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A fanfic written by Electricut on Zelda Universe Forums, Freedom through Harmony (originally titled Elements of Harmony)and its sequel Freedom Through Harmony: Book II are, as the author puts it "a huge mindf*** of a crossover" between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Fire Emblem, Homestuck, The Legend of Zelda, and Phantom Brave.

The world is in bad shape. Rainbow Dash works as a sword for hire alongside childhood friend Applejack, protecting their town and working the farm in peace time. The Lunar Festival is right around the corner, and meeting the Queen's apprentice and Human Weapon Twilight sets the two- along with the town's noblewoman Rarity, mysteriously powerful towns-person Pinkie and unusually gifted Fluttershy- along a dangerous path between the warring forces of light and dark. It is a path that the six cannot easily remove themselves from, and may walk on opposite sides. As the story travels down the road set forth by the original Season One, loyalties will be tested, secrets never meant to be known by normal humans will be uncovered, and the very structure of Equestria will be thrown into the balance.


You can read the first book here and its unfinished sequel here

This fic contains examples of
  • Adaptational Villainy: Celestia, she certainly wasn't a villain in the show.
  • Adaptational Badass: All of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters, as the source material was far from an action/adventure show.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Elemental magic. Sweetie belle uses light magic to make Scratch's weapon have "the returning enchantment".
  • Ancient Artifact: The Elements of Harmony, are artifacts originally use by the heroes of first equestrian civil war aprox. 500 years before. The Blade of Blood is an artifact created before the world began.
  • Art Imitates Life: Drew’s Paintbrush.
  • Big Bad: Celestia and then later Discord
  • BFS: Big Macs Blade of Blood, Rainbow Dash describes its as "as big as a two-story building". Word of God confirms that was not an exaggeration.
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  • Chemistry Can Do Anything: Quicksilver’s chemical arrows.
  • Calling Your Attacks: The Fraymotifs and ancestral skills, more so with the Fraymotoifs as it is required to activate said skill.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: The shadow forms are made from darkness. The more darkness put in the more resilient they become, so logically they make armies from them.
  • Cool Shades: Scratch, and Dirk although they are technically the same shades.
  • Dangerous Device Disposal Debacle: The Blade of Blood.
  • Death by Origin Story: Ultraviolet and Lucius both die in Rainbow Dash's origin story.
  • Disability Superpower: Alex is blind but can still fight normally because shut up. Scootaloo's wings are to small to allow him to fly but instead give him massive amounts of wind magic.
  • The Dark Side: Darkness as used by the Order, the mere affect of joining the order causes you to gain darkness powers.
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  • Exposition Beam: The The Dreamers in book II's dreams function as this.
  • Equippable Ally: Any one of the Children of Water are this although the only two left are Number Two's weapons.
  • Gender Bender: Rainbow Dash, Sootaloo, Vinyl Scratch, Daring Do, and Phil are all females in the show but are males in the story.
  • Immortality Inducer: The Quest Beds when you and some one else die on them you ascend to God Tier and gain conditional immortality.
  • Light Is Not Good: Celestia has light based powers yet is the major villain in Book I
  • Multicolored Hair: Rainbow Dash as per the source material
  • Magi Babble:
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Children of Air have wind magic gives you flight and wind based powers. While Children of Fire have Functional Magic.
  • Magical Accessory: The Icarus Charm is a necklace that when donned gives you wings.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The Blade of Blood, it is big as a two-story building, makes the user completely insane and grows in size every time it kills.
  • Upgrade Artifact: Elements of Harmony give you skills based on your ancestor in the first equestrian civil war, The Icarus Charm it gives you wings.
  • Wings Do Nothing: Scootaloo even though he has wings they are to small to do anything with
  • Pure Energy: Twilight's Ancestral skill allows her to shoot a beam of "pure magic" at people.
  • Rewriting Reality: Minuet can go back in time and change stuff to affect the present.
  • Secret Project Refugee Family: After being trained and used as human weapons by Celestia, Twilight and Phil stuck together.
  • Soul Fragment: The dying Pinkie from another timeline had her soul transferred to Alpha Pinkie, creating Chaos.
  • Supernormal Bindings: The Time Anchor thing Number Two used on Doc prevents him from traveling through time.
  • Time Travel: Scratch's and Doc's are a Stable Time Loop, while Minuet's is an Alternate Timeline.
  • Villain-Beating Artifact: The Blade of Blood. The only thing that can kill Discord.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Celestia quickly lost her mind on the throne, thanks to Discord's influence. And the aforementioned Blade of Blood makes you crazy and bloodthirsty the longer you use it.


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