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  • After Riley has a typical teenage girl "You don't know me at all!" storm out in the pilot:
    Topanga: [sarcastically] Let's get married, let's have a kid, let's have another kid!
    Cory: [sarcastically] Well, you listened to me, you big stupid!
  • Maya tries to guide a very shell-shocked Riley through the process of leaving class.
    Maya: [feeding her the line] May I be excused?
    Riley: [nearly catatonic] My eyes see my shoes...
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  • The way Riley ends up in Lucas' lap (after their initial Meet Cute) on the subway:
    Riley: That was great!
    Maya: You're welcome.
    Riley: What if that was the best moment of my life? What if nothing else ever happens to me again?
    (Maya smirks as she takes Riley's hand from the rail - and Riley squeals as she stumbles backwards to land in Evelyn Rand's lap. They look at one another: Riley is pensive while the woman is slightly annoyed.)
    Evelyn: (to Lucas) It's for you.
    (The woman hands Riley off to Lucas.)
  • Farkle trying to seduce Missy away from Lucas by showing off his leg. It's totally hairless.
    • Farkle brings a lot of funny in the series as a whole.
  • This rapid-fire exchange:
    Riley: (raises hand) Lucas!
    Maya: Hand.
    Riley: (lowers hand) Lucas!
    Maya: Grown-up voice.
    Riley: (deeper voice) Lucas, hellooo.
    • And the call-back at the end of the episode.
    Cory: I'm going to chaperone.
    Riley: (raises hand) What's that mean?
    Maya: Hand.
    Riley: (lowers hand) What's that mean?
    Maya: Grown-up voice.
    Riley: (deeper voice) Lucas, hellooo. (Oh, Crap! face)
    Cory: ...What's that mean?
  • Farkle objects to Lucas kissing Riley in a production of Romeo and Juliet. Lucas' response is priceless:
    Lucas: What meanest thou, spear carrier, who havest no lines?
  • Riley's assessment of the disaster that ensues:
    Riley: I just don't understand how we always end up in situations like this.
  • Topanga locks Cory out of the house, so he regains entry through Riley's window. When he exits the room, Topanga is waiting for him.
    Cory: Please don't tell anyone this is how I live in my own house.
    • To clarify: Topanga is waiting for him, threatening him with a chicken.
  • Lucas showing up to the school dance in cowboy duds, complete with hat. Just to screw with Maya.
  • Ms. Svorsky's opinion of Topanga saving her bakery in "Girl Meets Popular":
    Svorsky: You sure you killer shark lawyer?
    Topanga: (to her boss) I want an advance on my salary in the exact amount it takes to save this bakery or I will go to the competition and destroy you.
    Svorsky: Yeah, she shark.
  • Riley and Maya's paint fight in "Girl Meets Maya's Mother". The teacher praises Riley for showing such passion, then asks her to clean up the mess.
    • The moment Maya throws paint on Riley's face, the rest of the class run out of the classroom like bats out of Hell, with Farkle and Lucas leading them.
    • The girls are supposed to be mad, but you can seeing them Corpsing.
  • Topanga and Minkus still trying to one-up each other and dragging their kids into it - Topanga, you're thirty four... get over the petty feud!
    • Topanga giving Cory a Death Glare when Minkus reveals he and Farkle have more A's, causing Cory to scream.
      • Farkle has inherited his father's "HAH!"
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  • Maya grudgingly telling Minkus she and Riley hope one of them will marry Farkle and have babies with him someday. And she even refers to said babies as "Minki."
  • Topanga buying one of the wide open mouthed sketches from the art class, not knowing Riley was the model.
    Topanga: I wonder who this little weirdo is.
    [Riley replicates the pose in the sketch]
    Topanga: Awww, it's our little weirdo.
  • Topanga acknowledging how Cory is sorta like Mr. Feeny now.
    Topanga: Oh no! I married Feeny!
  • Topanga making a Leaning on the Fourth Wall joke about her relationship with Cory.
    Auggie: You're supposed to meet somebody and fall and love and be together forever.
