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  • A meta-example: In 1994, TV Guide asked its readers to name the top five romantic couples in the history of television, with the advisory that these couples had to display what was a truly supportive, compassionate, and most of all loving relationship that didn't feel false, forced, or pretended. The readers named Gomez and Morticia Addams as the greatest television marriage ever, with over twice the votes of the second-place couple, Rob and Laura Petrie of The Dick Van Dyke Show.
    • Not only that, but actual relationship therapists have ranked Gomez and Morticia Addams as having probably the healthiest marriage of any couple in television history. They are very devoted to each other while still managing to maintain their own separate identities, meaning that neither one of them is always "folding" to the wishes of the other. They are secure enough in the relationship to have their own separate hobbies, interests, and friends without feeling threatened. On the rare occasions when a conflict arises between them, they focus on fixing the problem rather than attacking each other. And they constantly offer praise, gratitude, and encouragement to each other while resisting the urge to complain about and criticize each other.
  • As twisted and Crosses the Line Twice levels of Too Kinky to Torture Morticia and Gomez could be, you couldn't help but smile at scenes between them. All those years, and they're still passionately head over heels for each other.
  • The Addamses' devotion to Lurch, as evidenced in the episodes "Mother Lurch Visits", "Lurch and His Harpsichord", "Lurch Learns to Dance", and "Lurch's Little Helper"
  • The fact that in the comic Gomez is the only one of the two parents ever seen showing Wednesday any affection makes their interactions in the films strangely poignant.
  • Quite a lot of episodes of their various shows have them unconditionally accepting and helping anyone who happens to show up at their door, even if it's in their own, unconventional way.

     1964 TV Series 
  • In the first episode of the original TV series, Wednesday comes home from school crying, upset by the story of a knight slaying a dragon. Gomez immediately takes her in his arms and comforts her as he and Morticia resolve to have a word with the school faculty.
  • From the biker episode, the biker Rocky tells his father, "They may be kooks, but they're MY kinda kooks." After watching countless strangers run in terror from the Addamses, it was surprisingly sweet to meet someone who accepts them (which is, probably, because they are so accepting of him in turn).
    • This also leads to his father coming to accept him as well.
  • Although Played for Laughs and a misunderstanding on her part, seeing Granny Frump in the TV series Squee! over the thought that Gomez wants to marry her (as she was standing next to Morticia) will bring a smile to your face. And, even after she realizes her mistake, she doesn't raise a fuss over it for the sake of her daughter's happiness.

     1991 Movie 
  • Just seeing how happy Gomez is to finally see his brother again after so many years.
    • Gomez happily showing Fester home movies.
  • Fester bonding with his niece and nephew, teaching them about dynamite and diseases and helping them with their play.
    • After the kids' play scene, the rest of the family jump to their feet for a standing ovation.
  • When the family is searching for Wednesday and Gomez finds her asleep in the crypt. Being careful not to wake her, Gomez gently picks her up and carries her back to the house.
    • Earlier, as the family is riding back home from the charity auction, Wednesday has fallen asleep on Gomez's lap.
  • "[Fester] was a good man!" "Is a good man!"
  • A little heartwarming, a little tearjerking, and a little funny when Morticia takes Fester for a stroll around the family cemetery...
    Morticia: Mother and Father Addams. How I wish the children could have known them better. But tell that to an angry mob...
    • Moreso when you realize that she's threatening him. If you're not who you say you are, here's where you end up. That's how much she loves this family, she'll murder for them. She'll even enjoy it.
  • Margaret going from being creeped out by the Addamses to becoming one of them, all thanks to Cousin Itt.
  • Wednesday. Uncle Fester is tucking her into bed after her play and telling her how wonderful she and Pugsley were, and reciting stories from the Bermuda Triangle with promises to take her there one day. After he gives her a forehead kiss good night, she takes out a headless doll for him to kiss as well, and then the head of the aforementioned doll for him to kiss. Only then does she settle down to sleep.
  • Rather Black Comedy, but Pugsley causing a car accident by swiping a Stop sign is met with Gomez in all sincerity shouting, "Bravo, Pugsley!"

