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Fanfic / Stay Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

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For three years, Marco has stayed faithfully by Star’s side, through tragedy, through political turmoil, through all his secret heartbreak from hiding his unrequited love. He always told himself that he had to, he was important to her, she needed him.

But after Tom and Star get engaged, Marco starts to reevaluate his choices and reaches a decision...

He cannot stay any longer.

Stay is a Star vs. the Forces of Evil fanfiction, diverging from canon after the season 3 finale made by IceFire9. After Star accepts Tom’s marriage proposal, Marco decides that he needs to leave her behind, at least for a while, in the hope of getting over her. The story follows him as he travels through dimensions, trying to find himself again after heartbreak. The story also checks back in on Star, who is struggling to keep her life and her heart from falling apart without Marco, while Tom struggles with newborn doubts and buried fears about their relationship.


This story includes the following tropes:

  • Disposable Fiancé: Tom is this for Star. They get engaged in the first chapter, but break up towards the end. Tom finally realizes that he’ll always be second to Star, no matter how much effort they put into their relationship.
  • Entitled to Have You: Downplayed; Kelly is upset that Marco still loves Star after she broke his heart, while Kelly herself was rejected after helping Marco heal. She seems to believe that supporting and being a friend to Marco means he owes her his love. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Ominitraxus Prime. He’s been setting up attacks and pillages and having people frame monsters for it, even manipulating events to drive Marco away from Star and make Star’s rule as Queen harder. Then, when the time is right, he dumps Marco in another timeline to get him out of the way for good.
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  • Green-Eyed Epiphany: Star finally realizes she is in love with Marco after Janna lies about getting “a little weird and a little wild” with him.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: The three major characters of the story all go through this.
    • Marco wants to let Star be happy with her now-fiancé, but at the same time, he knows it will be too hard to see them happy together in his current state, so he leaves Mewni behind to try to heal and move on.
    • After realizing that she’s in love with Marco, Star laments over blowing it with him twice, but admits that ultimately, she wants him to be happy, even if they can’t be together.
    • Tom wants both Marco and Star to be happy. The problem is, he knows deep down that they’d be happier if Star was with Marco instead. He tries to deny it, but as Star spirals more and more out of control without Marco, Tom is forced to accept reality.
  • Jerkass Realization: Kelly is bitter and resentful that Marco still loves Star after she broke his heart, while Kelly herself was rejected after helping him heal. She responds to his rejection by dumping him as a friend and leaving him alone, even though he still cared for her as a friend. It’s only after Janna calls her out that she realizes how unfair she’s been to him, and that she is not entitled to his love even if she supported him through heartbreak.
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  • No Sparks: Marco and Kelly, only on his side. Marco is a bit worried at first that he will realize he loved her after she is out of reach, just like he had with Star, but acknowledges that he doesn’t feel anything romantic when he looks at Kelly, not like the sparks he felt for Star, Jackie, or even Heckapoo.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Kelly confesses her feelings for Marco, but he rejects her, telling her he only sees her as a friend. Kelly takes this poorly and responds by leaving Marco in the dust and attempting to cut ties with him. She has a Jerkass Realization over how she reacted to his rejection, and apologizes to him.
  • Romantic False Lead: Tom for Star. He tries to help her recover and reach out to her after Marco leaves, but she keeps pushing him away and moping over Marco’s absence. After seeing Star fall apart without Marco and failing to help her, despite his best efforts, Tom is finally forced to accept that he will never measure up to Marco in Star’s eyes.