    Topanga: Oh, honey. Who put that crazy idea in your head?
    Auggie: You and Daddy.
    Topanga: (Beat) Huh. I wonder how many people the idea of Cory and Topanga has ruined.
    Auggie: Me!
  • Maya's assessment of Lucas:
    Maya: You are gonna make someone a wonderful fortune cookie someday.
  • When Maya says out loud that she comes from a long line of "Clutterbuckets"
    Lucas: (brimming with joy) Oh, this is the greatest day of my life!
  • The Grim Reaper trying to sneak up on Gammy Hart. It turns out that it was just an undetermined family member pulling a prank.
  • From "Girl Meets Flaws":
    Cory: Gandhi. What'd he do?
    Maya: Freed Ireland.
    Cory: Try again.
    Maya: Freed Ireland.
    Cory: [correcting] Freed India.
    Maya: Before or after he freed Ireland?
    Cory: ...Jackie Robinson. What'd he do?
    Billy: First Irish guy to play in the Major Leagues after Gandhi freed 'em.
    Cory: [defeated] ...I-I quit.
    • Cory chasing Lucas out of Riley's room, taking one of his shoes in the process.
      Cory: [enraged] GET OUT!!!!!
      • Then, while Cory muses how good that felt, Riley silently reaches over and takes Lucas' shoe, before hugging it.
    • After realizing that Farkle's hanging from one of the ropes in gym class, and high enough that no-one realized he was in the gym until he spoke, Riley & Maya have an "Oh, fuck!" expression on their faces and frantically pile up a number of crash mats in the event that he falls while Lucas tears into Billy over his treatment of Farkle. Lucas comments that friends like Farkle "just don't fall out of the sky". Cue Farkle falling from the rope. It ends with:
      Farkle: I could have died.
      Lucas: (putting his arm around Farkle) I know, buddy.
    • Shortly before hand, when Lucas and Billy are discussing whether Farkle is weird or not, Lucas admits that, yes, Farkle wants to take over the world, but, truthfully, he'd like to see what Farkle does with it once he has.
  • "Girl Meets Friendship":
    • Riley's campaign ad, including magically zapping the teacher away as he protests, "But Riley, I'm your fat—"
      • Maya ending the ad with, "The campaign of Riley Matthews is not responsible for anyone who thinks a horse is a unicorn
    • Farkle getting a crowd to support his campaign for dictator...with free t-shirts.
    • Maya somehow procures a horse to use as a unicorn for the ad, which she brings into Riley's room. A sleep-deprived Topanga walks in.
      Maya: [long beat] What horse? [places a lampshade on its head]
      Topanga: I was up again with Auggie last night. I'm very tired. [to the horse] Cory, we need bread. [to Riley] Um, I wanted you to have my princess hat from when I rallied against gender stereotypes. I was going to light it on fire,'s too pretty. Good luck to you. [to the horse] Bye, honey.
  • Cory and Topanga's anniversary date in the subway station is completely crazy, but also romantic in their own way.
  • From "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays"
    Cory: (to Riley) I need the holiday to be good for your mother.
    Topanga: LIYAH!
    Cory: (points to himself) LIYAH! I need the holiday to be good for Shawn! SHAWN'S COMING!
    (speaker box buzzes)
    Cory: (answering the speaker box) Shawn?!
    Maya: Maya!
    Cory: (without any change in expression) Shawn?!
    Maya: Aw, what's the matter? Your boyfriend's not here yet?
    Topanga: Oh, then what are we going to do with this "Cory and Shawn 4-Evah" ornament?
    Cory: Oh that. That goes right in front of the Cory and Topanga wedding ornament.
    Topanga: (to Riley) My whole life.
    • When the door buzzes again:
      Cory: SHAWN! (runs to the speaker box and hits the button)
      Alan: No, it's your parents.
      Cory: (with his finger still pressing the button) Rats!
      Alan: Let me explain how a speaker box works.
      • Making it more hilarious is that Alan knew Cory thought it was Shawn even though he couldn't hear him shout.
