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  • So, what happened between you and this Renwick customerrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
  • You and he were... buddies, weren't you?
  • The first thing that happens in the series is a cat appearing in the hallway. You can see the hands carrying the cat dropping it into the shot, and Madeleine/Liz is standing ready to pet the cat for several seconds before it is dropped into shot. Then there's the dialogue...
    Cat: [telepathically, in Todd Rivers' voice] Just leave!
    Liz: Funny... I think that cat just told me to leave.
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  • Sanchez at one point tries taking the pulse of a dead victim who is obviously a burned corpse.
  • The comically-robotic delivery of Sanchez's lines, almost sounding like a text-to-speech voice.
  • Thornton Reed using the term "Defcon 4 situation" to describe a search for an eye-beast that Rick is hiding.
  • Sanchez is accosted by a telekinetically levitated iron. He draws his pistol and shoots it. His own weapon suddenly comes to life. Sanch throws the weapon down, stamps on it and draws another pistol with which to shoot the first pistol.
  • Any time Dean Learner's bad acting starts to show, whether through flat delivery or putting down the phone at the wrong time.
  • Any of Thornton Reed's rants. Cool it Sanchez, or you'll get a knuckle supper, indeed. Adding to it is the fact that he uses several curse words that would sound intimidating if his acting matched the character. However, the fact that the actor uses a deeper version of Ayoade's Maurice Moss voice makes any would-be tough lines fall so flat to hilariously-awkward effect.
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  • The chase from "The Apes of Wrath" complete with Eighties chase music and engine noises dubbed over in spite of the fact that everyone is riding ordinary bicyles.
  • One of the cafeteria staff in the second episode has the camera wrongly-placed so that his shoulders are cropped off of the bottom of the shot, leaving only his head and the blank wall in the shot.
  • A staff member being menaced by a floating stapler runs away with little sense of urgency, taking breaths in the middle of his flat screaming, even after he finishes a phone call. You can't even call it a run, it's more like a mild jog.
  • Larry Renwick's funeral in "Once Upon a Beginning". Renwick bursts out of his coffin, in spite of the fact that in the previous scene he had exploded, but somehow survived as a disembodied head until Dag granted him a Mercy Kill. Dag pushes Renwick's grieving mother aside, even shooting her in the shoulder, before pumping an unholy number of magnum rounds into Renwick, while Reed supports him with his shotgun, after which he uses a flamethrower to finish the job. To cap it all off, Sanchez simply states "Well, that'll stop him." Not only that, but the footage of Reed and his shotgun is badly edited in, to the point that every time it cuts back to Dag, Reed is standing behind him doing nothing.
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  • "If you go to a puppet show to see the strings, you're a freak." Before that, the phrase, "An eagle-eyed viewer might be able to see the wires", in the middle of an episode where the wires holding up telekinetically-floating objects have ranged from exactly that kind of visibility to blatantly obvious.
  • "Look at that poor man. Not only has he just been screwed by an eye, but he's now giving birth."
  • Stephen Merchant as the chef meets a sticky end: Goddamn sonofabitch. The fact that his typical Motor Mouth tendencies are played for Narm in this case, as if the In-Universe actor just wanted to get his lines out of the way.
  • "That thing's a potential killer! Look at these lab results!" [points at piece of paper with "POTENTIAL KILLER" written on it]
  • When Dag goes out alone to face the Scotch Mist, he is attacked by a set of bagpipes. The pipes latch onto him, steal his trousers and turn his hair ginger.
  • Any of the readings from Garth's novels. The first one from Slicer stands out.
    Garth Marenghi: Something was pouring from his mouth. He examined his sleeve. Blood!? Blood. Crimson copper-smelling blood, his blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. (Checks line)...And bits of sick.
  • The long terrifying rant Dag gives about having to spend a night in Glasgow that led to his hatred of Scots.
    Sanchez: My aunt lives in Scotland. She says it's quite nice.
    Dag: Well she's wrong.
  • The whole scenario in the first episode when Renwick gets blown up, from his understatement that it really hurts to him somehow being alive after basically exploding, with only his head left intact to Dagless whacking his head with a spade, whereupon it flies away like a golf ball, or an obvious dummy. A DVD extra shows Garth's storyboards for the scene, which look like a secondary school student's homemade comic book.
  • The whole sequence when the eye-child bites Dag's hand when Dag for some reason moves his hand near its mouth, causing him to fling it around in a panic and bash it to death comes off as intentionally awkward, with all the other actors standing around awkwardly glancing around, not even responding to what's going on, as if they're not sure what to make of what's happening.

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