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  • A lot of moments where Tutter the mouse gets caught up in the moment, but then utters out "Oh... thank you Beaaaar!". What sells it is the way he says it.
  • In one episode, the cast is having a picnic and Bear is trying to convince Treelo that they should have fruits and vegetables other than just bananas (or "bananananas," as Treelo calls them.) He eventually convinces Treelo that they should bring tomatoes, but when he tells Treelo to put the tomato in the picnic basket, Treelo clutches the tomato and says that it's his friend. "The tomato is your friend?" deadpans Bear, casting an Aside Glance at the audience.
    • This later causes Tutter to cry out incredulously "IT'S A TOMATO!!!!!"
  • When agitated, Tutter has a tendency to swear by shouting out names of cheeses, such as "Oh, Cheddar Chunks!", "Oh, Gouda!", "Oh, Brie!", or even "Great Gobs of Gorgonzola!".
  • Harry the Duck rigidly insists on referring to Bear as "Mr. Bear," even though Bear tells him repeatedly "...Oh, and Harry? It's just Bear."
  • A Beary Bear Christmas:
    • The kids are bickering about holiday preparations. Bear sort of shouts at them a bit to try to get their attention, then sings a bit of the show theme to remind them that he's still there.
    • Bear invites Jack to stay in the Big Blue House for a while and rest. Jack had been protesting up to that point that he needed to move along, but at this he flops over on the couch and immediately dozes off. Tutter stares in disbelief and makes a comment to either nobody in particular, or to the audience.
    Tutter: (incredulous) He's sleepin'!
    • On Christmas Eve, the kids all go to bed, including finally Tutter.
  • So much of the "When You've Got To Go!" episode, particularly the "Toileteers."
    • "What is going on?! What is going on?! Well, I'll tell you what's going on, Bear!"
  • Anything Bear said when he was on The Hollywood Squares, ie. bluffing (for the question "What is impossible to do while keeping your eyes open?") that it's impossible to watch C-SPAN and keep your eyes open (go to about 2:25 in the video).
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  • "Santa Hogg" having to listen to the kids' increasingly outrageous Christmas wishes in "A Beary Bear Christmas" and his expression.
    Tutter: Just... tons and tons of cheese! Limburgers and Bries...
  • "Raiders of the Lost Cheese" - Tutter leads his friends on a quest to find the "great lost cheese," his great grandpa Tutterly T. Tutter's legendary treasure. They find it, alright, and, of course, it turns out to be all old, moldy and nasty. Heh. What did they expect?
  • From the "Imagine That" song from the episode by the same name...
    Ojo: I could be Bear!
    Bear: You could?
    Ojo: Do you always smell this good? Hey, Bear! That sounds just like you.
  • Ojo's song all about her from "You Go, Ojo!" is performed by her and Bear. Despite this, she still manages to insert herself in the boys' song, "Oh, Boy" from "Boys Will Be Boys."
    Pip and Pop: Let's go chase the squirrels.
    Bear: Oh, boy
    Ojo: Let's play with the girls!
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  • Just the fact that the show did certain songs in certain styles. For example, "Otter Love" is performed as an R&B / soul ballad with rap inserts from Bear. "It's so rare / The way you care / Go on, declare / Share your love." Another song, "Find the Words," is performed by Bear as a gospel spiritual. "You got to say / The words, hallelujah / Come on and say the words!"
  • From the "Dear Grandma" song, performed by Tutter - "Thanks for the chocolate cakes covered in cheese / For teaching me how to say 'thanks' in Chinese!"note  Yeah, Tutter just thanked his Grandma Flutter for teaching him how to say "thanks."
  • In "Dance Fever," everyone in the Big Blue House is having a lazy day, except for Treelo, who feels like dancing. Even Bear just wants to sit and relax, but Treelo takes on the wall of the Fourth-Wall Observer, saying that he knows how to get Bear to dance. He suggests that Bear might feel an "itching" and "scritching" and so forth, until finally he's got Bear and the others dancing "The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha."
  • The Imagine Spot in "To Clean or Not to Clean" about what it would be like if Tutter, Ojo, Treelo, Pip, and Pop never bathed again.
    "WE'RE DIRTY!"
  • In "What's In The Mail, Today?", Bear shows off everything in the mail to Pip and Pop, who get disappointed when the stuff turns out to not be for them.
  • "The Tutter Family Reunion"
    • Tutter's massive family has a reunion at the Big Blue House. Except that Tutter forgot to tell Bear that his extended family was quite so large and forgot to tell any of the other kids at all, resulting in mild confusion by Bear, and massive confusion from the latter...
      Pop: Tutter's family...
      Pip and Pop: is everywhere! Look! (pan cut to several mice playing pirates in the bathtub)
    • Later, this comment from Tutter as a good baker's dozen or so mice or so are playing in the kitchen.
      Tutter: It's a pity so few could make it.
    • Tutter himself finally starts getting annoyed with his own family.
      Tutter: (to Bear and others) And I don't mind saying, they can be a real pain! ... Grandma!
  • In "Ooh, Baby, Baby," Bear notes that Tutter's becoming a real baby expert and asks if he'd like to change Baby Blotter's diaper. Tutter says it's not his area. Bear says he figured as much and turns briefly to Pip and Pop.
    Pip and Pop: Don't look at us, Bear!
  • In "Back to Nature," Bear has a bunch of stuff he's either throwing away or recycling. Tutter, however, thinks he could make use of it, so Bear tells him that he can have it.
    Tutter: All these riches are mine! Mine, I say! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • During Tutter's "Why Can't the Dirt Just Leave Me Alone?" song from "Dirt, I Love You So!", Pip and Pop suddenly pop up out of nowhere to provide backing vocals. Then, when the song is over, they make their exit just as quickly, sliding between the legs of a squatting Bear.
    Pip: Bye, Tutter! (whoosh)
    Pop: Bye, Tutter! (whoosh)
  • In the opening of "Welcome to Woodland Valley, Pt 2.," Bear is explaining that he and Doc Hogg are about to get together to discuss what to do about the tree that fell on the library before the big potluck dinner that night. Just then, Doc Hogg shows up.
    Doc Hogg: I got a plan. You know I was sitting in bed, thinking about it, and suddenly, it came to me. The tree. First thing we gotta do is... get rid of the tree, huh?
    Bear: (Aside Glance) He's a genius, really.

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