    • Shawn's reaction to meeting Farkle for the first time: "Minkus reproduced?!"
      • And the fact both Cory and Farkle consider the idea that Minkus cloned his son in a lab to be a legitimate possibility, especially when Farkle realizes that he's never actually seen his birth certificate.
      • Even before that, Shawn's first reaction to realizing that Farkle is Minkus's son is a nervous, "Cory, what's this here?"
      • Just as humorous is the fact Farkle showed up at Riley's bedroom window looking for Riley and Maya, and instead of getting angry, Cory just thinks it's funny.
    • When Shawn shows up, you expect Cory to give him a manly bro hug or something along those lines. But instead, he shouts "Yay!" like a little girl, then they hug like Maya and Riley would. (Understandable, though. It's been a long time.)
      • Even funnier: Auggie's sandwiched in the middle. When he finally squeezes out, he rejoices.
    Auggie: I'm okay, I'm alive!
    • Maya immediately getting a crush on Josh when she sees him, and then realizing, "Sweet, I would be your aunt!"
    • Josh's little grunt when Maya first embraces him, as if to say "What the hell?"
    • Even after his long absence, Shawn still comes before Topanga in Cory's life. A fact she's still not proud of.
    Cory: Isn't this great? My favorite person in the world... and my wife.
    Topanga: [confused look from Riley] My whole life.
    • When the "dads" (and Shawn) fall asleep on the couch, they still continue each other's snoring, just like they did back in high school.
    • Josh and Auggie walk in on Shawn and Cory sitting in Riley's bedroom window.
    Josh: Oh. We interrupt two grown men in a girl's bedroom window for this special announcement:
    Auggie: Mom says to come down to open presents.
    Josh: We now return to two grown men sitting in a girls bedroom window. (singing) They're two grown men in a girl's bedroom window, and nobody thinks that's weird! A-wink.
    Auggie: I would never watch that show.
    • This exchange that sums up the relationship of the ¡Three Amigos! perfectly:
    Shawn: Hey, Mrs. Cory.
    Topanga: Hey, Mr. Cory.
  • Auggie & Maya's argument over whose team Josh is going to be on in "Girl Meets Game Night".
    Auggie: He's my Uncle!
    Maya: He's my husband!
    Auggie: (Hands in air grumpily) Congratulations.
    • The Running Gag of Topanga's Pavlovian response to the sound of a bell (as one sounds when someone wins the game).
      Topanga: I win! What is wrong with me?
  • Shawn explaining why he's visiting in "Girl Meets Master Plan".
    Shawn: I'm on assignment, "Weekends in New York for under $100"! [Completely serious] It's impossible, can I stay here?
  • Riley reading the morning announcements in "Girl Meets Farkle's Choice." At least, Maya thinks so.
  • Cory trying to talk Auggie and Ava out of getting "married" and failing miserably in "Girl Meets First Date".
    • Farkle trying to kiss Maya, only for her to stop him in his tracks with her hand. He settles for making out with her hand.
  • Maya and Farkle intentionally making Riley and Lucas uncomfortable in "Girl Meets The New World", culminating in Lucas panicking and scrambling out of class.
    • In the hall, Recurring Extras Darby and Sarah, along with a group of other girls, are trying to get Riley to talk about her kiss with Lucas. Riley tries to insist that nothing happened, and tells Maya to back her up. Maya turns her back, wraps her arms around herself, and pretends she's making out with someone. Riley immediately corrects her, so Maya squeezes her cheeks while pursing her lips, and making a kissing noise. Riley agrees with this "reenactment".
  • Dewey Doy, who has a full-out panic attack and freakout when Topanga tries to correct the pronunciation of his name. This completely acts as nightmare fuel as well.
    • It gets better when Cory walks in the room seconds later:
    Cory: What did you do to Doy?!
    Topanga: Are you kidding me, Cory?
    Cory: It's Coy. Around him, it's Coy. (kneeling, distressed) Come to Coy, Doy. (Doy runs to be comforted, the two cry together)
    Doy (sobbing): Can I go to Auggie's room?
