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Fridge Logic

  • When The Addams Family is seen with a bubbling cauldron to get rid of carolers, it is entirely possible that, if it was cold enough outside, and the pot was filled with water, that the water would disappear into steam before it hit the carolers, leaving them unharmed. Or at least cool down to a non-lethal temperature before it hit them, as we see the water has a fairly long way to fall in both the movie, and the comic.
  • In the first film, Abigail Craven's plan to steal the Addams's fortune is to play off "Gordon" as Fester. This ends up biting her in the ass when he finds he highly prefers being surrounded by a loving family of equally strange gothics than having an abusive mother who only saw him as a tool, and ultimately gets him his memory of actually being Fester back when he's struck by lighting while trying to close the hurricane book. Had she not tried some half-baked con of him pretending to be himself, and actually told the truth in the first place that she found him with amnesia, it's entirely plausible that "Gordon" wouldn't have started looking at his family situation so closely, and she could have managed to get away Scot-free.
    • Craven didn't know the amnesiac she found in the Bermuda Triangle was Fester Addams: she just knew he wasn't her natural son. There's nothing in the film to suggest Craven knew all along that Gordon was Fester. If she did, don't you think a woman as greedy and calculating as her would have used that knowledge (and Fester) to her advantage, like holding him hostage for a huge payday, or for at least what would have probably a huge reward from an immensely grateful Gomez?
  • The way that "Gordon" took to dancing the Mamushka should have been a tip-off that he was Fester. After all, Gomez said that only the Addamses knew the dance.
    • I think it was a deliberate hint that "Gordon" really was Fester.
  • This troper always thought that Thing was some creature that you only saw the hand of, not just a hand.
    • This troper agrees: In the show, Thing has a lot more forearm and one time you see a second hand- one hand drew into the box and another one popped out to close it. This isn't to say I don't like Thing as he appears in the movie, of course.
    • In Charles Addams' cartoons, Thing is a creature, not just a hand — in fact, he's a whole other human (or... something like one), usually peering at the Addamses from some vantage point or another. What was unique about him here was that you never fully saw him — he was almost completely obscured by something, or silhouetted, or what have you. Charles Addams originally wanted to make him a disembodied head for the television series.

  • In the musical, why is Pugsley the same age, but Wednesday eighteen? In the show, she was six, meaning she would have aged twelve years, so Pugsley should be about twenty to twenty-two years old, but he's still a small (about eight to ten years old) boy!
    • The musical and the show are in two different continuities.
  • Gordon is eventually confirmed to be Fester, who has been bald since childhood. Yet he can grow a full head of hair when he's in his forties.
    • Maybe he shaved his hair on purpose as a boy.
    • I know it's a different continuity, but at least in the newer show, Fester was shown growing hair when in great distress; maybe that started up when he was away from the family for that long.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In "The Addams Family Tree", Gomez, Morticia, and Fester get into an argument about whether to avenge the family honor in a duel or Combat Pragmatist style. Gomez tells Fester that Addamses don't know the meaning of the word "fear" and Fester answers that he does. In the original 1964 series, Uncle Fester is implied to be related to Morticia, not Gomez. He's a Frump, not technically an Addams.
  • The reason the Addams act the way they do and seem to kill people with no guilt? The Addams as a whole all have Nigh-Invulnerability and other powers and assume that others do too.
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  • Wednesday's blunt answer to the kid using the Delivery Stork tale: As the eldest, Wednesday has had a front-row seat to parents that cannot keep their hands off one another. She's probably glad she only has two brothers. Plus, Morticia and Gomez don't excessively shelter or fib to the kids, so they probably told Wednesday the blunt truth (albeit, with more tact) when Pugsley came into the picture.
  • In Addams Family Values, Pubert is born with a mustache like his father Gomez. An episode of the original television show had Gomez mention that he was born with his mustache. Remembering this helps make better sense of this if a mustache is intended to be a proud trait of the Addams Family.
