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  • After Chrona's been in an Angst Coma for the whole day, Maka decides to see if a kiss would wake him up. But when she tries, Ragnarok bursts out of his body and starts flipping out at her.
    Ragnarok: What the hell! Does seeing him like this get you off or something?
    Maka: No! I - I just -
    Ragnarok: Are you some kind of a perv?
    Maka: I thought a kiss might wake him up.
    Ragnarok: Are you kidding? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard! Like hell I'm letting you tongue him while he's unconscious!
    Maka: I wasn't going to - it was just, I mean -
    Ragnarok: If anything, your bad breath will scare him into a full-blown coma!
    Maka: I don't have bad breath!
    Ragnarok: Yes you do. It smells like pork and fruity chapstick.
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  • Ragnarok teasing Chrona when he's trying to write a poem to express his feelings for Maka.
    Ragnarok: (mimicking Chrona) Ohhh, Maka. You make my soul all wet. Come heal my little broken brain with your magical rays of lovey goodness!
  • When Stein tells the class that Ox was the only one who got an A on the last test, the Insufferable Genius immediately whips around to shout to Maka, "Suck on that!" He is promptly Maka-Chopped.
  • Combined with Heartwarming Moments - Black Star giving Chrona a huge bouquet of flowers as an apology for upsetting him earlier (he still thinks Chrona's a girl).
  • Ragnarok is full of these -
    Ragnarok: Ugh! If you drag me to that dance and then just stand alone in a corner the whole time feeling sorry for yourself, I swear I'm going to grab your ears and stretch them out so far I can tie them in a knot!
    Chrona: That's not even possible...
    Ragnarok: Shut up! I'll decide what's possible!
  • The conversation between Maka and Blair before the dance, especially this bit: ''[Maka] pinned up her hair, wondering how she'd ended up in a chat about her sexuality with a talking cat.''
    • Ragnarok trying to get Chrona to hurry up getting ready for the dance by helping him out in the shower, a la Kid and Kim in Chapter 98 of the original manga. And then there's him getting excited about a possible Panty Shot from Tsubaki...
  • Black Star's Alcohol-Induced Idiocy at the Halloween dance:
    Black Star: Ya-HOOO! (slings one arm around Soul and the other around Maka) Greta party, huh? I never knew champagne was sho good! Oh man, I love this song! Shum-one dance wiff me!
    • He starts to drag Chrona off to the dance floor, but Maka saves him by pushing poor Soul onto him instead.
  • Black Star's reaction when Chrona and Maka tell their friends that they are a couple. Up to this point, he still thought Chrona was a girl.
    Black Star: Maka and Chrona? You're les - (Tsubaki punches him in the head) I mean, congratulations! Heh, Maka, you've got good taste in women!
    Maka: Chrona's a boy.
    Black Star: Eh - ? What?
    Soul: Yeah. You still didn't know?
    Black Star: B-But...
    Black Star: B-because - two girls, and they were - but...Aaaagh! (runs off into the woods)
    Chrona: What just happened?
    Soul: I think he blew a fuse in his brain. Happens sometimes.
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  • There's one from Maka and Chrona's otherwise very heartfelt and emotional love scene - Chrona being introduced to oral sex, something he is entirely unfamiliar with.
    Chrona: Y-y-you...You licked me.
    Heat flooded her cheeks. His reaction made her wonder just how innocent he was. Even if neither one of them knew much about it, surely Chrona had at least encountered the concept of oral sex.
    Or maybe not. He was looking at her as though she'd just informed him that she was actually a mermaid from the moon.
  • When Blair congratulates Chrona and Maka on, ahem, getting together, she gives them a big hug and unwittingly puts them both in Marshmallow Hell, and Ragnarok takes the opportunity to take a look at her cleavage.
  • Spirit gives a harsh If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... speech to Chrona, and when Chrona doesn't back down, he reveals that it was all just a Secret Test of Character. He then proceeds to get overly emotional and descend into Inelegant Blubbering, which freaks Chrona out even more.
    Spirit: (while shaking Chrona and crying) Don't ever break her heart! Don't make the mistakes I did! Give her all your love! Even if you have to wear a chastity belt and hang the key on a golden chain around her neck!
    Ragnarok: Get a grip, you bizarre little man! What the hell is wrong with you?
  • This little exchange:
    Maka: Why are you always pulling up [Chrona's] robe? Are you that interested in his underwear?
    Ragnarok: What? You think I - no, damn it! I don't give a shit about his underwear! I just like humiliating him.
    Maka: (deadpan stare)
    Ragnarok: What?! I don't mean it like that, you sicko!
    Maka: (innocently) I didn't say anything.
    Ragnarok: Bullying Chrona is an art, damn it! You don't get it! You just have a disgusting mind, you weird...nose fetishist, you!

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