    Cory: Yes, I'll go and read you a stoy.
  • Riley's hilariously accurate rant about the New York Knicks, right down to the controversial J.R. Smith trade in January 2015, which also touches on bandwagon fans in the NBA.
  • "Girl Meets Gravity": Riley and Maya being so rebellious that they climb out the window and head for school on foot declaring they're kings... only they fail to realize they're in bare feet. Neither of them remembered their boots after having them off in Riley's bed. Cory and Topanga don't even try to stop them. They go to class shoeless, until they finally suck it up and acknowledge they need their boots and Cory throws their shoes at them from his soft-sided briefcase.
  • The new teacher's response to Farkle's antics in "Girl Meets Gravity".
    Farkle: Farkle time sir?
    Teacher: Whatever, kid. You gotta Farkle, you gotta Farkle.
  • Maya and Riley's conversation in the opening to "Girl Meets the Secret of Life"
    Riley:You know what I like? Life! And I like it when it doesn't change. (thoughtful) We should sing our happy song.
    Maya: We don't have a happy song.
    Riley: We should have a happy song!
    Maya: We will never have a happy song.
    Riley: Well, not with that attitude.
  • Auggie faking a tantrum in "Girl Meets The Secret of Life".
  • When Zay sings his "Bad Grades" song in "Girl Meets The Secret of Life" Maya happily says she knows the song.
  • In "Girl Meets Pluto," it's revealed that Riley doesn't know Pluto is no longer a planet, and we get one of the funniest conversations in the show.
    Lucas: How can she not know?
    (Riley turns to look for a bird)
    Maya: She doesn't know because she has us!
    Farkle: The Riley Committee!
    Maya: The committee exists to keep certain information away from Riley!
    Lucas: Like what?
    Farkle: Everything, really.
    Cory: Listen! This committee can't protect her for the rest of her life! She's getting too smart!
    Farkle: She's looking for a bird!
    • "Shovels!"
    • And later on Cory texts Shawn about a "life-and-death" situation as an excuse to get him to Manhattan so they could drive back to Philadelphia and dig up the time capsule they buried. Shawn's response?
      • And then Shawn proceeds to try and attack Cory. With one of his shovels. It takes Topanga getting in the way for Shawn to stop.
    • As Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Riley, and Maya are digging up Feeny's yard for the time capsule, Riley informs the others that she found a metal box (actually the time capsule). Cue everyone else dropping their shovels in exasperation.
    • Cory managed to find a shop that sells a t-shirt with the word "Shovel" on it, underlined by an actual shovel.
    • When Feeny confronts Cory and Shawn for digging up his yard:
      Feeny: Mr. Matthews. Mr. Hunter. We meet again.
      Cory: Detention?
      Feeny: Big boy detention.
      Cory: I won't do well in big boy detention.
    • And the montage of Feeny gasps from the old series, followed by a new one.
    • Riley and Maya doing the infamous "Feeny call," complete with Riley hissing like a cat...just like her Uncle Eric. All the while Feeny looks just as un-amused by it as he did years ago.
    • Feeny's brief conversation with the girls.
      Feeny: (to Riley) Is [Cory] a good father, you poor, poor little girl?
  • ANY scene with Eric (aka Mr. Squirrels) in "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels."
    • Special note goes to the first one. When Eric shows up in his Mr. Squirrels outfit, Riley yells "STRANGER!" and blows a rape whistle. Then Eric blows his.
      • Auggie instantly recognizes him, though.
    • When Maya reveals that Lucas called her a "short little stack of pancakes," Eric tries to fix it by squeezing her head and trying to stretch her taller. When it doesn't work, he exclaims "Fine! Stay a Hobbit!" Then he tries pushing down on Riley's head to make her shorter.
    • Maya very angrily telling people to move out of their seats, only for them to start "moving" by dancing in their seats, which makes Maya laugh.
