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Star Wars: Uncharted Stars is a completed Star Wars Rebels Continuation Fic written by RoninReverie. It follows Ezra and Thrawn after their disappearance at the end of Rebels.

The story begins with an amnesiac Ezra waking up outside a crashed Star Destroyer on a mysterious planet. As he tries to figure out what's going on, he encounters a certain Chiss Grand Admiral who also suffers from similar memory problems. As the duo try to solve the mysteries of their pasts, they must learn to trust each other if either hopes to make their way back to civilization.


After completing the story, the author also wrote a bonus story called Star Wars: Uncharted Stars - The Rise of Skywalker Bonus Story, which follows the Rebels characters during the events of The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars: Uncharted Stars provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Deviation: In Star Wars Legends, the Outbound Flight was a vessel made up of six Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers sent by the Old Republic to colonize another galaxy. This version of the Outbound Flight is a Chiss expansionary ship.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance: The Yuuzhan Vong, Darth Krayt, and Abeloth all make their appearances much earlier than in Legends.
  • Adaptational Origin Connection: This version of the Yuuzhan Vong has their species originate from Myrkr, explaining their immunity to the Force, and reveals that the Chiss were responsible for their mutated appearance.
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  • Adaptational Wimp: The Yuuzhan Vong are much weaker than their Legends counterparts. While they still do use Organic Technology, their ships are unable to jump into darkspace (Vong’s version of hyperspace). Furthermore they are defeated by the Chiss Ascendancy, whereas in Legends they were only defeated after the entire galaxy united their forces.
  • Amnesiac Hero: Both Ezra and Thrawn suffer from amnesia at the start of the story. Ezra is unable to remember any details of his past, while Thrawn forgets everything prior to joining the Empire.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Chopper’s reaction to Ezra’s return is stone-cold silence... which is immediately followed by him angrily chasing Ezra and trying to beat him up while Jacen watches on in amusement.
  • Canon Welding: The Yuuzhan Vong and the Grysks, despite there being no evidence of the former existing in Disney canon or the latter existing in Legends, are allies in this fic.
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  • Continuation: Uncharted Stars follows Ezra and Thrawn after they disappeared into hyperspace at the end of Rebels.
  • Continuity Nod: There are many references to the current Star Wars canon, specifically the canon Thrawn novels.
    • Karyn Faro is amongst the surviving Imperials from the Chimaera.
  • Death by Adaptation: Subverted with Gilad Pellaeon. In canon, it's confirmed that Pellaeon survived the purrgils' attack at the end of Rebels alongside Ezra and Thrawn. According to Thrawn, this version of Pellaeon was amongst those lost to the purrgils. This is later proven to be false when Pellaeon is revealed to be alive during a conversation between Ahsoka and Sabine.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After years of battling the Empire and the Yuuzhan Vong, Ezra is finally able to return to the main galaxy and happily reunites with his former Ghost crewmembers.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: After witnessing Ezra's Force powers, the surviving Imperials from the Chimaera assume Ezra is an Inquisitor sent to help Thrawn.
    • Earlier, an amnesiac Thrawn is only able to remember up to the moments prior to making first contact with the Empire by killing some Stormtroopers. Because he is in the wreck of a Star Destroyer, he comes to the conclusion that he must have been captured by the Imperials. This leads to Thrawn nearly killing the remaining Imperial survivors.
  • Everyone Knew Already: It’s later revealed that most of the surviving Imperials knew who Ezra was from the beginning, but decided to play along after learning he had amnesia.
  • Facepalm: Both Eli and Thrass do this after Thrawn goes off-script during the trial.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Thrawn's niece Tharin is a Chiss scientist who developed the Chiss Clawcraft (a Chiss version of the TIE Defender) and electro-lances (a lance version of the lightsaber).
  • Internal Reveal: During and after their trial, Ezra and the surviving Imperials learn that Thrawn was spying on the Empire for the Chiss Ascendancy, that Palpatine was Force-sensitive, and of the Death Star's existence.
  • Interspecies Romance: One eventually develops between Ezra, a human, and Tharin, a Chiss.
  • Motivational Lie: In order to convince Ezra to stay with the Chiss, Thrawn claims that the entire Ghost crew had been killed in the fuel depot explosion.
  • Mythology Gag: There are many nods and references to the Legends continuity.
    • The planet Ezra and Thrawn are stranded on at the beginning of the story is Myrkr and the creatures they encounter are ysalamiri and vornskrs.
    • Both Abeloth and Darth Krayt appear as major antagonists in the story.
    • Chiss Clawcraft are shown to be used by the Chiss.
    • The Yuuzhan Vong are the main antagonistic faction of Uncharted Stars and they make exclusive use of Organic Technology.
    • The Vagaari appear in the story as servants to the Yuuzhan Vong.
    • During their search for Ezra, Ahsoka and Sabine encounter a con artist named Flim who is pretending to be Thrawn in order to help Moff Disra get power. This plot was taken directly from the Hand of Thrawn duology.
    • Pyrondi names her child Cadell "Cade" Ferasi-Pyrondi. Cade was the main protagonist of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series and Ferasi was the last name of one of the comic's major characters.
  • People Puppets: Krayt is able to do this to Ezra and nearly forces him to kill one of his Chiss students.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: The surviving Imperials from Thrawn’s ship are all shown to be fairly decent people.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: After being rescued by the Chiss and regaining his memories, Thrawn realizes that the Empire is going to lose the war and decides to desert the Imperial Navy and rejoin his people.
  • Shipper with an Agenda: It's later revealed that Thrawn, being a Manipulative Bastard, intentionally assigned his niece Tharin to work with Ezra in the hopes that the two would fall in love, thereby giving Ezra a reason to continue working for the Chiss Ascendancy.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In Legends, Thrawn's brother Thrass was killed during the events of Outbound Flight around 30 years before the Battle of Yavin. Since the version of the Outbound Flight here is completely different from Legends, Thrass was spared his Legends counterpart's fate.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: It’s not made clear what happened to the rest of the Seventh Fleet. Thrawn assumes they were all killed by the purrgil. A comment made by Sabine later reveals that the Seventh Fleet was stranded in a system near Lothal where they were eventually rescued by Imperial forces.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Ezra deliver a massive one to Thrawn after regaining most of his memories and realizing that almost everything Thrawn told him about his past was a lie.
    • Ezra gives another one to Thrawn after reuniting with Sabine and discovering that Thrawn had also lied about the Ghost crew dying in the fuel depot explosion on Lothal.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: It turns out that due to the purrgil traveling near a black hole, the crew of the Chimaera experienced time at a much slower rate compared to the rest of the galaxy. When Ezra and Thrawn are finally rescued by the Chiss, they learn that while they were in hyperspace for only a few minutes, eight months had passed by for the rest of the galaxy.


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