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Beware, there may be spoilers!!!

In Chapter 227, Yuri is secretly Frankenstein.

Dark Spear is made from the souls of all those people Frankenstein killed during his experiments. I mean, the thing does try to kill him whenever he uses it.
  • Partially confirmed in chapter 242, the Dark Spear is made up of many sacrificed human souls but Frankenstein implies it was the Union that created it.
    • He also appears to have absorbed the 11th Elder into it - so it's all but confirmed that he's absorbed a LOT of people into it. Implications of this newest absorption have not been shown as of yet - but from his big fight with the Clan Leader, it appears as though he can drawn upon the power of the individuals that he has absorbed, but the more power he calls on, the more stress they can put on his body. I think it exceedingly likely that at some point he is going to overdraw at the Soul Bank (heh heh), and go crazy a la Ichigo from Bleach when his Hollow took over.
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    • Jossed: it was the Union who created it, and Frankenstein stole it from them, when he returns it to the 9th Elder. Fatally.

Roctis is Rai's father.
Have you seen the guy? There's definitely a resemblance.
  • But Rai is the freaking Noblesse, an existence beyond the nobles.
    • Anyone with even superficially similar features must be related: Pedro is M-24's brother, M-21 is Crombel's son, and Frankenstein shares a branch of his family tree with the former Lord... he's just too ashamed to admit it.
      • And Frankenstein is actually a descendant from Legolas of LOTR, of the Dark Elf variety.. which explains why he's still alive, young, and pretty.

Shinwoo will wind up as an experiment.
This author does not make someone so gorgeous without plot relevance...
  • I agree on principle, but I think it more likely that, given the recent information, rather than becoming an experiment, that Shinwoo will form a contract with Rai or one of the Clan Leaders - most likely Seira, give the amount of Ship Tease between them.

Seira wears Black Bra and Panties under her Clan Leader getup.
Why? Because it would be awesome!

M-24's heart once belonged to a member of the Landegre or Loyard Clans
  • What makes you think he has a heart transplant at all? Only M-21 was confirmed to have a werewolf heart - there is no guarantee that the 'experiment' performed on M-24 was a heart transplant. Clearly there are different levels and types of experiments - Jake had multiple experiments performed upon him, they couldn't all be heart transplants. As for him getting his powers from one of the clan members - it's very possible, that's the kind of contrived coincidence that Manga and Manhwa love.
  • Contrived coincidence is my only reason. The more emotional pain you can wring from a revelation, the more plot you can get from it. So, if the guess proves to be true, I'd say it's more likely to be one of Regis' parents than Seira's, simply because Regis is the more emotional of the two.
    • Actually looking a WHOLE lot more likely that it was Regis's father or Seira's father, with the reveal that those two were killed by humans - translation, THE UNION.
    • Now that brings another question: Who was that 'phony noble' Shark claims to have beaten up? Those two unfortunate nobles (after they're beaten and bruised, of course)? Or some minor ones?
      • Most likely just one of the 'mutants'. Frankenstein mentioned early in the series that there are a few mutants running around. It really wouldn't be a stretch to think one of them was claiming to be a Noble, and Shark hunted him down to see how good a Noble really fought, and tore him apart like the trash he was.
      • Or, given how easily Regis was beating down the dozens of Nobles that were allegedly 'guarding' Rai's mansion, and since Shark was about on par with Regis, he may simply have found a minor guard or low-level Noble and not realized that there were different levels of Noble. Shark obviously didn't realize that several of the Union Elders were Nobles, or he would have been scared shitless of fighting one.
      • 7th Elder has confirmed that he personally killed Seira's father, so yeah, it's unlikely that Shark would've known about them. Although this also brings doubt to whether M-24's heart belonged to either of those two.
      • Why would it bring doubt to it? If anything, it makes it MORE likely that it was Seira's father's heart. Think about it - 7th Elder just finished killing him, and either Crombell or the 9th Elder (who has been stated to be a fairly big researcher/scientist himself) were present, and they basically said, "Hmmmmm..... we have a dead Clan Leader here, not the kind of specimen we get every day, this is a good chance for experimentation! How about I start putting pieces of him in humans and see what happens?"
      • Except every time Rai has killed a clan leader the body disintegrates. This may be a trait only unique to clan leaders however or people Rai kills.
      • Clan leaders not killed by Rai disappear too, like Rajak.

