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  • Rai:
    • Has one when he uses his Blood Field for the first time in-story. He's up against a huge modified monster. He's a real serious One-Winged Angel and his face has been mutated to a horrifyingly demonic face, giant fangs, purple skin, and all. Rai's reaction? Kneel. Cue the biggest Curb-Stomp Battle ever. There is nothing left of that monster, but a crater.
    • "I did not give you permission to move. Nor did I give you breathe."
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    • To be more precise, everytime Rai speaks when angry, it's awesome.
    To Jake: Your sin... will buried with your blood.
    To Shark, see above.
    To Crance: You are not entitled to ask questions.
    To 12th Elder: Bonded of Roctis Kravei, you have forfeited your right to existence. Your life is mine to take.
    To 10th Elder: You have no right to look down upon me.
    To Ignes: You have no right to even utter my name, much less the right to look at me.
    With the right given to me as the Noblesse, I hereby sentence you to forced eternal sleep.
  • Likewise, the first (and so far only) time M-21 uses his full-fledged werewolf form, the ensuing Curb-Stomp Battle is absolutely jaw-dropping!
  • Shinwoo got one when he cross-countered Shark to stop his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Regis
  • Chapter 260 shows Seira in her first combat with an actual enemy. It is a good fight, but what makes it deserve an entry here is her Finishing Move: She summons a humongous Grim Reaper to end 10th Elder. The look on 10th Elder's face says it all.
  • Chapter 277. Rai is bailing out Frankenstein, Rajak and Seira. And it's AWESOME. Even the stoic but smug 7th Elder knows the Elders are in deep trouble.
    • And in the next two chapters, the ensuing fight between Rai and 6th Elder and 7th Elder is just crazy.
  • Chapter 322. Tao and Takao are about to die at the hands of a real werewolf, and they knew they would all along. They were just buying time for M-21 to escape. When M-21 realizes that he's about to watch his friends die again, he unleashes a full werewolf mode.
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  • Chapter 357: Two cybernetically-enhanced werewolves are stomping all over Rael, Regis (even after he summons Regasus for the first time), M-21, Tao, and Takeo. Muzaka shows up and almost casually performs a One-Hit Kill on one of the werewolves, then lets the other one show off a little before apparently vaporizing him.
  • Chapter 435: Rozaria Elenor single-handedly, and in one shot, destroys the Werewolf Lord's castle with her Divine Judgment power.

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