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Fester got struck by lightning in the Bermuda Triangle.
That's what caused his amnesia and caused his hair to start growing again. The lightning strike in the movie reversed the process.

The Addamses really did love Debbie.
When Debbie strapped the family into electric chairs, and asked them whether any of them really loved her, Gomez calls for a show of hands, and all the other family members try to raise their hands. Thirty seconds into Debbie's (unbelievably selfish) Start of Darkness monologue, Grandmama seems totally on her side, and the entire family seems to sympathize with the multiple murders she's committed for sheer greed. Debbie had a hint of the family in her, but was just too selfish to see that she'd found a home and family that could love her for what she really was.
  • Is this really a WMG? It seems like it was all but stated explicitly in the film.
  • On the other hand, it seems like Gomez would have asked for a better show of faith than the raising of hands by people who were strapped down. Unless he really is that much of a moron.
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  • If the Fester in the second film had been the Fester from the first film, he and Debbie would have wound up together.

The Addamses are like that due to the ability to see ghosts
In the musical, it is notable that only the Addamses seem to notice all the undead ancestors walking around; the guests don't seem to be able to see or hear them. Logically, this means that the ability to perceive ghosts is unique to the Addamses. Presumably, prolonged exposure to the spirits of the dead from a very early age is the cause of their unique perspective on mortality and how to live one's life, as well as their odd design aesthetic sensibilities and hobbies.

So does that mean the kid in the Sixth Sense is a weird off shoot of this family? Like either Mortia's or Gomez's siblings/other siblings or aunt/uncle tried to be "normal" and then eventually they had descendants leading to Cole being born?

Fester isn't the real Fester.
He really was Gordon Craven, and really was trying to get the Addams' money, but their insanity grew on him and he ended up brainwashing himself.
  • He may have been a bastard child.
  • Or "Fester" isn't "Gordon Craven" either, he's another poor man altogether who's been brainwashed.
    • He was also, apparently, brainwashed into being able to light a lightbulb in his mouth.
      • He starts lighting the lightbulb after he receives a thunder strike in his head, not before, the strike could be part of his turning into an Addams. In any case, it makes sense, Gordon is shown shaving his head whilst in the old videos Fester is already hairless as a child.

The Addams Family are a state of mind! Or a mental disorder.
Literally, the Addams family (Gomez, Morticia, Fester, Granny, Pugsley and Wednesday) are what you become when you visit the Addams house and, instead of running away, start to empathise with them too much. It explains the slightly different versions of the family in the different adaptations. Luckily, along with a propensity towards enjoying torture and violence, you also become imbued with a supernatural toughness and regeneration that will even bring you back from the dead and will somehow 'inherit' (from a family member that never existed till then) a large and spooky manor complete with a bottomless fortune, a huge butler, a friendly severed hand and any number of family members. Of course, only one such family exists in any given world, which is why all the different adaptations are all canon.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It. Kill an Addams, and slowly, you become that Addams. That is the true meaning of their family motto.
  • There's also a middle ground. The Addams Family is a state of mind, yes, and once you start to like them, marrying into the family (like Margaret Alford) comes with nigh invulnerability.
  • This theory is great. It opens up so many possibilities. Who was the first Addams? Where did their ancestors come from? What about the episode "Morticia's Romance" that shows that Morticia was "ooky" even before she met Gomez?

The Addams Family acts that way because they are all Nigh-Invulnerable
Everyone in the family seems really hard to kill. Wednesday and Pugsley try to kill each other constantly and always live, Pubert can survive long drops and catch guillotine blades, and all the family members in the graveyard seemed to require rather brutal means of putting them down. If you and everyone in your family were that hard to kill, it's likely that you'd develop a rather blase attitude toward violence and mayhem. They don't quite realize that others are more vulnerable, so they rarely hold back when dealing with other people.

The Addams Family is in the same universe as Harry Potter
The Addams Family and their relations are magic using Wizards the same as those in the Harry Potter universe. While the Wizards of England and Europe have formed themselves into highly class-stratified societies with guilds and academies, the Wizards of North America and the United States have gone to a more independent model that we see in The Addams Family. This fits with the more casual nuclear family attitude that one sees in mainstream US culture and the fierce family loyalty that the Addams have. The Wizards of the New World would have also been highly affected by the frontier culture of the early United States: self-sufficiency, "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps". They eschew titles, nobility and cultural ranking systems, are much more casual with acquaintances and are more egalitarian and dealing with "muggles" day to day.