Yuri is actually not working for Crombell either.
Early on during Dr. Arith's visit to Korea, we've learned that Yuri is actually Crombell's agent. But considering how sly this guy is, it probably isn't a surprise that he actually isn't fully Crombell's minion either. Case in point:

(1) When he reports 12th Elder's death to Crombell, he claims to be too far away to find out how 12th Elder dies. Have you seen the size of the Blood Field Rai uses to end 12th elder? You just cannot miss something that big. And since he also has fought Frankenstein before, knowing his abilities, it seems very impossible for Yuri to not notice that Blood Field is not Frankie's power. So why does he not tell Crombell that 12th Elder is killed using an unfamiliar attack?

  • Just because Frankenstein didn't use it when fighting him doesn't mean he COULDN'T use it - Yuri never saw Frankenstein whip out the Dark Spear, either. All he could really tell was that an extremely powerful attack killed the 12th Elder. He couldn't see who used it, how it was used, or even how it affected the 12th Elder other than it killed him.

(2) And a minor one is recently, he jokes to Tao and Takeo on how he hates his job. Yes, that may sound like a joke, but isn't it possible that he actually is not happy working with Crombell?

  • He probably hates his job because he's doesn't want to work FOR somebody at all - he wants to be top dog.

(3) Yuri has yellow eyes and blond hair, like Tesamu and the accidentally-posted image's character - two of the main candidates for First Elder. While Yuri doesn't recognize Frankenstein, which likely rules out him being the First Elder, he may have some relation to them.

Frankenstein is evil and secretly working for the Union
Think about it. So far Frankenstein has managed to:
  • 1) Allow one of his personal experimental journals to fall into the hands of the Union (since he was never hibernating like Rai, this has even LESS justification to happen by accident)
  • 2) Totally fail to do anything to prevent Crombell's escape, even though he hadn't released his seal or drawn the Dark Spear
  • 3) Even though he makes a big show about how Rai using his powers is a very bad thing, EVERY SINGLE FIGHT since coming back from Lukedonia Rai has used his power
  • 4) Conveniently, all of his lab and equipment necessary to treat Takeo and Tao was destroyed JUST when he needed it - and he doesn't have backups. Again, the situation conveniently requires Rai to use his power - AGAIN
    • This one at least doesn't really hold much weight. It was stated outright that Mark destroyed the lab after taking the data. And he did have back-ups, it was just that he hadn't used the other lab for so long it was effectively hibernated.
  • 5) Just thought of one more. After 800 years, and heavily implied that it had been stolen and moved... Rai's coffin just HAPPENS to be in the exact city Frankenstein was in.
  • 6) And most recently, Frankenstein has successfully convinced Rai to go back to sleep - when he openly states that Rai won't be able to wake back up himself! Don't worry, Frankenstein 'promises' to wake him up in a few days.... while now THREE Elders of the Union are bearing down on the place.
  • In fact, I don't think there has been a single point that Frankenstein has actually done anything to prevent Rai from using his power
    • Admittedly, there is only one thing that can discount this theory: So far from what we have seen, Rai is EXTREMELY GOOD at reading other people. Between understanding Frank's power without even seeing him in combat, mind-wiping Roctis because he doesn't seem trustworthy, instantly knowing that 10th Elder tries to use Human Shield... it's pretty scary. And yet despite all that, never once he says he doubts Frank.

Regis' secret dream is to someday work at a maid cafe
He never lets anyone else help with cleanup, so, on some level, he must enjoy busing tables. Seira enjoys cooking, and will almost certainly support him in this dream.
  • Seira? In a maid outfit? I fully support this theory!
  • If he didn't do that, everyone would have to clean themselves and they would ask Rai to do it too. I think he tried to avoid that. But Regis, Seira and Rai in the maid cafe? Yes please.

