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Headscratchers / Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

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  • Have the in-universe episodes been cut to add the interview footage, or were the final cuts really that short?
    • It's stated in-universe that a lot of slow motion was used as Padding to draw out the length of episodes. Bear in mind that there is precisely one deleted scene from "Scotch Mist" titled on the DVD as "The One Scene I Cut."
  • Bit of needless nitpicking here, but why is Dagless always shown as being cheap or very concerned with people paying him back? It's funny for the viewer but doesn't really fit the "Mary Sue" angle.
    • It fits the "Jerk Sue" angle though.
    • Garth Marenghi acts that way in "real life", and since he is writing himself he doesn't see anything wrong with it.
    • It's a sort of Unreliable Narrator based on the "Jerk Sue" angles as discussed above. Marenghi doesn't see himself as a tightfisted SOB, he just thinks he's sensible with money. Ergo, he writes Dagless as 'sensible with money' in the same way he is, not realising that it's actually just tightfistedness.

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