To add to the above Harry Potter theory, the musical version of the Addams are descendants of Helga Hufflepuff
To start off, the Sacred Chalice tends to look similar to Helga Hufflepuff's cup. Perhaps after it was destroyed, her ancestors found it, and fixed it up, but couldn't get it to look exactly the same. In the book version of Half-Blood Prince, Hepzibhah mentions that the cup has been past down for generations, perhaps one of the Addams found it after the second Wizarding War. Secondly, we don't know this version of the Addams' full family tree (They don't even know if Grandmama is related). We know a few here or there (Aunt Herman, cousin Helga,the Spanish one with the really long name that I forgot, etc.), but perhaps the Spanish one from the past could have married into the Hufflepuff line. Finally, the Addams are supposedly "... a single surviving branch of the Addams clan." This would make a lot of sense if they were part of an old Wizarding Family.

In Addams Family Values, Wednesday and Pugsley really did just want to play with the baby.
It's been demonstrated that their definition of "play" involves axes and electric chairs. There's no reason for them to assume that their brother would be any less Nigh-Invulnerable than the rest of the family. So, while there may be some legitimate sibling rivalry, the attempted guillotining and repeated drops from high places are just normal Addams playtime.

The Addamses aren't Nigh-Invulnerable, they merely go easier on each other than the dialogue implies.
Pretty much all the graphic violence is hidden through discretion shots. The closest we see to any real harm coming to an Addams is Pugsley being electrocuted, and even then it's off-screen and we don't know just how much electricity was running through him. They may have increased tolerance for pain and damage as a Charles Atlas Superpower, but I don't think they're literally un-killable.

The Addamses are mostly Nigh-Invulnerable to each other
Related to the above. It's possible that Addamses are extremely resilient to damage inflicted by each other and themselves, and possibly by things they own, but can be harmed by outsiders. How this works would be subject to an entirely separate WMG, but it would be a handy explanation for both their casual "cruelty" to one another, but are worried by violence done to themselves by non-family members (And would mean that Debbie's best hope for killing Fester would have been before she married him).

The Addamses are an ancient clan of X-Men style mutants.
  • Not all Addams seem to have the same in-vulnerabilities (Fester and Pugsley can survive electrocution, Wednesday is immune to poisoning, etc.) which implies that these are passed down on recessive genes. This would explain the prevalence of congenital deformities within the clan, as in the past they likely would have inbred in an effort to preserve their special abilities. So it's possible that they only use forms of torture on one another that they know the other can easily survive. This would also explain Gomez and Morticia's concern over their other children wanting to "play" with the baby, since they wouldn't have known what Pubert's limitations were yet. It would ALSO explain why they usually don't show concern when one Addams hurts another Addams (treating it as a sort of game or joke) but do show concern when a member of the family is threatened by an outsider.
  • This would also explain why Gomez is so protective of Morticia, since she's not an Addams by blood and is therefor more vulnerable to harm than the others.

Cousin Itt is an Oompa Loompa
In the 00s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film, Wonka says that he has invented a sweet that restores your hair. He then shows us an Oompa Loompa who took the sweet, but the effect was too strong and the poor little guy is now completely covered in hair. Cousin Itt was one of the Oompa Loompas who was tested on one of the sweets and left the factory before Wonka could test anything more on him.
  • So Gomez is related to Oompa-Loompas?

Cousin Itt has Scottish banshee ancestry.
The Scottish banshee is a young woman whose red hair grows completely down to her feet, completely concealing her appearance. Change the colour to brown and you basically have Itt.

The Spy Twins from the 90's Addams Family cartoon are somehow connected to the spies from MAD Magazine's Spy vs. Spy
Both pairs look a bit similar. The only difference would be that they are not antagonistic to each other and they look slightly more humanoid.

Morticia descended from Dracula
She shares the same kind of lighting as the Bela Lugosi version, after all.
  • She's also vampire-like.
  • Gomez states that she "bewitched" him when they first met, and he proposed that very night. Count Dracula is often depicted as having the ability to entrance mortals.
  • It's worth noting that when Gomez talks about Morticia having "bewitched" him on the night that they met, his tone and expression become mildly stricken, as though in a brief, rare moment of clarity.

Morticia originally married Gomez with the intention of killing him and then fell in love with him throughout the course of multiple failed attempts on his life.
When it comes down to it, the differences between her and Debbie are mostly just aesthetic and she seems strangely empathetic to Debbie's plight, even her "post honeymoon malaise" which she claims is "very common." I'm just saying that it's entirely possible that the sinking of the cruise ship on which she and Gomez took their honeymoon wasn't a pure coincidence.