  • Wednesday acts rather cold to Joel at the end of Addams Family Values. Perhaps it was making up for her rather emotional response to him before she left Chippewa? Someone like her might be a little ashamed of her minor Out-of-Character Moment.
    • I just figured that was her way of showing emotion (she's an Addams, after all).
    • Tying into that is what she said to Joel after he asked how he looked dressed as an Addams, she called him "disturbing" in true Addams fashion, she was complimenting him.
    • Given what her family is like it's probably important Joel get desensitized to all this. So she'll torment him until he's just as crazy as everyone else in her family.
  • There are several hints that "Gordon" really was Fester all along: Granny was able to sense his presence at dinner because he was already in the room, he showed the children how to gut with a sword, and he danced the Mamushka perfectly.note 
  • Early in the first film, Morticia tells Margaret that the world needs more widows and orphans. By the end of the film, Margaret is a widow herself.
    • At the ending when Margaret arrives at the Addams Family residence for the Halloween Party she is dressed as a fairy. While at first glance one may mistake this as Fairy Companion or Fairy Godmother, this could also be an unassuming ruse for The Fair Folk which the fairies of old were originally portrayed as.
  • Wednesday starts warming up to Joel when he mentions his myriad allergies (fresh air, sunshine), and when he states that fabric softener would kill him, she inches over to his side. Joel's negative reactions to all these "pleasant" things are right up the Addamses' alley: no wonder she's drawn to him!
    • Also, maybe being "allergic to fresh air and sunshine" is a False Cause fallacy when he really has seasonal allergies? Seasonal allergies happen in the spring and summer, and that's also when there's the most sunshine.
  • When the Addamses hold Debbie and Fester's wedding in the family cemetery, it may seem like more of their gloomy goth sensibilities...but the Addamses are all about family. Maybe they just wanted all the relatives—living and dead—to witness a new Addams bride welcomed into the fold.
  • The reason why Wednesday and Pugsley lap up as much time as they can with their Uncle Fester is that while it isn't addressed directly, it's the first time that they've met in this continuity.
  • In the second movie, Gomez tells Debbie that they 'of course they have cable'. This is because after being evicted from their house in the first movie, Gomez became addicted to daytime television shows.
    • It could also be to get horror films and watch documentaries on serial killers.
    • It's also possible that because the Addams are, well, the Addams, they may have had something else in mind when it comes to cable.
      • Or tightrope walking? They're daredevils, after all.
      • It could also be a reference to how they (especially Fester) love electricity?
  • In Addams Family Values, Debbie has given Fester the present of a bomb. He guesses it as soon as he listens to it, and she gives a "What?!", not realizing that, as an Addams, he'd actually want to get a bomb as a present!
  • Margaret joining the clan - it shows that the Addamses aren't just welcoming of freaks - they'll take in anybody. In the sequel she has completely adjusted to the family, has married and can interpret Cousin Itt, and has had his baby, and has hired a freak as a nanny. The Addams Clan is not exclusively for weirdos...
    • Of course it isn't for weirdos, it's for anyone who needs to be loved and to love, no matter how strange, freaky and weird they may be. That, incidentally, is the difference between Margaret and Debbie: both needed love and someone to love, but where Margaret could accept the weirdness and see the loving person under Itt's strangeness, Debbie couldn't see past it—hence Margaret finding happiness and Debbie finding a messy death.
  • The Addamses family motto is "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc" - "We Gladly Feast Upon Those Who Would Subdue Us". In Addams Family Values, the camp counselors who attempted to subdue Wednesday and Pugsley were shown being roasted alive.
  • Wednesday says in the first film that homicidal maniacs "look just like everybody else." You could argue that Tully and Abigail were homicidal maniacs as they were willing to kill for their plans and also Debbie from the second movie definitely was and they look just like regular people.
