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Luna is Princess Luna.
What do you do when you're imprisoned on the moon for 1000 years? Talk to a bear, of course!
  • Jossed. Good ol' Bear here and the gang existed way before MLP came into the scene.
    • Also. Luna's the Chief of Acme Crimenet, which makes her totally not the other Luna, putting them on complete opposite ends of the Moral scale. It's impossible for her to be both.

She talks to Bear every night because he's in charge of her rehabilitation incase she is ever used to destroy the world again.
  • Jossed. Nothing to do with that whatsoever. This is a kid's show.

Bear is a Time Lord.
The Big Blue House is his TARDIS.

The kids are all orphans in some fashion or another.
Save Harry, who actually has a mother. But otherwise, we only ever see grandparents.
  • That is most likely true but it is safe to presume that they decided not to show all the parents.
    • For the background characters, at least. Maybe the residents of the Big Blue House (besides Bear, of course) are legitimate orphans, and the Big Blue House is an orphanage!

Shadow is some sort of nightmare creature from a shadow dimension of some kind.
That would explain why her segments are utterly terrifying! But she clearly has good intentions, so if she's a nightmare creature, she's one of the good ones. But then that makes you wonder what the bad ones are like?

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