Tully Jr. wasn't in Values because...
The Addamses ate him. Based solely on the exchange between Morticia and Margaret before the talent show in the first film.
  • Even if there isn't a tradition of disposing of unwanted children via cannibalism in the Addams clan, their seems to be one in Morticia's family. Morticia alludes to eating children multiple times in both films (even expressing empathy for the witch in Hansel and Gretel) and Grandmama is shown in the kitchen reading Grey's Anatomy alongside The Joy of Cooking. Grandmama also laments the fact that they don't kill one of the older children when a new baby is born "anymore."
  • My personal theory is that Grandmama took it upon herself to dispose of Tully Jr. and (since Grandmama does the cooking) the rest of the family wound up unwittingly consuming his remains. Though rather or not they would have HAD to be "unwitting" in order to do so is open to debate.

The Addamses are the reason the Jack the Ripper killing spree stopped.
They were performing the Mamushka for him — which involves performing it as well — and he didn't catch that last knife. Oopsie.
  • Alternatively, Jack the Ripper gave up murdering after several failed attempts to kill an Addams.
    • Or he "gave up" murdering after he hunted an Addams and she killed him...

Gordon figured out he was the real Fester before he even entered the house.
The reason all the other séances didn't work was because of his amnesia. He didn't have any idea who he was before and had no recollection of his name or previous life. Thus, he was never found because figuratively, Fester no longer existed. He suspected it when he saw the photos, but shrugged it off as being too coincidental. The moment Gordon started to pretend to be Fester, though he didn't believe or know that he was, Fester instantly came back into existence and that is when he was sensed during the séance. Hearing Grandmama call out to him freaked him out and he realized that he was the real Fester because that's the only way that he'd be the one they called out to. That would explain why he was so freaked out when they answered the door. It wasn't because he was acting the part, it was because he was called out to and that should not have been possible if he really was Gordon Craven. He didn't say anything to anyone about it because he was denying it to himself. He didn't want to believe it.

Craven figured out that Gordon was the real Fester before the scheme started.
She may have figured it out when she first found him, but sought to use him for her own benefit and/or eventually use him to raid the Addams fortune at a point when they'd be prepared to do so or the opportunity presented itself (a la as it did with Tully). Either that or when she saw the photos, she knew right there and then where the boy she found really came from and still intended to use him to get the fortune and keep him away from his original life so he wouldn't remember. When Tully brought up the Addams account, she seemed to immediately recognize the name. Even if she hadn't flat out figured out that Gordon was Fester, she suspected it beforehand. Plus, Gordon might have known that the Addams Family was their planned endgame too without knowing that it was where he came from. It's like he said to Craven after Tully left, "This is it Mother. The one we've been waiting for!"

Fester is a werewolf
In the second movie Fester is howling at the moon. In various descriptions of how he acts - tossing and turning all night, screaming in the night, somewhat primal in his behaviour, yet friendly and almost puppy-like at other times... it's all rather in balance with some of the assumptions of werewolves. But like Morticia as a vampire, it's never confirmed.

Gomez is part Ifrit
In the original sitcom, Gomez would pull cigars that were already lit from his suit pockets. He's got quite the fiery and passionate constitution, as demonstrated by his love/lust for Mortica, his general zest for life, and his cheery, though somewhat chaotic nature. It's also noted that Ifrits would occasionally marry humans. It would also explain his Nigh-Invulnerable abilities, although all members of the Addams clan seem to have this talent.

Fester is Pugsley's biological father.
Not only does Pugsley look nothing like either Morticia or Gomez but the physical resemblance between him and Fester is repeatedly emphasized in the films. They also seem to share invulnerability to electrocution, fire, and explosions.
  • There are Unfortunate Implications implied around his conception; in the first film Gomez says that "they never proved anything" in response to Tully's remark about Fester having been "so good with children" and in the second film says he'd always wished that Fester would find someone who "won't press charges", the overall implication being that Fester at some point assaulted and impregnated an underage girl but for some reason has no memory of the incident.
  • Unless he was just plain lying when he told Debbie that he was a virgin.
  • The problem with this theory is Fester disappeared 25 years prior to the events of the first film. So, for him to be Pugsley's father, Fester would have had to meet Morticia after the Bermuda Triangle and both of them forgot, or Pugsley is much younger than he looks.
  • I also meant to imply that Morticia was not Pugsley's biological mother but you bring up a good point. Fester was lost in the triangle and (presumably sometime later) Gomez and Morticia went there on a second honeymoon. There could be a connection there.

Ultimately, the second film ended the way it did because Grand Mama's curse worked.
In Values, after Debbie upsets the Addams by tearing Fester away from them, Grandmama performs a curse on her, the final lines of which are "burst and burn!" At the end of the movie, the accidental, Rube Goldberg-esque string events leading up to Debbie's death play out supernaturally well, causing her to get electrocuted in a sparkling display until she was reduced to a pile of smoking ashes.