  • "Girl Meets Rules":
    • In order - Farkle has a panic attack at Cory not turning up, Farkle falls off his chair, Riley fixes him, Farkle re-falls of his chair again, Farkle is smacked in the face by a Frisbee thrown (probably deliberately) by Maya, Farkle faints again, gets up again, only to be battered by Riley who is launching ping pong balls from a canon! Then, when everyone is apologising, he spits out said ping pong ball and apologises... before promptly remaining on the floor.
    • Later, Lucas texts Cory something, desperate to get a detention and not be called "Lucas The Good". Whatever it was works... and Cory actually has a look of accepting pride on his face.
    • Ava yells for Auggie (Or, as she does it: AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!) while spraying whipped cream on a chocolate cake. As Topanga passes her and shuts the fridge, she actually looks proud of the yell... then promptly decides to join Ava in eating the cake when she realizes there'll be nothing left if she doesn't.
    • Farkle describing Riley as happy la la noises with open hands and swaying... and Maya as loud growls, Latin chanting and more growls... which Maya promptly does.
  • "Girl Meets the Tell-Tale Tot":
    • Maya tries to act mature by pretending she's not interested in whether Josh goes to NYU. After walking out of the door, Josh notes that there's a new air of maturity to Maya, which he finds intriguing - Maya immediately runs back and jumps onto Josh's back. Riley's reaction is priceless.
      Riley: Hold onto your dignity, woman!
      Auggie: Too late for that!
      • Maya, still on Josh's back, pulls the letter out, and begins "reading" her own (wishful) words:
      Maya: "Dear Applicant Boing..."
      Josh: It doesn't say that!
      Maya: "This year, we are only accepting married applicants..."
      Josh: It doesn't say that!
    • The titular talking tot that taunts Riley throughout the episode.
      • Near the end, the tot starts appearing to Maya, who goes "What the...?"
      • In the ending scene, Auggie sees it as well and goes "What the...?" as well.
    • Riley immediately fitting into the lifestyle of a sorority girl. She's away from Maya for mere seconds yet somehow manages to pledge a sorority, learn their song, and leave such an impression that the other girls voted Riley "Best friend to have", plus learn at least some of their names.
  • In "Girl Meets Hurricane", we learn what Maya's dad's name is. Shawn can't keep a straight face and Riley tries to mock Maya.
    Riley: Kermit?!
    Maya: Topanga?
    Riley: We're even.
    • Slightly later, Cory runs in.
      Cory: Knock knock!
      Shawn: Who's there?
      Cory: The only person who could change your life from "things are goin' pretty good right now" to "AAAH!"
      Shawn: The only person who could change my life from "things are goin' pretty good right now" to—
      Cory: AAAH!
      Shawn: —who?
      Enter Angela.
  • In "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington", after Farkle explains to Eric what a primary is.
    Eric: Are you a robot?
    Farkle: (freaked out) I'm a real boy!
    Cory: Birth certificate?
    Farkle: Still looking.
    • The ending scene, where Cory and Topanga hurriedly leave their apartment with packed suitcases due to Eric entering the Senate race.
    • Really, any scene with Eric in general if it's not a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming is this or a Crowning Moment of Awesome. Despite his insecurity and camera-shyness, Will Friedle proves with every appearance that he's Still Got It.
  • This rapid fire exchange regarding Farkle in "Girl Meets New Teacher":
    Mr. Turner: (points at Farkle) Stuart Minkus's kid?
    Cory: Yes.
    Mr. Turner: Super genius?
    Cory: Outer space.
    Mr. Turner: Really human boy?
    Cory: We're not sure yet.
    • Later, at dinner:
      Auggie: Was my dad a good student?
      Mr. Turner: He was a wonderful student.
      Topanga: Why would you lie to my kid?
      Mr. Turner: He tried real hard.
      Topanga: Why would you lie to my kid?
  • The ending scene of "Girl Meets The New Teacher," in which we learn that, all these years later, Topanga still remembers how Mr. Turner gave her an A- once, and is still annoyed about it, despite Cory setting up a speed bump.
  • From "Girl Meets Yearbook," Maya-as-Riley being all blushy and shy around Lucas... and him responding, briefly, before snapping out of it!
