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  • All of Chapter 1, which is essentially Pokemon's variant of the Genesis story. Arceus, Mew, Dialga, Palkia, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit and Latias all have an incredibly dysfunctional creation family. Specifically, we have Mew doing such things as throwing stuffed animals at Azelf and Dialga, fertilizing the omniverse in front of their children (requiring Uxie to wipe Azelf's mind clean), and trying to give everyone a Group Hug. Not to mention Dialga and Palkia constantly arguing; mainly Dialga calling Palkia gay (then again, Palkia calling Latios hot is hardly heterosexual...).
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  • Leo and Mewgle's encounters, especially the first; Mewgle thinks Leo is either his arch-rival or soulmate when they first meet. It's the former.
  • Every single time Sam & Max are on screen something hilariously random and/or bizzare is bound to happen, such as invoking deus ex machine, weaponized Porn Without Plot, Rubber Pants Commandos, and game based fighting skills.
  • Anytime Leo's overwhelming nerd-ishness causes Pikachu to just spazz out. Later, Pikachu fanboys over the Pokerockers even worse than Leo.
  • Todd gathering up several warriors to fight Denchu and save Ash and the others...before telling them to go back out and redo the entrance, because he didn't get enough cool pictures.
  • Viers talking to Chobin about food.
  • The Running Gag of the Nihilator leaders (sans Oblivion's Shadow) being completely Ax-Crazy. i.e. Oblivion's Shadow mentions things like curing vampirism or health and safety, only for Bellum/Tarantulas/Chobin to stare blankly and make him go "right, forgot who I am talking to".
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  • Nuken's reaction to being told that Missy's pregnant. Instead of going on a bloody rampage like you might think, he simply faints.
  • Anytime anyone says "what." anytime in the story. Leo causes many of these.
  • Pikachu's absolute horror when he realises his mother has just made an arranged marriage with Dawn and that nobody has a problem with it.
  • From Chapter 51 onwards, when he stops being depressed over his unfavourite status, practically anything that Latios says - from Comically Missing the Point about almost everything to fanboying over Aaron.
  • Fantina and Bellum's ludicrous "I prepared for this" exchange. And Leo taking notes on it.
  • Leo's total breakdown once he realises that there's no internet at Zero Isle. It goes on for about three whole chapters. Made even better once Sasha starts asking about it.
    Sasha: Leo, are you alright?
    Leo: Leo? Who's Leo? I'm Monscrub Fourplank, Mighty Pirate!
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  • The Love Dodecahedron between Team GX, Team Go-Getters and Team Awesome. Naturally, lampshaded to hell and back, with it consisting of the main part of their arc. It gets bigger when Zachary (who has a crush on Matthias) and Mizula (the Only Sane Man) join and cause even more nonsense. There is even a moment where, before a game of Spin the Bottle, everyone thinks who they would want to kiss. To summarise, Torch wants to kiss Kira, who wants to kiss Gilbert, who wants Torch to kiss Kira and who thinks Sapphire is kind of cute, and Sapphire actually wants to kiss someone who likes her back. Meanwhile, Collette and Zachary want to kiss Matthias, while Mimi wants to kiss Mizula and Mizula wants someone to kiss her so she will know why everyone is so excited over it...
  • In Chapter 61, Evan, and Eight Headed Hissssssa begin..... Knowing each other in an allyway in the Berry Kingdom. Made even more hilarious due to the fact that apparently, this happens all the time.
  • Chapter 64 takes this and runs with it. From Callista's point of view:
    She was by herself at the moment, her friends occupied in other pursuits: Evan and Hissssa fucking their brains out, as usual; Gary and Mary exploring and no doubt getting lost in the massive castle (or fucking each other's brains out); Jerry wooing one of the princes (or fucking each other's brains out); and Janine and Maren collaborating with the heads of security and military (or…oh, you get the idea.)
  • The Running Gag that Light of Justice is a Nice Guy that Richie would like to be friends with, if he wasn't crazy.
  • The fact that Richie's entire team and journey is an Expy of Ash's; their Big Bad is just a lot nicer. Which makes sense, Light of Justice is the reincarnation of N.
  • In Chapter 61, Ash begins to go into Void mode, just from hearing about Oblivion's Shadow. Briney simply smacks Ash over the head.
  • Dawn, Lily, Leo and Sasha watch chick flicks.
  • Every time the group goes off on a tangent which is Lampshaded many, many times.
  • In Chapter 63, Ash has a flashback where Mew tells him that even though he will suffer, everything will turn out alright if he relies on his friends and family. The flashback ends with Mew starting an orgy with Professor Oak, Riley, a Lucario and Delia. This is followed by the horrified reactions of Ash's friends when he tells them what he'd seen.


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