    Addams Family Values 
  • When Pugsley and Wednesday are nervous about being replaced by the new baby, Gomez and Morticia immediately figure out the reason and reassure the children that they do not love the baby more.
  • Gomez bursts in after the birth of the child and, when the family all ask for news, he declares that "it's an Addams!" in a completely pleased voice; gender is irrelevant in the Addams family - as long as the child is healthy and Addamsy, as the baby is, Gomez will adore it.
  • Near the end, Fester returns to his family and gives Gomez a hug. Wednesday and Pugsley show up as well.
    • To elaborate, when Wednesday and Pugsley return and see Fester has come back, Pugsley immediately runs to his uncle and hugs him. And while at first it seems like Wednesday's going to hold a grudge against Fester for his betrayal, he only has to apologize before she too rushes to hug him.
  • When Fester asks Gomez to help him woo Debbie, Gomez doesn't hesitate to agree. And at dinner, when Fester is so nervous he can't even speak and ends up handing Debbie his half-eaten bun, Morticia lies about that being a quaint French custom. It's just so heartwarming to see how Fester has truly been accepted by the family, and how they will do anything to help him find happiness.
  • Debbie is buried in the Addams Family cemetery. Sure, she tried to kill them, but she's still accepted as an Addams.
    • Heck, that's probably why they accepted her as an Addams! If anyone could understand Debbie's murderous tendencies, it'd be the Addams. They even express regret they didn't get to know her better. Truth be told, she probably would have fit right into the family if she hadn't had an agenda—indeed, when she shows them the slideshow of why she murdered her parents and numerous husbands, they're all completely understanding of her actions.
  • A lot of the scenes between Wednesday and Joel.
    • Their first full conversation has Joel explain about how he's basically allergic to everything, capping off with, "And, if my mom uses the fabric softener, I die!" followed by Wednesday scooting closer to him after hearing that.
    • When Wednesday finally escapes the camp, Joel calls her "Cara mia" note  and Wednesday responds with "Mon cher"note  and they kiss through the fence.
    • Followed by a moment of funny as they both simultaneously wipe their mouths to get the cooties off.
  • It isn't touched on as much as Joel and Wednesday, but Joel also becoming friends with Pugsley counts.
  • A subtle one, but when Gomez and Morticia confront Debbie over Fester supposedly disowning them. While in the first movie the family were in constant doubts over Fester's true feelings and ties, here they know him by heart well enough to instantly tell when he is being sincere or manipulated.
  • Morticia and Gomez's dance. Sure, it has funny moments, but you can see the adoration underneath it all! If that isn't heart-warming to you then you have no soul. It even involves attempted murder with knives!
  • Wednesday attempting to scare Joel to death at the end of the film. Aww, she really does love him.
  • When Debbie calls Pubert a brat, the first thing Wednesday says to her is that her baby brother isn't a brat. She may have been jealous of him before (and had murderous intentions), but she does care about him.

    The Musical 
  • Gomez is interviewing the future Addams, who mentions how he wants to become a surgeon to help others while looking at organs. And in that moment, Gomez gives him a big bear hug, immediately accepting him as a future son in law.
  • In the second act, Gomez sings to Wednesday about his conflicting emotions over her growing up and being engaged ("Happy/Sad").
  • In the tour version of The Musical, Gomez cuts a tassel off the curtain while fretting over whether to betray Morticia or Wednesday. Cousin It ends up marrying that tassel.
  • Gomez introduces Morticia as "My wife, the mother of my children, El amor de mi vida, Morticia". El amor de mi vida means The love of my life. If that doesn't show how much they're in love, nothing will... although, the "one day, seven nights" trip to Paris, which is implied to be seven nights of nothing but sex, comes pretty damn close!

     1992 Animated Series 
  • In "Sweetheart of a Brother", Pugsley drinks a formula which effectively makes him a "normal" person by removing all his quirks. His reasons for doing so is to get his crush to notice him, thinking if he were normal she'd like him better. While his family are indeed shocked by Pugsley's new desire to dust, clean, and forgo the pursuit of inflicting bodily harm on his sister and uncle for laughs, Morticia reminds Gomez that just because he's "different" does not mean they will love him any less, rather than spending the rest of the episode trying to get him to change back. Even if their own children suddenly became like everybody else, Gomez and Morticia would never stop loving them, proving that the two are exceptional parents.
    • A stark contrast to Addams Family Values, which sees the two panicking over the possibility of their infant son growing up to be an outstanding member of society and Gomez even falling ill because of it. Although this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Pubert's change is less of his own choosing and more due to an illness brought on by Fester's departure, so it's unknown how they would've reacted if Pubert had changed deliberately. There's also the fact that, despite their outright horror at what Pubert had become, they never stopped loving or caring for him, to the point that Morticia (albeit reluctantly) read him The Cat in the Hat. Gomez and Morticia may dread the idea of one of their children becoming "normal," but they would never mistreat them because of it.
      • Similarly, Wednesday was hoping to get Fester to help her turn Pusgely back to the way he was, but her reasons for doing so was that she didn't want Pugsley to give up his individuality, and she'd seen that the new Pugsley is a timid coward. Of course, she didn't actually partake in any schemes to undermine Pugsley's new personality.
    • Much later, Pugsley snaps out of his "normal" persona after the girl he likes is being berated by the bully Pugsley used to be able to handle until he became normal. His crush was trying to defend Pugsley from the bully. After giving the bully the patented Addams Family treatment, Pugsley's crush states she is happy he's back to being himself, but she's sorry that she's soon heading back to her home country. However, she does ask if she and Pugsley can be friends.
  • There are also a couple of heartwarming moments during the episode "Double O Honeymoon". It was yet another example of seeing how much Gomez and Morticia truly love each other, but the real heartwarmer is in the ending, where Norman Normanmeyer, the neighbor of the Addams Family who hates them, actually seems to warm up to them after they save him from Ian Thundermane.

     2019 Movie 
  • The first teaser trailer opens with a montage of "normal" families, including gay and interracial couples in a beautiful illustration of the franchise's commitment to showing how any family can be perfectly healthy and loving no matter how strange they might seem.
  • This is followed by Gomez and Morticia showing just how well their odd morbidity works for them when a terrifying voice in their new house screams "Get out!"
    Morticia: It's hideous!
    Gomez: It's horrible!
    (They embrace and sigh happily)
    Together: It's home!


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