    Lucas: This is your solution, Maya?
    Riley!Maya: (shyly) Hi.
    Lucas: (smiling and shy, as well) Hey.
    Riley!Maya: (smiling) Hi.
    Lucas: (realizes what he is doing) NO!
    • "Donnie Barnes: Regular Guy!"
    • Lucas being the increasingly frustrated Straight Man toward the whole thing.
    Lucas: (covering his eyes) Please be back to normal, please be back to normal, please be back to normal... (uncovers eyes)
    Farkle: I'm Donnie Barnes!
    Lucas: Argh. (Riley walks in dramatically, dressed in her Morotia M. Black persona) What the—?
    Riley: (dramatically, yet apathetically) Life is what we do between nothings.
    Lucas: Is this a New York thing, or what is this? (pause) Maya?
    Maya: (walks in dressed like Riley) Lollipops and circuses and things that rhyme with that!
    Lucas: NO!
    • Cory walks in afterwards and then chants the same thing as Lucas did while covering his eyes.
    Cory: Please be back to normal, please be back to normal. (uncovers eyes)
    Farkle: What's up, hambone? (Cory stares at him, bewildered)
    • Cory's horrified scream when he first sees Maya-as-Riley & she starts talking like Riley would, calling him Daddy and all.
    Riley!Maya: Don't worry, Daddy, I'm gonna fix everybody right up.
    Cory: (shrieks)
    • At the start, Maya's "hurr!" being so loud and intense that it visibly blows Lucas's hair back.
    • When Lucas finds out he got "Most Likely to be Okay With Anything That Ever Happens:"
    Maya: What'd you get, Huckleberry?
    Lucas: I got "Most Likely to be Okay With Anything That Ever Happens."
    Maya: How do you feel about that?
    Lucas: Well, actually I'm okay with - Oh!
    • Katy-as-Riley.
    "I love today. Today is even better than yesterday. And yesterday was the best day ever! I'd think about tomorrow but I am afraid I'd burst into sparkles."
    • Later, Topanga asks Kary to do an impression of Cory...
    Topanga: Okay, do Cory, he has to choose between me and Shawn. Go!
    Katy: (immediately) Shawn.
    *Katy shrugs, she and Topanga both laugh*
    • Cory asks the newly-dark Riley what happened to the people who went to Greenland.
    Dark Riley: [uninterested & overly dramatic] They died.
    Cory: Yep. The jerks.
    • When Lucas gives everyone else a lecture on why they shouldn't care what other people say about them, Cory whispers to him that if he mentions Greenland & Iceland, Cory'll give him an A right there.
    • This bit during his speech:
    Lucas: (to Farkle) You're the best Farkle we've got, and everybody knows it! (to Riley) And you are a complete ray of sunshine! (to Maya, who is smiling open-mouthedly like Riley does) And you are not!
    • And during the speech Lucas says he wants Maya back as Maya and that she has a great life... but then backpedals and says that her life isn't that great and her family life could be better with Maya's face getting sadder with each second.
    • Everything Riley says as Morotia M. Black.
    Katy: You want to be Riley Matthews? You gotta get inside her soul.
    Riley: My soul motel has no vacancy. It is fully occupied by scary Jack-o'-lanterns and candy corn.
  • From "Girl Meets Creativity":
    • The art teacher's reaction to Riley drawing another purple cat.
    • Cory putting the blame on Turner, much to Turner's dismay.
    • The gang's early attempt to convince the board to change their minds.
  • Lucas and Maya bet on Farkle being a real boy in "Girl Meets Farkle". Lucas, who bet on Farkle being a real boy, wins.
  • Lucas's attempt to teach Farkle sports in "Girl Meets Cory and Topanga".
    • When Riley pulls back the covers on her bed, Auggie is there eating a big plate of spaghetti. His explanation: "That's where the spaghetti is."
    • Riley meeting with a nun and a clown during her crisis, only to see Topanga and Cory there, respectively, especially when said nun and clown said they'd understand if they were her parents only to realize they are.