Rai is Cthulhu
Because then RK-5 and the four kids would be able to say that they had tea with Cthulhu

The Union used to be a relatively benevolent human organization until Roctis hijacked it
If 13th Elder's entry to the Elder position is any indication, the numbering of Elders is based on when they join. In that case, Roctis' position as the 4th Elder will then mean he went in only after the Union has been around for some time. And if Rai's distrust on him is any indication, Roctis might have corrupted the Union, turning it into the supremacist organization it is now.
  • He was the interim 13th Elder because he just joined. Other than Crombell, who's combat capabilities are still unknown, the other elders follow the Sorting Algorithm of Evil fairly closely - the 10th/11th Elder are stronger than the 12th, the 7th/8th are a LOT stronger than the 10th/11th, and the 5th also heavily outclasses the 8th. Presumably, they have some system of putting them at their appropriate rank WITHOUT them killing each other. The 8th is a human experiment - and yet he is higher than the 9th Elder, who is a Noble, and presumably joined at the same time as Roctis. Likewise, the 5th Elder is a Werewolf - NOT a Noble, but she is bracketed on both sides by Nobles. If they just assigned numbers based on when they joined, then the 6 traitor clan leaders ought to be 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. Instead they appear to be 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 2 ?? (presumably two of the top 3).
    • Just a minor correction: 9th Elder is not a Noble. Nevertheless, that indeed still leaves the possibility that the other traitor clan leaders are in the top 3 (out of the 13 Elders, we know for sure that only 4th, 6th and 7th are Nobles, and we know squat about 1st, 2nd and 3rd)
      • Very jossed by the conversation with the 9th Elder re: Dark Spear. They were committing atrocities for power centuries before Roctis joined.

Frankenstein's apprentice is one of the highest Union Elders
Lagus (the very old Noble) had to get the pendant he gave Urokai from somebody familiar with Frankenstein's former apprentice. After seeing Frankenstein fight with the Dark Spear, Lagus speculates how much power HE could get from experimenting. This would clear a logical path for him and the other traitor Clan Leaders to convince the apprentice to work with them to try and duplicate Frankenstein's experiments. Give it a few hundred years, and he is almost certainly one of the Union's highest ranking members.
  • He has blond hair and yellow eyes, like Yuri and the character in white from the accidentally-posted image.

M-24's consciousness will stall Mark at a crucial moment allowing M-21 to kill him.
  • Given that M-21 is shown to now be more than capable of beating down Mark at the same time as Aris and Yuri, this probably won't be necessary. Too bad.

M-21 heart belongs to someone related to Muzaka
Thus explained his hatred towards humans.
  • I second this, considering how foreshadowing seems to work in this series. M-21 has a werewolf heart, Muzaka lost something/someone dear to him - goes on a rampage, it's likely that a family member of Muzaka or one of his kids was captured by the Union and their heart was taken out and transplanted into M-21. It'll be ironic if that's true, considering how Crombel/Cromwell is likely going to be the first to find him and probably recruit him.
  • Now that we have the prequel OVA showing what happened eight hundred years ago, this doesn't seem very likely, for a variety of reasons:
    • Ashleen's body looked like it was disintegrated by the explosion at the end of the battle.
    • If her body was recovered somehow, that raises the question of how they preserved it for hundreds of years. Three hundred until they uncovered Frankenstein's (first) journal, and then another five hundred until the M series experiments.
    • It also looked like she was shot through the heart, to explain why one plain arrow managed to kill her.
    • And I would assume that there's also a, well, size difference between a little girl and a full-grown man, in terms of heart size.
  • But I will suggest another possibility. The translations I've read sometimes refer to what M-21 got as only a piece of a werewolf's heart. So perhaps what was transplanted into him was actually (part of) Muzaka's heart. Ignes does say they savaged Muzaka's body, but he always healed. For all we know, he could survive even having his heart cut out.

One of the RK humans trio will make contract with Rai
It's likely M-21. He's similar with Frankenstein:
  • Rai had used his blood in their awakening.
    • Rai has awakened Tao and Takeo as well, to increase their healing when they were heavily injured, but the time with M-21 does stand out compared to that.
  • Both tried to protect Rai.
  • When Frankenstein lectured M-21, Rai reminded him that he was also a troublemaker in the past.

