, attacking the city Teo died to protect.
  • After Gandharva returns to his human form, he's found by a group of people looking for Teo. Unfortunately, they have god-level items and one's a little trigger happy. While the man's sponser tries to calm him down, Maruna arrives, sees Gandharva being threatened, and kills them all. Gandharva is horrified, and thinks that he's just too filthy to be by his (Agni's) side.
    • When Maruna realizing that Gandharva is depressed and potentially suicidal. He tries to give Gandharva something to live for, but it doesn't seem to sink in before Gandharva vanishes under a barrage of magical attacks.
  • Leez has a divine affinity of zero and cannot enter the magical aptitude section of test for the Sword of Return. So Asha takes Leez into a corner and Boom Headshots her. When Leez tries to tell her off, Asha tells her to quit whining. She then claims that she would never truly hurt Leez, but look how that turns out.
    • Everything about Asha's and Leez's relationship in season two. What originally appeared to the reader as simple Comic Relief has escalated over time and completely destroyed Leez's Idiot Hero mindset.
  • It's become more and more clear that Leez is a Stepford Smiler / Broken Bird. Her self-esteem is in the trash and she regards herself as nothing but a burden clinging to Asha.
  • The flashback to Leez training Bhavati Kubera with Yuta watching. Her self-esteem is so low she cannot tell that repeatedly throwing herself off a cliff is what's distressing Yuta.
  • In a desperate attempt to fix her increasingly abusive relationship with Asha, Leez tries to become a better fighter by throwing herself off a cliff multiple times and regenerating. How does Asha respond when she finds this out? “Anyway she didn’t learn the skill the way I thought she did so forget it. (At Ran’s comment) Ran Sairofe, are you her lawyer? Her family? Or her lover? Leez already enjoys a lot of benefits by simply having that bracelet on.”
  • Kasak casually telling Yuta that he killed Takara. While Takara resurrects when killed, she had promised Yuta that she wouldn't. Now, she's back to the way she was before, unaware that she's a fake.
  • Yuta eating Leez's face. He's horrified to realize what he's done. When people arrive, he's crying, ashamed and guilty. He decides that for her sake, he needs to leave. As he flies off, a barely conscious Leez can only think "Don't go.."
  • Chapter 129: Leez and Ran are dealing with the revelation that Asha is likely a Serial Killer. Then, Leez goes to visit Asha in prison. After Leez says she believes Asha's innocent, Asha essentially admits guilt; she tells Leez the only reason she was by her village was to kill her. Then, she goes on to say that had Leez died earlier, the Sura would've never destroyed her village, summing it up as "I(Asha) went to kill one person. The Sura went to kill everyone. Had you died earlier, they would not have died."
    • It's so bad that after Leez exits the cell, she curls up on the floor and starts to cry.
  • Leez's Please Don't Leave Me to Yuta in Aeroplateau.
  • Leez's Freak Out! and ensuing Cynicism Catalyst. She's in so much emotional turmoil that she says she'd rather be physically ripped apart than feel the despair and anguish that she's facing.
    • And this is Not Hyperbole. Leez has been torn apart before and knows exactly what she's talking about.
  • Leez saying that everyone only cares about her for her name and her father is not unjustified. People don't care about her for her, just for things out of her control. The only character completely unaware of either of those things is Yuta, who ate her face.
    • Another layer to the tragedy is that there are people who would've helped her regardless of her name or parentage like Airi and Teo. However, now that the cat's out of the bag, Leez feels she just can't fully trust anyone.
  • Pretty much everything involving Saha's death.
    • And it won't even save Rindhollow like Claude thought. Even without the reason of killing the Kuberas, the Sura want revenge.
  • Ruche coldly laying out why Lorraine should be detained as a suspect in Saha's murder. Especially since she has fairly solid reasoning.
  • In a flashback to Carte, Rao shows Asha a picture of Anna and baby Leez. He can't wait to see his daughter, and talks about how he and Anna are going to get married when he gets back to Willarv. All this, not knowing he'll never make it.
  • Leez's thoughts as Asha displays how little she actually cares.
    Leez:(thinking) My life is worthless to her. She would have killed me in a heartbeat if I weren't 'Rao Leez's daugher'. When I think back on it now, there's no reason that Asha would show affection to someone like me. It was strange for me to have expected that.
    • A little later, she think that she doesn't mind if she dies.
  • When Leez finds out the one who ordered the attack on her village was Mister(God Kubera), she comes to a complete stop in shock and horror. Then he kicks her in the stomach.
  • Lorraine's reappearance after Saha's death. She's clearly shattered by what happened and her part in it, and attempts a murder-suicide on her Asha. She considers herself personally responsible for his death, even though she was just an Unwitting Pawn.
  • Brilith's apparent depression at the end of season 2. Simply talking about Asha in front of her sends her into a break down.
  • Tilda might have been in love with Saha. Not once during her time as his secretary did she have a romantic relationship. The idea was even put forth by Lutz, who knew both her and Saha very well. She's now taking time off work to grieve.

Season 3

  • When Maruna briefly returns to the Sura realm, he briefly encounters Akasha. When she asks where Samphati, her daughter, is, he realizes she never made it back like he'd hoped.


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