  • "Girl Meets Rileytown" is 90% Tear Jerker, but even it manages to squeeze in a few comic moments:
    • Farkle acting like Riley's "war wife" shortly before the ice cream fight with Maya.
    • Zay nonchalantly snacking on a bowl of cereal and milk he "stole" from the Matthews' kitchen.
    • Farkle ties Lucas up and he almost immediately breaks out. Zay, meanwhile, is hiding behind Farkle as it occurs.
    • Riley has boxes with things in them; one box is labelled "stuff" and another "etc".
    • Riley and Maya barricade Riley's window with a bunch of heavy stuff to keep "Texas Lucas" from getting in. Lucas just knocks everything out of the way. Riley tells him that they don't like when he gets all overprotective like this, and looks to Maya for support. Maya's response?
    Maya: (Clearly impressed with Lucas' strength) Um...Lucas, pick up that bed with one arm.
  • Pretty much any time Lucas so much as looks at Smackle and she thinks he's trying to hit on her.
  • "Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project": The letters of forgiveness were sent in red envelopes. At the end....
    Riley: The forgiveness was wonderful, Dad. Once you start, you just don't want to stop. [holds out red envelope] Here.
    Cory: Me? What did I do? [opens envelope] "Dear Dad, I forgive you for...everything."
    Riley: I do. [leaves]
    Cory: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What did I do?
    Maya: Oh, you know what you do. [leaves]
    Cory: Uh, I think a person should only be forgiven, Topanga, if that person has actually done something wrong. [Topanga nods and holds out red envelope] Really? [Topanga holds out another] Oh, come on! [Topanga holds out yet another] Okay, I know what that one is.
  • In "Girl Meets The New Year", after Farkle reveals to Maya and Lucas that Riley still has feelings for him, we get this gem that's very similar to what happened in "Girl Meets Maya's Mother".
    Yogi: "Thank you for a wonderful evening!"
    [Everyone proceeds to bolt out the door, Charlie following with a sleeping Auggie on his shoulder]
  • "Girl Meets STEM": Farkle faints after finding out Riley refused to drop the marble in the solution the day before on the grounds that the task was delegated to the girls while the boys were going to do that actual science part. From the floor:
    Farkle: You had one job to do.
    Riley: You mean, take care of the babies, Farkle.
    Farkle: [gets up] What? How long have I been out?!
  • Pretty much the entirety of Mark Cuban's guest spot in "Girl Meets Money"
    Lucas: World peace.
    Cuban: Great idea, Ms. America.
    • Let's not forget Riley's support for her favorite team:
      Riley: Mr. Cuban I know that you don't take the Knicks very seriously right now, but just you wait!
      Cuban: YeahIdonthavethatkindoftime.
      • Later...
        Riley: Go Knicks!
        Cuban: Yeah, we'll see how that works for ya!
  • "Girl Meets Commonism":
    • Cory's lesson about communism spins out of control.
      Riley: Why should we be in competition with each other? Why should we be motivated by report cards? Why shouldn't we all help each other out to know exactly the same thing?
      Cory: Riley.... [holds up American flag] Look at this. And choose your next words very carefully.
      Riley: [raises fist] Comrades!
      Cory: I pledge allegiance—
      Riley: Comrades of John Quincy Adams unite!
      Maya: Lightning!
      Riley: Thunder!
      Maya: Darkness!
      Riley: Bunny rabbits!
      Maya: From each according to his ability!
      Riley: To each according to his need!
      Both: Whoa! We're commies! It worked! Yay!
    • Dinner that night: Riley is wearing a weird outfit.
      Topanga: Anything interesting happen at school today?
      Cory: Nothing out of the ordinary.
      Topanga: Want to explain Riley's outfit?
      Cory: Oh, yeah, she's a commie now. Can you pass the potatoes?
      Topanga: Oh, thank goodness. I thought she was a mime.
      Riley: Maya cheated off of Farkle and all of a sudden she knows stuff.
      Topanga: So, you're a communist?