Gomez is Nyarlathotep.
Some people wonder exactly what kind of horrific "creature" Gomez is meant to represent. With his indeterminate age, classy elegance and old-fashioned diction, who else could he be but the Crawling Chaos Himself?
  • It is worth noting that Nyarlathotep is at least once described as a "tall, swarthy, cheerful man" who does that sound like?

Unfortunate Implications Regarding Ophelia
  • In the television show, Gomez is initially engaged to Morticia's sister Ophelia but breaks off the engagement after falling madly in love with Morticia. Ophelia is named after a character in Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", in which her namesake commits suicide...after being spurned by the man to whom she'd been betrothed...

The spirits of Gomez's parents and other relatives are still in the house and try to help the family.
  • Specifically in the first film (the second film didn't seem to have the budget for it), it seems that his father haunts the study and his mother haunts the greenhouse. These were likely places that they considered their personal territory in life. That's why when Tully is first seen entering the study, the polar bear rug in the doorway tries to stop him and when Abigail Craven tries to sneak in through the greenhouse while the family is out, she's stopped by sentient vines.
  • The Addams's seemingly supernatural luck (which only seems present on the grounds of the estate) could also be accounted for by the presence of helpful spirits in different, specific areas of the house.
  • The front gate seems to be possessed by the spirit of a loyal guard dog.

Thing used to be a "regular" human.
It is likely that Thing was a human the same as Addams, but something happened and he had his entire body cut-off or blown up or whatever else. Since death and dismemberment for the Addams Family is all fun and games to them, Thing being reduced to nothing but a dismembered hand is treated as Only a Flesh Wound.

Rather than being (or representing) various cultural monsters, the Addams are "merely" related to them.
Ie, it's frequently speculated that Morticia is a vampire, but clearly she displays few actual, specific vampiric traits (well, the recent animated movie plays them up a bit). So, perhaps, instead, she's a mortal(ish) woman who is related to vampires, or a dhamphir (the living child of a vampire), I suppose. A WMG above suggests that Fester is a werewolf, but perhaps he's simply the child of a werewolf (making his complete hairlessness somewhat ironic). This also dovetails with the above WMG that Gomez is part-ifrit (or that he's Nyarlathotep. The child of an elder god and a human would be understandably weird indeed). This would mean, I suppose, that Pugsley and Wednesday are half human, part vampire and part (whatever we decide Gomez is). It does make for some vaguely complicated family stuff with Fester and Gomez/Morticia (whichever one he's the brother of in a given iteration), but that just means they're half-siblings who share a human parent. Potentially, this means that being an Addams is just... being the child of a human and a "monster." Alternatively, the Addams lineage is just a complete stew pot of monsters and the result is "nigh-invulnerable and 'kooky' but otherwise human."

The Gomez player-character sprite in the video game based off the film was actually modelled on John Astin, not Raúl Juliá
Seriously, look at him. He looks way more like Astin than Julia. Also, he frequently sports that charming toothy smile that was much more a trademark of Astin's Gomez then Julia's.

Perhaps development of the game needed to begin well before the role of Gomez had been cast for the movie, so the developers used the only model for Gomez they had at the time? It should be noticed that Raúl Juliá's likeness does appear in the backdrop during the game's portrait gallery levels, however, these are only static images and could easily have been edited in by the game dev's at the last minute. The Gomez player-character sprite, being far more complex and essential to the game's development, would've needed to have been more or less complete much earlier in the game's development; potentially well before Julia's casting in the film had been settled upon.

The Addamses are the Republicans to the Munsters' Democrats.

They're a middle class/working class immigrant family who don't understand why the neighborhood doesn't accept them as fellow civilians while the Addams are the conservative-leaning, wealthy blueblood elite who view themselves as the standard Americans.

Whatever keeps the Addamses alive despite their deadly antics also extends to everybody who visits them/they interact with...unless you try to harm them

Throughout all the movies and shows normal people who visit or interact with the Addemses are frequently put in deathly danger...but, unless they actively try to harm them, none of them ever actually dies; even Amanda in Family Values, whom Wednesday burnt at the stake is seen alive an unharmed later in the movies.That's because, the exceptional luck that seems to be endemic to the Addams clan also extends to their guests and people they interact with. So if you were to visit their house Gomez might throw knives at you, but you'll always be able to jump out of the way at the last moment and Grandmama might fix you a stew with hemlock and deathly nightshade, but all you get is a tummy ache because she (accidently) also mixed the antidote into the stew, and at the end of the day all that will be hurt are your pride and vanity (and you might keep a few scars, be they physical or mental)However if you actively try to harm the Addemses in some way, like the antagonists of the 90s movies...well then the very universe will conspire to put you into the grave.


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