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Season 1

  • The first chapter, when Leez woke up and saw her present.
    Leez: I love you too, mom.
  • Agni (as Babo Kim) when he sees a crying Leez through insight, then a glimpse of Leez's dark future, he buys her food and comforts Leez and tells her it's okay to cry. Then he shows her a garden with firefly-like motes of light.
  • When their hotel catches fire, Asha tries to wake Leez. But when Leez mutters that she doesn't want to wake up, because she knows her village is gone and her family dead, Asha carries her out without waking her.
  • Gandharva and Agni are quickly established as Friendly Enemies when Gandharva comes to break Atera's barrier. During the "fight" (more like taunting and temperature manipulation) they're shown to respect and have a good understanding of each other.
    • Agni is shown to have rescued Gandharva's baby daughter when she was kidnapped by lesser gods as a hostage.
    • Shakuntala, Gandharva's daugher, asked her dad not to fight with Agni in thanks for her rescue. This causes Gandharva to stop attacking and start crying.
    • Agni shows sympathy when Gandharva voices his worries and tries to comfort him. Ganharva even thinks it would be nice if they could be allies.
    • After Agni escapes being frozen solid he lights Gandharva's hair on fire. However, when he realizes Gandharva's crying, he puts out the fire, and talks about ending things peaceably.
  • Asha comforting Leez (in her own way) when Leez is crying because she lost her gift for Asha's birthday.
  • In the Water Channel, when Takara appears, Ran gets ready to sacrifice himself to let the others get away. He doesn't want to, but he does so anyway. Up to this point, he's been comedic relief and belligerent, but he then his (then) Hidden Heart of Gold.
  • Yuta returns to Leez despite his mother's warning.
    • Leez, when she sees Yuta, doesn't even notice the appearance of Curry Mushrooms, and immediately rushes over to hug him in sheer relief.
  • Taraka deciding to live on so as to not pain Yuta, right after he offers to kill her if that will relieve her from the burden of knowing the truth about herself. Their relationship is quite fucked up but this moment shows that they truly love each other.

Season 2

  • Agni breaking Visnu's rules and declaring himself in front of a host of people so he could openly be with Brilith is this combined with Funny Moment.
    Agni: You can boss me around openly now, Priestess.
  • When Leez and Gandharva meet by chance (both in disguise), the conversation leads to Gandharva talking about his quest to find his daughter. Leez, speaking from her own experience, asks him how his daughter would feel if he died trying to find her. They may be strangers, but he doesn't dismiss her words, and imagines how his daughter would feel.
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  • In thanks for saving her life, Leez offers "Mister" (Kubera) anything he wants that she can give—which, admittedly, isn't much. He just wants to spend a normal day with her, and they do.
  • Leez's reunion with Agni is this combined with Tear Jerker. Not only does she realize the identity of "Babo Kim," but he reminds her once again that it's okay to cry.
  • At the end of the Frozen Tears arc, Maruna reassures Gandharva that he's on his side. It's a small one, considering the rest is just depressing
  • Ran's Big Brother Instinct towards Leez. Especially when he offers to adopt her into his family.
  • Leez is so touched by Ran defending her from Asha that she gives him the Neutral Bow, the only thing she has left connecting to her father.
  • In chapter 130, Rana comforting Ran when he has a panic attack from his Half phobia.
  • Leez leaving Yuta a note with an adorable little doodle of him to tell him she knows he's around.
  • Despite being a Runaway Fiancée, Lorraine does care deeply about Saha On. Sadly, this mostly shows after his murder.
  • Maruna, despite his complaining, wears the gloves Gandharva gave him.
  • By the end of the season, Ran and Rana are engaged.

Season Three

  • Ran and Rana are Happily Married with four children: Anne, twins Kan and Ten, and Rimi.
  • Seven years after his death, the Half Rights law Saha On fought so hard for is getting passed.


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