The First Elder is the Previous Lord
As part of his plan to change the fate of his species. 'What if humans are no longer the ones in need of protecting?' It explains too darn much.
  • Motive, method and opportunity - what named characters around back then would have been able to make the modern Union happen?
    • He mentions he doesn't remember his name, and is clearly willing to do a lot to change Lukedonia's system.
    • There are several mentions that Nobles mind control powers can be good enough that if they went out into human society they could easily take it over/convince people they're their best friends. It's possible that everyone at the Union thinks the First Elder is human, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are.
    • Frankenstein's buried book was supposedly found 520 years ago, which is just about when the Previous Lord supposedly entered Eternal Sleep.
    • The Lord's powers of mind control are most likely better than the Noblesse's. If Tesamu wasn't a traitor, the Lord could have gotten the location of that book from Frankenstein.
    • This gives a reason other than benevolence for the Lord to want Frankenstein taken alive, and why he didn't want Ragar and Gejutel as witnesses when he spoke to Frankenstein, to see anything he did besides talk.
    • Frankenstein was very confused by that conversation - the Previous Lord asked none of the questions he was expecting. To the reader, that seems funny, that the Previous Lord is definitely a character and was trusting in the Noblesse's judgment that Frankenstein was worth sheltering, but he may have asked those questions and Frankenstein doesn't remember.
    • Instead, all the conversation we see does a very good job playing on Frankenstein's guesses about Rai - that he's someone lonely/in need of help, and someone worth helping when we see Frankenstein's Papa Wolf tendencies. Is the Previous Lord really just rambling about Rai, or did he find out what Frankenstein's buttons are and start pushing them?
  • He may have been turning a blind eye to the selling of contracts that created the mutants which gave Frankenstein his motivation in the first place.
  • He's very interested in enhancement and experimentation, the modus operandi of the Union.
    • He wanted Frankenstein to resume experimenting after moving to Lukedonia (the blood sample).
    • With Ragar, he worked on soul weapon experiments.
    • Now, both of those things could just be because he has a genuine interest in 'what humans will think of next' and how to help the children in the future, but, for nobles, attempting to become more powerful is considered a bad thing. For a ruler to see themselves as Beyond Good And Evil like that?
    • Going into Eternal Sleep themselves because they believe that will help the nobles is self-sacrificial instead of sacrificing others, but not making an exception for Ragar when Rael was practically an infant by noble standards?
    • From the flashback of one of the traitor nobles during the invasion of Lukedonia the Lord wanting them to create clan heirs, meaning children, to pass their soul weapons onto and then abandon them by going into Eternal Sleep was the reason they thought Lukedonia's leadership had lost it and ceased to be loyal to the post of Lord.
  • The Lord is the symbol of authority, and their ability to use their power comes from their belief that they stand above all other beings on the planet and have the right to run their lives.
    • Seeing him constantly (by noble standards) attempting to meddle with Rai and Raskreia makes you wonder if he'd really be willing to enter eternal sleep and leave everything up to the next generation.
  • When Rai's life force is refilled by Ragnarok he's in the middle of talking to Raskreia (purely hypothetically?) about how she might need to fight someone dear to her to protect humans, like a best friend or her father, the Previous Lord. Right after he says that he starts glowing and the subject changes.
    • If the Previous Lord was considering anything along those lines, Rai would have known because that's his job.
    • Did he 'forget' that Frankenstein was supposed to be sent to meet the Lord, or was he trying to keep Frankenstein as far away from the Lord as possible?
  • Was that really a soul fragment or is he actually alive?
    • Soul weapons can transfer to a heir while a clan leader is still alive: Gejutel gave his to his son Rousare, and Regis inherits Regasus.
  • So many of the 'these people are secretly evil' indications remarked on with the Traitor Elders also apply to the Lord
    • Interested in how humans are becoming more powerful and if that could be applied to Elders.
    • Keeping a close eye on Rai (by noble standards) - as Frankenstein points out, people keep a close eye on things that worry them.
    • Trying to get Rai to stop being the Noblesse, meaning it would no longer be his duty to execute those who abuse humans
  • When Rai Awakens Frankenstein to save him from Dark Spear his reaction is 'so that's what you've chosen,' when isn't protecting humans supposed to be the default for nobles?
  • In the very first season, there's the question of how Rai's coffin ended up in the same city as Frankenstein. It's mainly dropped because later on nobody has the time to care.
    • According to Frankenstein, which sanctuary Rai went to may have been random. Who could have found it or been able to enter it to take the coffin? When we know that the Lord has the authority to enter the Noblesse's sanctuaries by the fact he left Ragnarok in one of them.
    • The Union was almost to the point it was ready to invade Lukedonia, so he may have chosen to awaken Rai now since his plan does not actually involve the Union winning.
    • He actually does want Rai to live, so he put him in range of someone who would keep him safe.
    • Frankenstein contracted with Rai and called him Master for the first time after coming from the Lord. He looks very shook up, and the Lord's mind control powers are almost certainly impressive. In the last panel of that chapter, Rai does not look happy when Frankenstein kneels. In one early chapter, Rai says 'I want everyone to call me Rai' and Frankenstein fails to get the hint. Frankenstein coming from a chivalric culture doesn't quite explain that when he still used to be Screw You, Elves! and 'the main principle of Ye Ran is free will' from his speech to the students in Mr. Park's flashback.
  • There's a throwaway joke about how the Previous Lord didn't want to fight Frankenstein unless he fought the other Clan Leaders first 'because of his pride as a boss.' That would fit with the First Elder not revealing himself until the rest of the Union is wiped out Just as Planned.
    • There are a couple discussions of how invading Lukedonia is the stupidest thing the Union could do, and first they were gearing up for it for a long time, and now they're doing it when they're in no position to contain the fallout of refugee nobles being ticked off enough to, oh, start a vampire/mutant plague? And good luck trying to find them when they can seem like a native of somewhere very easily because of the psychic powers. Nobles can detect other nobles, but the Union clearly hasn't been putting that ability into enhanced humans... why?

