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  • For a man with a reputation of not being that great of a wrestler, Nash was able to go his entire career without injuring anyone with a powerbomb, which is a legitimately dangerous move even when done properly (see: Vader for one of many examples). The closest he got to hurting anyone was The Giant, who he had no business picking up and dropped on his neck. Despite their similar sizes, he didn't take into account The Giant's odd proportions due to acromegaly, but fortunately, those same proportions likely kept Giant's neck from breaking.
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  • His surprise appearance at the 2011 Royal Rumble, as Diesel. As everyone from the crowd to the commentators to the wrestlers themselves sits awestruck, he slowly puts on his black glove, walks into the ring, and proceeds to clean house. In the first couple of seconds, he delivers a strong right to Wade Barrett and Sheamus, a punt kick to Rey Mysterio Jr., sends Kofi Kingston into a turnbuckle and clotheslines John Cena.
  • In a mix of both CMOF and CMOA, his "Big Sexy The Giant Killer" promo after the aforementioned dropping the Giant on his head (seen here) is a great mix of both legitimate humor, dickheaded heel arrogance and the origin of one of the best nicknames in wrestling.

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