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Season 1

  • The Night It Rained Fire arc has several.
    • Brilith withstood several attacks on the barrier until Sagara decided to go straight after her.
    • Airi's fight with Clophe. Even though Airi has lost the overall fight, she manages to lure Clophe away from aiding Cloche, distracting him long enough for Agni to arrive.
    • Kasak's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Kasak's fight with Maruna.
    • Agni comes to the rescue.

Season 2

  • Leez shows during her conversation with Gandharva that she's surprisingly mature. She argues her points very coherently, and displays a great deal of intelligence as she discusses what lengths and risks a father should take to reach his daughter. She manages get Gandharva to resolve to change and find his daughter without the risks and regrets of his current path.
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  • Teo figures out Gandharva's identity with nothing more than a silhouette and some research.
  • Teo reveals she knows Gandharva's identity bringing Sagara up short. She then tells Gandharva to pick a side, because she won't sit back and watch her city be destroyed. She then fights against the enemy sura, displaying silent Chaos magic. She loses and is killed, but she went down fighting.
  • Agni manages to take down a berserk, and then suicidal Gandharva and give him some motivation to live.
  • A subtle one for Ran: When it's finally revealed to Leez that Yuta is a sura, Asha berates her for not noticing. After Leez leaves, Ran calls Asha out on her behavior, clearly explains the flaws in her logic, and offers to take custody of Leez. Not bad for the resident Butt-Monkey.
  • Lutz kills a lesser sura in one shot from a gun-like item.
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  • Leez punches Asha in the face, sick of all her bullshit.
  • Lorriane smashes her car at full speed into Asha. Asha survives but still...

Season 3

  • Ran has Taken A Level In Badass since season 2, he can now the the Neutral Bow without using his Dangerous Forbidden Technique.
  • Shess, who didn't fight in the first two seasons, effortlessly destroys a group of attacking sura. Incidentally, he blows a hole in the barrier.

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