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  • The first thing Rai does after learning how to text is to tell Frankenstein and M-21 that they're doing a good job.
  • After the heroes save the school-children from DA-5, Tao and Frank note that the children must have their memories of the event wiped to protect them from the Union. Eventually Yuna breaks down crying, asking if it's okay for them to just forget about M-21's, Regis' and Rai's heriosm, and Rai replies by saying that simply protecting the children without reward is what the heroes live for.
    Yuna: "So we'll have to forget the fact that Regis put his life at risk for us? Even the fact that ajussi put his life on the line to protect us? ... Headmaster, is it really alright to forget all of that? All of you put in so much effort for our sake... Is it really okay for us to live without knowing that?"
    Rai: "Of course. Because they're not hoping for their actions to be remembered by anyone. They have merely done what they wished to do."
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  • It's more of a CMOF, but I personally thought that Tao insisting that Regis was an important member of their team to be very sweet.
  • Frankenstein's reason for creating a school.
  • The interaction between M-21 and Rai in Chapter 256 is heartwarming at its finest.
  • The previous lord's latest post-mortem message has its funny moments, but it's also heartwarning to see how much he (and Raskreia) cares about Rai's well-being, how much he is happy to see old and new faces, and finally, how much he is proud of his daughter Raskreia.
  • Having just wiped out two werewolf assassins that have seriously injured Rael, Regis, Takeo, Tao, and M-21, Muzaka is trying to shoo Lunark and Kentas (who've only just arrived themselves) away by casually threatening to go two-on-two with them with Rai as his partner. At the tail end of his little speech, however, Frankenstein arrives with Seira and Kerias, says that things are not resolved in his eyes, and makes it clear how he really feels about the three modified humans and the two young nobles.
    Frankenstein: "How could you send them away like that when they did this to my kids?"
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  • Chapter 444: Why is Raizel risking his life to rescue M-21 from the werewolves? Because he thinks of M-21 (and Tao, and Takeo, and the rest of Frankenstein's household) as family.
  • Chapter 476: Raizel teaches Raskreia how to play online games at an Internet cafe. And it is adorable.
  • Chapter 391: Gejutel's inner monologue after Frankenstein shows up to save the Lord and the young Clan Leaders from the invading werewolves just when it looked as though all hope was lost
    Gejutel: "What's this crazy kid babbling about...? How could he possibly be older than me? And calling the Lord a Lady? How dare he. But, Frankenstein, I've never been so happy to see you so out of your mind."

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