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Heartwarming / Bear in the Big Blue House

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  • In song, Tutter tries to write an extensive letter to his Grandma Flutter, thanking her for pretty much everything she's ever done for him, such as teaching him how to slam dunk a basketball, or helping him to wipe his nose when he sneezed. There's no way that it'll all fit on a mouse-sized piece of paper. Bear suggests a new message, "Dear Grandma Flutter, love Tutter," which both agree "says it all."
    Bear and Tutter: Dear Grandma Flutter, love Tutter. I guess that says it all.
    Tutter: Bear, do you have a stamp?
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  • The reprise of "What If?" from the special A Beary Bear Christmas, "The Best Present Ever," is loaded with this. The special pretty much runs the gamut from humor to heartfelt discussion to serious moments, but this bit really grabs on the heartstrings.
    Tutter: It's more than a book about cheese.
    Ojo: Much more than some nice new clothes to wear.
    Pip and Pop: Even more than a pile of gifts a mile tall.
    Jack: To know that even you roam
    Bear: There's a place you feel at home.
    Cast: That's the very greatest present of them all!
  • And then there's the entire gang offering Jack, a homeless dog, shelter in the Big Blue House, followed by Pip and Pop wishing on the winter berry that Jack finds a new home. It comes full circle in the end when Doc Hogg asks Jack to go live with him.
  • Tutter and Ojo have a great big fight. They get really angry at each other, but Tutter apologizes and Ojo decides that she doesn't even need to hear it because she's already already forgiven him. This is once again explained in song.
    Ojo: It's okay, 'cause in the end, I really can't stay angry at a friend, and you're my friend!
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  • Meta example: The speech that Noel MacNeal gave at a public tribute to the deceased Lynne Thigpen.
  • From the "Find Your Way" song...
    Bear: However lost, however far, you're never lost from who you are.
  • "The Best Thanksgiving Ever" - Ojo is convinced she's ruined Thanksgiving for everyone and Bear once again provides reassurance in song...
    Bear: Thank you Ojo / For all you've tried to do / Thanks for caring so much / And just for being you.
    Ojo: But, Bear... I wanted this to be / The best day in history.
    Bear: But don't you worry / Everything will be okay.
  • "The Tutter Family Reunion":
    • After his family has left, Tutter tells Bear, Ojo, Treelo, and Pip & Pop that he thinks of them as his family also.
    Tutter: I, um, I love you guys.
    Bear, Ojo, Treelo, Pip and Pop: Ohhhh. We love you, too.
    • At the end of the episode, Luna tells Bear that she thinks of him and the others in the Big Blue House as family.
    • Bear's parting message to the viewers is that we always have a second family right there in the Big Blue House.
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  • Bear's final words to the audience on the original show.note 
    Bear: Oh, by the way, I hope I've been one of the nicest parts of your life because you are one of the nicest parts of mine. I'll see you back at the Big Blue House. Bye.

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