  • In Addams Family Values, why did Becky and Gary's arduous movie marathon for Wednesday, Pugsley, and Joel ultimately fail to change them? Two of the movies are Annie and The Sound of Music, which have large amounts of what the Addams dislike, but also have the unsavory villains of Agatha and Rooster Hannigan and freaking Nazis, respectively.
    • Also, being exposed to your dislikes doesn't make you like them.
    • They also really didn't think it through, since almost every movie in the stack was about young heroes and heroines rejecting conformity and fighting authority. The kids got that message loud and clear.
  • In the series, Wednesday was serious but not cynical, however, she was cynical in the movies. Maybe that's because a lot of things she didn't like were going on, and that made her unhappy. When she said "I hate everything", it might have meant that she hated everything that was going on right then.
  • In one episode, Gomez says that Cousin Itt speaks a different language. In another, Morticia says he talks too fast for people to understand. Maybe it's both. After all, his actor provided the voice by recording gibberish and speeding it up. Cousin Itt probably invented his own language that he taught his family so they understand him, but he believes English is a ludicrous language and doesn't speak it anymore. He also speaks very quickly so when he isn't able to be understood, they reckon "Either they don't speak his language or he's speaking too fast". Add that to the fact that people who cannot speak a language fluently sometimes have difficulty understanding a native speaker who is speaking quickly.
  • In one of the movies, it's revealed that Fester got his electrical abilities from being struck by lightning. This makes more sense if you realise that maybe Fester was always able to store and exploit electricity, he just hadn't discovered it until being struck by lightning as that was his first experience with electricity.
  • Maybe Wednesday told the nanny to "be very afraid" because she assumed the nanny enjoyed feeling afraid.
  • In the first film, Gomez says, "I didn't hate my mother. It was an accident". In the second film, Debbie calls him a "ladykiller" and he responds, "Acquitted". Maybe the woman he was acquitted of killing was his own mother.
    • Isn't his mother Grandmama?
    • In the TV series, yes; in the movie, Grandmama is Morticia's mother. Gomez's mother and father were apparently killed by an angry mob.
    • Maybe Gomez "accidentally" did something that riled up the angry mob.
  • In the 1991 film, Halloween is shown to be occurring 7 months after the events of the film. October is the 10th month, which means a majority of the film occurs throughout the 3rd month, climaxing towards the end. Beware the Ides of March, indeed...
  • The climax of the second movie actually resolved a long-standing Running Gag from two movies: namely, the Addams kids trying to kill one another off. Turns out that when one of the kids actually succeeded in killing off a relative, it was Pubert killing his aunt-in-law.
  • Why weren't the Addamses surprised when Debbie turned out to be a serial killer? Simple: they already knew. When she turned up at their home for the first time, she mentioned how she had references to prove she wasn't a homicidal maniac. Being the Addamses, they rolled with it, but Gomez specifically said 'you're too young', implying that she still had all the other signs. Thus, when the truth came out, it was no shock. They already had it figured from minute one.
  • The only two family members not seen sliding down the fireman's pole are Morticia and Lurch. Maybe Morticia is too dignified and Lurch fears he may break it due to his size.
  • As mentioned on the WMG page, the mention that the Addamses danced the Mamushka for Jack the Ripper gives three possible reasons for his disappearance: Either A.) He died accidentally during the Mamushka, B.) He gave up murdering after several failed attempts to kill an Addams, or C.) He tried to kill an Addams, but she fought back and killed him.

Fridge Horror

  • 1977's Halloween With The New Addams Family introduced two new children, Wednesday Jr. and Pugsley Jr., who were never heard from again afterwards. Seen in the light of the Addams traditions from the second movie (i.e. when a new baby enters the household, one of the children has to die) - well, that's a nasty possibility, isn't it?
    • According to The New Addams Family, Pugsley ate one of the kids...
    • Pugsley ate Pubert. Besides the juniors existed before the idea of Pubert (at least as a 3rd child) was probably even thought of.
