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Trivia / Kevin Nash

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  • Box Office Bomb: As Diesel, he was the lowest-drawing WWF Champion of all time.
  • Creative Differences: Parted ways with TNA under these reasons. When he elaborated on the issue, you could easily picture Jim Cornette delivering this same spiel:
    Kevin Nash: ..."Hey man, you know what would be good right now, some fucking venison chili", so we put some venison in and we put some chili beans in and we put some other shit in and we walk away. And then they grab it and say "what is this, a piss test?" and the two guys piss in it. Then Dixie says "what is this, a stool sample?" and she shits in it. Then fucking Russo goes "what is this, matzo ball soup?" he throws matzo balls in it.
    • Funny when both Nash and Cornette admitted that while they still disliked each other personally they had to come to an Enemy Mine situation backstage while on the creative team because they were the only two guys who actually knew what they were doing at the time.
  • Fan Nickname
    • "Big Kev", "Big Lazy", "Big Poochie", and for his ability to become a main eventer, make huge sums of money, even controlling the booking of a company with very little talent and effort: "The Smartest Man in Wrestling".
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    • "The Summer of Suck" for 1999 while he was booking WCW.
  • Money, Dear Boy: On the Legends of Wrestling Roundtables, Jim Ross said that Nash's element is in the boardroom. He may not be the most talented wrestler ever, but his talent for money-grubbing knows no bounds. It's is also the reason why TNA allowed Sting, Booker, and Nash's contracts to expire in 2010; TNA can't afford to pay these guys. Which in hindsight makes a commercial early into Nash's WWF title reign where he eschews money offered for an autograph signing kind of hilarious.
  • Old Shame:
    • His previous gimmicks from WCW, Vinnie Vegas, and Oz.
    • In an nWo documentary in which he was interviewed, Nash himself did feel some regret later in life about the nWo; or rather how much it spiraled and consumed the rest of the industry. He himself realized that by the first Souled Out pay-per-view, that things were really out of control.
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  • Running the Asylum: Was, infamously, made the head booker of WCW while he was still an active wrestler. Surprisingly, the masterpieces like booking him to break Goldberg's streak only to lose the title eight days later to Hogan via the Fingerpoke of Doom were from immediately before he was made booker (which, given the stuff he has admitted to do with a straight face, says something).
  • Trolling Creator: He tweets incendiary things, or "news" to mess with some heads. It's an old-school attitude, but one you don't often see in today's "sports entertainment".
  • Wag the Director: Hogan, Nash, and Hall used their sway to run just about everything in WCW.
  • What Could Have Been: In an interview, Nash explains that the reason he and CM Punk never wrestled, and why the "Summer of Punk II" subsequently fell flat, is that WWE's wellness program did a in-depth medical history because of his father's death of a heart attack at age 36. Turns out Nash was taking cardiovascular medication (Plavix, to be exact), couldn't be cleared to compete due to the risk of being off it for an extended period, and Triple H had to be shunted into the feud in Nash's place, which Kevin admits didn't make a whole lot of sense. He also gave an idea of how the storyline should have gone, with a slight jab at the abrupt change in plans, i.e. Sending the text to himself:
    Nash: It would have been John Laurinaitis. It would have been Johnny trying to end around and me trying to say that Paul had changed because he was a blue blood now and he wasn't Clique. He was in the McMahon threshold. We were going to get a Johnny Ace clique of guys to try to take over control of the company, that's when Vince would have gotten fired, and then we would have been after Paul and try to take control of the company. You know, good storyline.