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Even Evil Has Standards / Futurama

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  • In the OVA The Beast with a Billion Backs, Bender makes a deal with the Robot Devil in exchange for his "firstborn son". As the Robot Devil cackles wickedly over the torturous dilemma he thinks he's wrought, Bender immediately says, "Just a sec!", reunites with his robot son, which stops immediately when Bender brings his son back and punts him through the plate glass of the Robot Devil's office into a lava pit below. In a surprised tone the Robot Devil replies, "Wow, that was pretty brutal even by my standards" only for Bender to reply, "No backsies!" (Although, unlike most instances of this trope, however, The Robot Devil sounds more impressed than disgusted.)
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  • In "Calculon 2.0," the Robot Devil, known for tormenting the damned with everything from a giant deep-frier to up-tempo singing and dancing, is horrified when Calculon subjects them to his acting.
  • Even Bender has a few standards, though they're hard to pin down, especially since some may only apply to his particular friends. In "The Inhuman Torch," when Bender is accused of starting a series of fires just to get the credit for putting them out, his closest friend Fry claims that he'd commit arson for revenge, to collect insurance money, or just "to give an autumn night that crisp, chestnutty smell," but would draw the line at doing it for "fame, women or thrills"; it's a dubious claim coming from Fry, especially with regard to an Attention Whore like Bender, but on the other hand, Bender really didn't do it.
    • During "Spanish Fry," he's as repulsed as Fry and Leela when the human horn dealer reveals he videotapes all his customers in order to blackmail them. And in "The Series Has Landed," Bender's offended by the notion of trying anything with the Crushinator. Because as he puts it, "a lady that fine deserves to be romanced" first with it being implied he later tried just that.
  • In "When Aliens Attack", long-runner Jerkass Dirty Coward Zapp Brannigan gladly agrees to send thousands on a suicide mission against invading aliens. When President McNeal insists on wanting to sacrifice the entire planet just to save his own hide, Zapp is the one that beats him up and delivers him to the invaders.
    • ...though in this case, given that he is on the planet at the time, this might be more self-preservation than standards.
  • In "Love and Rocket", the crew go on a tour of a factory that makes Valentine's Day merchandise. Despite its cutesy exterior, it turns out to be a very unsavory place that genetically engineers Ridiculously Cute Critters in order to stuff them and sell them as toys. Even Bender and Professor Farnsworth look disturbed by this.
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  • In "A Pharaoh To Remember", Osiris-4 is an Ancient Egypt themed planet that'll enslave anyone who visits. But even they find Bender's reign as Pharaoh horrific. When Bender demands the giant statue that goes all the way into outer space be destroyed and the slaves start over, the priests immediately dispose of him.
    (the other priests start beating up Bender)
    High Priest: Ladies and gentlemen, the Pharaoh... suddenly died!
    (everybody cheers)