      Riley: Yeah.
      Topanga: [to Cory] Do I need to know the middle of the story?
      Cory: You want to be proud of her?
      Topanga: Yeah.
      Cory: Then no.
    • Riley decides a lawyer is needed to defend Maya and Farkle.
      Cory: Riley, you're not going to find a lawyer to defeat democracy. I mean, not even if you founds some hyper-competitive, freak-of-nature super lawyer. [smiling, Topanga cracks her knuckles and then her neck] Okay. [takes flag from corner and addresses it] I'm sorry you had to see this. Let's go.
  • "Girl Meets High School":
    • This bit.
      Maya: Guys, the only way we're gonna get through our one year of high school is together like we always have.
      Riley: Maya, there's four years of high school.
      Maya: I'm out.
  • "Girl Meets Jexica" is a much lighter episode compared to the few before it, so it's rife with hilarious banter:
    Maya: Why are you laughing? Is one of my five husbands Yogi?
    Riley: [nods]
    Maya: How is that possible?
    Riley: We only know five guys.
  • "Girl Meets the Real World": Riley suddenly eating the cookie that Zay's grandma sent him (right after he says she's getting old and it might be the last ever) just For the Evulz is funny. What follows is priceless.
    Maya: Okay, that was bad.
    Zay: Bad?! What could she do worse than that?
    Riley: This cookie is only okay.
  • "Girl Meets Bay Window" shows how Riley and Maya first met as kids.
    Riley: Are you a stranger?
    Maya: Yep.
    Riley: Are you a stranger who came in through my window?
    Maya: Yes.
    Riley: In that case...(starts screaming until Maya puts a hand over her mouth).
  • In "Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York", the audience awkwardly laugh when Zay learns his ancestors came from Africa and says it with surprising tone and the kids react half way shocked and half laughing.
  • In "Girl Meets She Don't Like Me", Smackle displays a Covert Pervert moment when she explains how the body works is bleeped out with a mix of Does This Remind You of Anything?. Their reactions are hilarious!
  • In Girl Meets Her Monster, Corey asks what "rat hole at the bottom of a cliff" is Riley going to be able to find for seventeen dollars. Smash Cut to Maya's bedroom.
  • In "Girl Meets Hollyworld," Maya kidnaps famous French actress Anastasia Boulangerie and handcuffs her to a radiator, all so Katy can get a role. When she finds the trio, Katy shocks the girls by telling Anastasia to drop her French which point, Anastasia starts speaking in a rural Southern voice.
    Anastasia: Fine! But this here does not leave this here room!
    Riley: What.
    Maya: Duh....
    • It turns out that "Anastasia" is actually Bobbie Jo Thibodeaux, her best friend from childhood.
    Katy: Anastasia Boulangerie is not from France.
    Riley and Maya: WHAT?!
    Anastasia/Bobbie Jo: See?
    Katy: She's from Possum Trot, Arkansas.
    Riley and Maya: WHAT?!
    Anastasia/Bobbie Joe: See?
    Maya:'re from Possum Trot, Arkansas.
    Riley: WHAT?!
    Maya: Riley, you knew that.
    Riley: I couldn't stop.
    • Katy and Bobbie Jo proceed to do a big song and dance number that has Maya whimpering in Riley's arms.
      • Topanga has a look on her face that says "I'm friends with this woman... what has my life sunk too?"
  • In the series finale, Cory's long absent sister, Morgan, played by Lily Nicksay, is part of the massive reunion to give advice. Right in the middle of a talk, she "tags out" to Lindsay Ridgway, who took over the role of Morgan who picks right up on the conversation.
    Auggie: Does this mean I'm going to get replaced?!
    • Talking of how rare it is for everyone to get together, Nicksay and Ridgway remark on how "we've never actually been at the same place together.
    • Eric spots Mr. Feeny and proceeds to turn around and moonwalk towards him. Attempting to talk to him, he goes "feh..,feh,feeh,feeah-ah." The entire exchange is hilarious.
  • Any scenes with Smackle. Also shown in this video.

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