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"Bear in the Big Blue House was a staple of many peoples' childhoods, with a lifespan of nearly a decade. The image of the seven-foot-tall tan bear sparks memories not only in the children that watched it, but in their parents as well. The show was hugely impactful on children with special needs, specifically those on the autism spectrum. This is believed to be because of Bear's gentleness as a caregiver, and the calming nature of the show. The series was successful in sticking with Disney Channel's family-oriented programming, and it helped launch the developing channel into the mainstream."
the Defunctland video about the series

"Bear represented the child’s view of an adult; this big lumbering creature that was always doing something. And the characters were the kids at home of various ages who were discovering the world first through their own home and then, for the fourth season, the outside world. That was a great season because the other characters got to be (spiritually four years) older like the original viewers who watched. So they did more things especially in the outside world."
Noel MacNeal in his interview with The Muppet Mindset

"I loved working on that show. the writing and music were superb. A wonderful thing about that series was there was one person who had a vision for how the sound should look and feel and sound. Although suggestions were welcome and encouraged, it was not a show-by-committee. Mitchell Kriegman knew what he wanted and kept a close eye on every creative aspect of the show. That gave it consistency and a really clear focus. I enjoyed working for someone with such a clear, well-thought out vision of what they wanted."
Peter Linz

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