    • This can't be the case. In the movies Grandmama is Morticia's mother, whereas in The New Addams Family she's Gomez's mother, just like in the first TV show. The Addamses are very grim, but not murderous, not unprovoked at least and certainly not towards their own kind. It's more likely that Wednesday said Pugsley ate the third only to scare the man she was talking to. As for the other 2 children, The movies and first TV show have different continuities. Also, they did mention in the second movie that the tradition of children dying has stopped. Maybe it wasn't even a tradition at all, they are very grim and probably only meant it in a metaphorical way.
  • The children in the hospital are probably traumatized for life after hearing Wednesday's parents "had sex".
    • How is telling a child that two adults had sex horrifying? It's not like they pulled out some porn magazines. Then again, different people have different views on this.
      • Hell, given all that 'diamond patch stork' crap the kid was spewing, I doubt they even knew what sex was.
  • Just how much violence and property damage was involved in that summer camp uprising? Did Amanda get burned alive? Perhaps Wednesday and even the other Addams do not realize others are not as difficult to kill as they themselves are.
    • What did Pugsley do in order to be given probation?
    • Amanda survived unharmed - at least in body; after nearly being burned alive, who knows what her mental state is right now? Anyway, she's shown in a plane with her parents when Baby Pubert is propelled into the atmosphere.
    • Did the outcasts really eat the camp counselors?
  • Is Cousin Itt naked under all that hair?
    • Are you naked under all those clothes?
    • Its been implied several times that It IS the hair.
    • Well, we do know that Itt at least wears gloves.
    • And it's probably best not to ask how he and Margaret had a child.
      • Margaret kissed Cousin Itt, and the angel told the stork and the stork flew down from heaven and left a diamond under a leaf in the cabbage patch and the diamond turned into a baby
  • More of a Fridge Tearjerker: Fester was gone for 25 years, because Gomez fought him for Flora and Fauna's affection. Gomez is definitely not the kind of man to cheat on his wife, and is so obviously in love with Morticia he wouldn't think of it. He obviously met Morticia after Fester disappeared, and Wednesday and Pugsley were born a few years after. Gomez's beloved brother missed out on the three most important parts of Gomez's life because of Gomez.
  • A small one, but just think how many times Gomez must have called The Sally Jessy Raphael show for Sally for him to be able to recognise his voice from just two words. They were in that nasty little motel a lot longer than we're shown.
    • Although considering that she guesses what he's going to ask, that could have been just the second or third time he'd called during that show so she knew he was going to ask again where voodoo witches meet, so it hadn't necessarily been long at all. Or alternately he called during so many shows that she knew what sort of questions he asks, implying they'd been there for ages.
    • Given that only that specific episode was about people who were "brainwashed by Voodoo witch magic", and Gomez was extremely bored, it's more likely that he had called in multiple times during that show — and only to ask where the "Voodoo witches" were meeting.
  • A tiny implied one, the speech about The Mamushka, it is a traditional Addams Family dance, and they usually dance it during horrific events in honour of said events, but, it seems implied because of how family-oriented the Addams clan is, they probably only do it for family, that further implies that both Emperor Nero and Jack the Ripper were both Addams!
    • Don't forget, Gomez also said that "they danced the Mamushka at Waterloo": by that logic, Napoleon would also be an Addams. Well, or Wellington, since it wasn't a great time for Napoleon.
    • Could be that an Addams was one of the victims of any one of those tragedies. Alternately, they could just see any great tragedy as an occasion worthy of a Mamushka.
    • It's more likely that they were celebrating having survived those things, given that the Mamushka we see was celebrating Fester making it out of the Bermuda Triangle and returning home alive.
  • Gomez laments his failure to contact Fester in the afterlife for 25 straight years. By all accounts he should eventually have some success in that regard, but think about what he meant when he said he feared that Fester might be "truly lost". 25 years of no response may have convinced Gomez one of either two things: either there is no afterlife or Fester may not have a soul.
    • Or that he believes Fester's spirit is still too pissed at him to talk.
  • When Lurch claims that Smiley resigned, he holds up a wrench.

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