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  • Nash has a lot of these, including his over the top narration of the confrontations between Sid and Goldberg shown in Botchamania 94.
    • Spring Break Cannonball champion. 'Nuff said.
      • At that same event: He and Hall were running around tossing out beers to everyone in the back (WCW didn't allow anyone to drink during events, obviously). When confronted by Eric Bischoff, Nash, who are at the scaffolding over the entrance, calls up to one of the Nitro Girls, asking what they're drinking (read: red SOLO cups). Kevin then asks them to drop one of them. He catches it right in his hand, at waist level, without spilling a drop. Hall would describe it as "some James Bond shit."
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  • Nash's gimmick, according to Sting? Showing up late!
  • PCS, by far the funniest thing that ever came out of TNA.
    • His interactions with (read: mercilessly needling) Sonjay Dutt. He was brutal and hilarious at the same time.
  • Impact 10-16-10: Nash says that in that past, he and Bischoff would have been a perfect fit, and he would've taken every dollar he could from everybody. But with age comes wisdom, and he's learned the value of family, etc etc, so they can run the company into the ground without him. And with that, he bids the Impact Zone farewell. By the by: if you were following Nash's twitter feed at the time, the real reason he left TNA is because he wanted a raise and they refused. Now there's the Big Sexy we remember!
  • Not sourced from Nash himself, but Bryan and Vinny's reaction to him winning the belt at Victory Road 2009.
    Bryan: CLEAN!? IT IS 2009!!
    Vinny: [snickers] Kevin Nash is pinning AJ Styles for championships on pay per view.
    Bryan: CLEAN!
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  • During his 2011 feud with CM Punk and Triple H, he had a match with Santino Marella. Santino comes in, doing his air trumpet-playing... and Nash promptly gives him a Jackknife Powerbomb for the pin and the win.
  • During the Sting v. Triple H match at Wrestlemania 31, Nash came out with the nWo to attack the New Age Outlaws in order to save Sting (Don't bother considering the logic of the nWo, Sting's MORTAL ENEMIES in WCW, suddenly coming out to save him.) At one point in the match, Nash got knocked over while on the outside…and grabbed his lower leg, as if he'd suffered an injury to a certain muscle in the thigh… note 
  • This image of Kevin Nash Makes Just as Much Sense in Context...probably.
  • His "Pick Me" rant from the Thunder video game on the PS1. Even in a video game, Nash doesn't want to job. Or he is simply afraid of tearing his quad again. Contrast with his "Pick Me" promo in the Nitro video game, where he almost pathetically begs you to pick him.
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  • When Bully Ray brought out his "lawyer", who looked like Kevin Nash, and a quarter of the crowd shouted, "KEVIN NASH?!? BIG SEXY!!!"


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