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Video Game / The Addams Family

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"You have been foiled in your attempt to rescue your family.
However , you still have a chance."
—The Sega Genesis version's death screen.''

The Addams Family is a Licensed Platform Game based on The Addams Family franchise, specifically the 1991 movie. There were many other Addams Family games as well.

The Addams Family: Uncle Fester's Quest

The Addams Family: Uncle Fester's Quest is a top-down shooter based on the 60's TV show(and Blaster Master gameplay-wise). Uncle Fester is on a mission to investigate the UFO that has invaded the town the family lives in. The game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. The game was released by Sunsoft.

  • Continuing Is Painful: Continuing after getting a game over puts you back at the beginning of the game, although you keep all of your weapon upgrades.
  • Whip It Good: Fester's secondary weapon, gained from Morticia.

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