The series will end like this
  • Rai is dead.
  • The children will found out the truth and keep the memories this time.
  • The nobles will started to live and blend together with humans.
  • There will be a confirmation of some shipping via time skip, either it was jossed or canon. Specifically : Rai x Raskreia, Seira x Rael or Seira x Shinwoo, M-21 x Yuna, etc.
  • By the end of the series, Shin Woo will no longer be normal human.
  • Frankenstein discovers that in order for Rai to survive he has to take blood from the very humans he wants to protect, and they have to give it to him willingly. Han Shinwoo will be the first to willingly sacrifice himself thinking he would be killed but it will turn out that the Noblesse only needs a pinprick of his blood. The Noblesse just loathes the thought of his human friends hurting themselves in such a way for him. He also would withhold the information of needing the small blood transfusion because of the bonds it may create and the danger it brings to Rai’s humans. Rai would have to leave in order to protect them and the humans keep their memory of him. Roll Credits. Until next season.

Aside from the blond hair, there isn't much grounds for this theory, other than the knowledge and presumably experience that Tesamu had acquired from Frankenstein firsthand possibly helping the youngster to rise up in the ranks of the Union. If it were to be true, it would make a solid Chekhov's Gunman.

3rd Elder has a crush on Lunark
  • Before he was fighting Karias, with her, he told her that he was "worried about her safety."
  • When he was fighting Karias, his little explosions never seemed to harm her and even served to prevent Karias from harming her.
  • Before he told the 1st Elder that he would accompany him to his invasion of the werewolf territory, he hesitated, as if he was worried for someone.
  • When Lunark was fighting the royal guards, he never intervened. The 1st Elder didn't either, but he was too busy playing king.
  • While he attacked the other "true werewolf warriors," he never attacked her.
  • When she demanded that everyone call her by Lunark and that she would refuse to be addressed as "5th Elder," he complied with her preferences, as if to please her.

3rd Elder is the 1st Elder's parent/uncle/guardian
  • Look at how he takes care of 1st Elder. Then look at how a guardian takes care of a child. Finally, compare the similarities.

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